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Comment Re: Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

Are boys naturally more interested in STEM? Are girls more naturally interested in everything else?

If those are true for some biological reason, then great, we're right on track. But if it isn't, maybe we need to stop pushing each gender in society's preferred direction.

As a boy, I was much more interested in STEM. I played with legos building stuff, loved remote control cars, and in general taking things apart to figure out how they worked and put them back together. I wasn't really too interested in reading or art type things, and if I drew something it was usually an airplane, and when forced to do creative writing would come up with stories about dinosaurs or ones that went into great detail about building things.

I can't speak for other boys or girls, only myself. If you want to claim that my parents steered me in that direction, then it's doubtful since my dad steered me towards sports, and my mom and older sister steered me more towards artistic things.

I didn't really know or associate with any girls that I remember when I was young since they weren't interested in legos or cars or taking things apart. The boys I associated with were interested in legos, cars, taking things apart, or sports.

Comment slackware (Score 1) 136

A stranger in a dark alleyway slipped me disk A1 of Slackware saying "hey kid, give this a shot, you're gonna love it. If you want more, you know where to find me". Over the next weeks (months? It's hard to say since that time was all a blur) I kept coming back. Once I finished with the As, I moved onto the Ns and APs, then got into the harder stuff...the Ds and Ks. Before I knew it, I was making my way to the alley every couple hours for my next X or XP. When I went back for disk E1 is when my friends confronted me about my problem and staged an intervention. Thank god for that...who knows what would have happened had I gone down that dark path.

Comment Re:News for nerds? (Score 1) 154

OMG, IKEA uses RH enterprise support for managing their servers... Slash *used* to be news for nerds. I have used scripts, after that RunDeck and now Ansible + Debian. And they do not need a subscription and better yet, are *distribution agnostic*.

Do you manage 3500 servers for a company with $32.65 billion in revenue?

Comment Re:What was the command? (Score 1) 154

Indeed, you definitely do NOT want hundreds-to-thousands of servers doing an update all at the same time, or, worse, rebooting all at the same time. The first has the potential to saturate your network and bring the entire setup to its knees, and the second will blow your rack supplies. I speak from experience on the latter, having been the one who identified the issue with our weekly DB scrubbing procedure once the company I was working for grew to more than a half dozen servers.

You want to stagger things by a few 10s of seconds per server on each rack to avoid power supply issues.

Man....I'd forgotten about the PDUs. Had that problem at one place where I brought down the DMZ because I rebooted a server. Fortunately that got a much needed datacenter review underway and people started distributing power correctly.

Comment Re:What was the command? (Score 1) 154

Here, scheduling the reboot of the 900 servers was the longest part of that patching effort.

O'Reilly? You had to reboot? And you still get paid as a sysadmin?!!(sigh).

Demonoid-Penguin - moderating (the non-stupid).

If you're just running a generic "yum update", then you have pretty good chances a new kernel will be pulled yeah a reboot was probably called for.

Comment Re:No, just no. (Score 1) 91

Nothing goes into "the cloud". I'm slowly getting sick of this cloud hype. In most cases its useless and its only a security risk - a risk no one can really weight as the cloud is often maintained by an external provider.

Perhaps you would like to sign-on for the newest IT trend then, "... in a box". Tired of the cloud? What is it? Where is it? Does it even really exist? You have none of those question with "... in a box". With our premium subscription service, you can even have the best of both worlds, "Cloud ... in a box"! Our certified consultants with over a millenia of combined IT experience will install our Cloud ... in a box in your data center. You can see it, you can touch it, you can bring in your leadership team to look at the blinking lights, and then proudly proclaim "Here is our cloud!".

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 318

Yeah, just like their heads span when people left them when they decided to both raise fees and drop all decent programming by going streaming only.

All of these moves are coldly calculated. They will win no matter what, your departure will not make anything spin I assure you. They are an essentially zero competition industry. They will become progressively more and more evil until someone else comes to market, but they have a massive head start, and I haven't even heard rumors about competition other than Amazon, but they're nowhere close.

Their heads were spinning for a few quarters after that. The stock tanked and took awhile to recover. Although that just means that if they can weather a few terrible quarters, then people will eventually return. The competition is starting to increase dramatically with HBO Go, so maybe there is hope yet.

Comment Re:I'd like to see the environmental nightmare die (Score 1) 369

I don't understand why people continue to buy those overpriced pieces of plastic

For the same reason you see these same people with 2 x crates of over priced bottled water in their cart.
I don't understand it either.

Their municipal water supply is flouridated and they want to keep the commies out of their precious bodily fluids?

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