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+ - Weird OS X Bug

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bogeydope writes "There is a weird OS X bug that morphs the screen temporarily (until you reboot the morphed program) but still lets you operate the program normally. You can do this yourself by opening up the terminal and typing: "killall Dock" without quotes (don't hit enter yet), then open a program of choice. Next, Shift+Click+Minimize (slow minimize) the program and quickly go back to the terminal and Press Enter. The program will freeze in in it's warped state."

Journal: Medical privacy: You have none. Psych notes are public

Journal by nbauman

Your most private thoughts that you share with your psychotherapist have been scanned and merged with your general medical records, where they are now available to anybody who sues your insurance company over a fender-bender auto accident, if your hospital is like Stanford Hospital & Clinics (and most are). That's what Patricia Galvin found out when she sued her therapist, clinical psychologist Rachel Manber, for disclosing her therapy notes, even though Manber assure


+ - The bare facts about naked telecommuting

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Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes "We've all heard the jokes about what our colleagues who work from home are wearing — or not. For Tom Mulhall, though, telecommuting naked is no joke. Rather, it's good business. The owner of The Terra Cotta Inn clothing-optional resort and spa in Palm Springs, Calif., says 80% of his guests bring laptops and work nude poolside. He also talks about where guests stash their BlackBerries and offers advice to those looking to give naked telecommuting a whirl. facts.html"
United States

+ - Cheneys former top asst details press manipulation

Submitted by fishyfool
fishyfool (854019) writes " /cheney_under_fire

WASHINGTON — A smorgasbord of Washington insider details has emerged during the perjury trial of the vice president's former chief of staff.

For example, when
Dick Cheney really needed friends in the news media, his staff was short of phone numbers.

No one served up spicier morsels than Cheney's former top press assistant. Cathie Martin described the craft of media manipulation — under oath and in blunter terms than politicians like to hear in public.

The uses of leaks and exclusives. When to let one's name be used and when to hide in anonymity. Which news medium was seen as more susceptible to control and what timing was most propitious. All candidly described. Even the rating of certain journalists as friends to favor and critics to shun — a faint echo of the enemies list drawn up in
Richard Nixon's White House more than 30 years ago."

"It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and I'm wearing Milkbone underware." -- Norm, from _Cheers_