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Comment Re:Electrolysis (Score 1) 146

I live in the Bay Area and I think it's annoying as shit. It's almost unconscious habit at this point to right click, "open link in new tab"...

Though your suggestions are a bit simplistic compared to the actual issues involved. These days there are very few true "rendered" pages, and caches just cache Javascript *source* files. Most "pages" are constantly running Javascript to retrieve data/refresh and update the DOM, rather than some simple HTML. There is a TON of state to keep track of for each "page". Keeping a separate Javascript interpreter, DOM, etc around for each page in the browser history will start chewing up system resources pretty quickly.

Comment Re:How much will it cost. (Score 1) 398

In fact "convenient" is just as much dependent on the usage as the range (actually, more so). Many people who may live in apartments that make it more difficult to charge at home have *free* chargers at their workplace (mine does). And in fact, plugin chargers mean you can charge it to some extent almost anywhere there is electricity (you can find supermarkets, shopping malls, even restaurants that have charging stations), unlike gasoline cars that make you go to a totally special purpose business - a gas station.

Comment Re: How much will it cost. (Score 2) 398

Because they are utterly different vehicles for different uses. One is mostly a commuter car that spends the vast majority of its life in a garage or parking lot, and the other is a work vehicle where the owner's job often revolves around it.

Not that the F450 isn't overpriced, anyway. But people on /. don't talk about it because people on /. mostly don't live in the rural Midwest.

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 299

Same with ridiculous customers who don't know what they want. The OP made it sound like building a house never actually went like "build me a house, but I don't know what I want".

There are plenty of examples of just that - in fact, more than you'd think, because by definition those people who ask someone else to build them a house want something custom (vs. developers building and then selling from pre-desgined models). Of course you have the extreme examples, where the house was basically in continuoous development (Winchester House, Hearst Castle, several of Frank Lloyd Wright's projects) for years.

Not unlike a software customer who wants a huge project implemented, doesn't really know what they want, and are willing to keep paying over and over for delays (usually seems to be related to to the government, since they are the only large entity with "investors" who keep giving them mountains of money to waste on these projects...)

Comment Re:Estimates (Score 1) 299

Yep, they were caught about 6 years ago and are likely going to pay over a billion in damages and fines.

And now those are some of the very companies that are paying insane salaries to poach the same people back and forth. I know several people who have been at both Apple and Google twice over the last 15 years. They all make WELL over $300k with bonuses, etc. And probably 2-3x that from stock options if they timed it right.

Comment Re:Estimates (Score 2) 299

Well, I know I certainly wouldn't hire you... regardless of your qualifications... because you are an asshole. But we have a bunch of open positions for non-assholes right now.

There is a MASSIVE abundance of open recs for good engineers in Silicon Valley right now. It's such an employee market even many crappy companies are offering 6 figures for new college grads, large referral bonuses to existing employees, etc. Salaries are skyrocketing since the lack of available talent means companies must continue to poach those who are employed.

The unemployment rate for SW engineers in the US is about 3.6%, and closer to 2% SV. Which basically means it's almost 0 at a practical level, because WAY more than 2-3% of SW engineers in the field are so bad they are basically unemployable.

If you find your job to be hell and are having trouble competing with H1Bs, you may be one of those...

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 299

And building a house is a fairly simple task compared to writing some programs.

And writing a program is a fairly simple task compared to building some houses.

That was the OP's whole POINT. If you have clear and complete architectural and engineering plans, both can usually be estimated with reasonable accuracy. If you don't, then neither can.

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