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Comment: Re:If everyone in government and industry cheats.. (Score 1) 438

by neurovish (#48361393) Attached to: The Students Who Feel They Have the Right To Cheat

Sigh. True that. We cheat about cheating by pretending we don't cheat.

No, we're just better at it. Reminds me of a course I had in school where about 80% of the grade was a single Java project where students worked in teams of 3 or 4. This project is always the same from one semester to the next. One of the projects from the previous year was floating around, and everybody had access to it. Out of a class of 50 or so students, I think 2 groups turned in what looked to be 100% original projects. The groups that re-used the old projects did so at varying levels...some of them completely changed the UI layout, some of them only changed the UI colors, and then you had the groups of the Asian students. They turned in the exact project from the previous semester only changing the names on it. There were 4 Asian groups, and they all had the exact same was blatant. They also all received As on the project.

Comment: Re:Worthless degrees (Score 1) 438

by neurovish (#48361297) Attached to: The Students Who Feel They Have the Right To Cheat

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that if these students get a job where they are actually required to be able to do what they say they can, they'll get knocked on their ass real fast.


That's when they become Oracle, Cisco, or Delloitte consultants and jump from one job to the next every 3 months.

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I'm 41 with a gigantic oustache. I work in tech, live in San Francisco, like craft beer, and bike to work, all things associated with being a hipster (except my age). I don't define myself around my consumption habits; I just am. I like to bike. I like to drink craft beer. I like working in tech, and my facial hair rocks. It's the idiots out there like you who feel it's necessary to label folks different than themselves as " empty soulless yuppie shitheads." If you think that having a mustache or liking craft beer is what makes a person a shithead, then you are part of the problem.

Hmmm, you're pretty close. What size pants do you wear, and how often do you wear plaid?

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by neurovish (#48325531) Attached to: Undersized Grouper Case Lands In Supreme Court

Everyone knows this is an overreach by the prosecutor and an abuse of the very intent of the law. All the Judges need to do is read up on the history of what lead to it's creation to understand that it was developed purely as a way to ensure that publicly traded corporations weren't reporting fictional financial statements. There is no way that this should have EVER reached the Supreme court, let alone this fisherman being convicted under this law. But, of course, we now have a legal system that prizes conviction over justice.

I also love the argument for why this conviction should be upheld. "The government replies that the "records only" argument would make it a crime for a murderer to destroy his victim's diary, but not the murder weapon." Um... The destruction of evidence to cover up a crime is already against the law (Tampering, Obstruction, etc.). Saying that the Sarbanes-Oxley law is needed for this is just plain silly..... I guess it's a good thing that I am not a Supreme court justice. If I were I would have laughed my head off at the pure stupidity...

FYI: I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV... The above are my personal opinions...

IMO, the guy got lucky. If he was in state waters, then that could have been his boat. 379.337(a):
(a)Property used in connection with a violation resulting in a conviction for the illegal taking, or attempted taking, sale, possession, or transportation of saltwater products is subject to seizure and forfeiture as part of the commission’s efforts to protect the state’s marine life. Saltwater products and seines, nets, boats, motors, other fishing devices or equipment, and vehicles or other means of transportation used or attempted to be used in connection with, as an instrumentality of, or in aiding and abetting such illegal taking or attempted taking are hereby declared to be nuisances.

I'm not sure how that statue would apply to federal waters or if he was caught after bringing the fish into state waters.

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Like a majority of the job postings we don't list the salary range. We only get to that part after the interview process which is why I know salary isn't the reason we are not receiving candidates. Our retention has also been very high so employees are satisfied with the overall benefits package. If we had candidates receive an offer and then refuse it, that would indicate a salary issue.

Personally, if a salary range is not posted, then I am probably not applying. It isn't trivial to apply for jobs these days. I would say that each job I apply for usually involves 2 - 4 hours of research. If I see a posting with no salary range, then I'm going to assume that company will low-ball me and is not worth my time. I will target one that lists a salary range that is reasonable. Post a realistic salary range where you would hire the right person on at any point along the range and not at the bottom. The good applicants will be shooting for the upper end. Mention the salary expectations up front and you'll save everybody time.

Comment: Re:What am I doing wrong? (Score 1) 574

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I'm a "former" developer and current IT hiring manager. I am trying to fill a couple of developer positions. I worked with HR to craft the job description that best described the job opening... Without any crazy years of experience requirements. It is a senior level position though. At any rate, we have received only two qualified candidates in two months. And we have received only four or five resumes so it's not as if we have been weeding out a ton of candidates before interviewing them. One received a promotion from their current employer before we could bring them back for a second interview, the other was asking for almost double what we could have offered plus wanted to telecommute from out of state half the week. We just are not seeing candidates. Where do developers go when they are looking for jobs? Job boards are expensive and we can't afford to hit every one of them.

Indeed usually. Dice and Monster are virtually useless these days from a jobsearch perspective IMO. Also, people seem to get hired via offers that came through LinkedIn. Try looking through LinkedIn for candidates and shooting them an email? Where is the job location?

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Move to a hypothetical rat hole, lets make up a name, say Gibraltar, and then reduce the salary to less than people usual make for the privilege of only having sun and beach around, and nothing else. Sure that it is far better than being in a city. Much better. I will relocate to there if then they pay me for a couple of years of therapy.

Gibralter is a rat hole? I'm going to cross that off my list of "weird places I could mve to".

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I always wondered why tech offices were located in the centre of some crappy city or soulless business park (eg Winnersh in Reading, sigh).

If I had a big company to set up somewhere, it'd be in an area usually frequented by tourists - there are enough people wanting to move from their shitty rat race commute that they would want to relocate to a nice area. And you'd have the side benefit of having a trapped workforce who would never want to relocate back to their grimy city commute days.

So you want to setup shop in a "nice place to visit"?
Sure the Grand Canyon might be picturesque and all, and Las Vegas may be fun for a weekend, but no way in hell I want to live out there.

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You must not work in the corporate world. If you were not a confident idiot before joining, you will be after (or you'll be laid off). The guy who marches in the room with all the answers -> high value employee who knows his job and gets shit done. The guy who has more questions than answers? Incompetent idiot who ratholes meetings and deviates from the issue.

The irony is that usually the second guy is the more knowledgeable person, he knows enough to know he doesn't know shit. Unfortunately as in politics, the person with the snappy answer sets policy.

Hence why you need to be a lying sociopath to get ahead. You go into meetings with all of the confidence even though you know you are wrong or not entirely correct. Don't worry though, if anybody finds out, then you can always find a scapegoat.

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