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Comment "quality of finish" does anybody really care? (Score -1, Troll) 131

Does anybody really give a shit what their phone looks like? I think everyone I know bought their phone based on what it could do, not how it looks. Further, fully half of people I see put their phone in some sort of clunky rubber or plastic case anyway.

Comment 100% serious question (Score 1) 253

What would you do with a gigabit connection to a company that sells out pirates every chance they get? I mean what in the world do you do that is not piracy that is better on a gigabit connection than a 100mbit connection? And don't say "counterstrike ping" because that will not be any better.

Comment Re:Stupid question. (Score 2) 242

So far every candidate who put a Github profile on their resume when they applied to our department has been hired by me (team lead). The amount that you can learn by scanning someone's code, and then asking them about it trumps all other information you can get in an interview, trumps everything you can learn from a test, trumps education credentials.

Those who don't put that on their resume, the first question I ask is "what was the last program you wrote for yourself, why did you write it, etc"

If you aren't writing code for some stupid thing at home, you are either not that in to programming, or you are burned out.

Comment Would you quit your job? (Score 1) 751

I hate the fallacy that if you just give people $20,000 a year they will never ever work again. Tell me, if you could live like a McDonald's fry cook without working would you do it? Of course not.

Are there some people who would? OF COURSE, but those people would make shit employees anyway. You are doing the rest of the workforce a favor by eliminating the worst performing, non-motivated chaff from the wheat.

Comment Re:.NET Consultant from MN here... (Score 1) 155

Except that $200k would be worth more in Minnesota than it would in CA, TX or NY, our cost of living is much lower and your dollar goes much further.

How do you figure? Consumer Prices in Dallas, TX are 0.81% lower than in Minneapolis, MN
Consumer Prices Including Rent in Dallas, TX are 3.79% lower than in Minneapolis, MN
Rent Prices in Dallas, TX are 9.38% lower than in Minneapolis, MN
Restaurant Prices in Dallas, TX are 5.02% higher than in Minneapolis, MN
Groceries Prices in Dallas, TX are 14.24% lower than in Minneapolis, MN
Local Purchasing Power in Dallas, TX is 0.16% lower than in Minneapolis, MN

So I guess unless you eat out for every meal, Texas is way cheaper.
Not to mention Texas has no state income tax... so add 5% to all of that.

Comment I say "never" however... (Score 1) 179

At my first job around the .com bust my employer announced that there would be no more raises (and I was hired as junior developer for waaaay below the market value, even during a bust) this is almost the same thing as being laid off. I was forced to "quit" after they basically announced "your nearly free internship has been extended indefinitely instead of turning in to a real job as you were promised/as was planned."

they seemed genuinely shocked when I put in my notice. I said "well, you basically laid me off" and they got super scared I would try to file for unemployment. I didn't, I just got a new job, since I had "experience" at that point, which was the whole reason I did the "totally not an internship" working for peanuts thing.

Comment Microtransactions? (Score 1) 56

I don't even see a single mention of microtransactions. I know it is dominated by candy crush and clash of clans, but it is possible for the random flappy birds to start making serious lottery money for an indie developer.

The highest grossing apps are all doing it through microtransactions. As much as you and I and everybody hates them, they are here to stay and SOMEBODY is paying 99 cents each for all those "boosts" nobody admits it, yet microtransactions are king(candy crush pun intended).

Comment p3p works great!! (Score 1) 75

P3P headers people!!!!

All you have to do is be on Internet Explorer, and trust that a website does what it says it will do in its cryptic http header that was generated by a discontinued, closed source IBM tool, what's the problem?

according to microsoft, only a few inconsequential websites like those losers at Facebook and Google use "technological trickery" to get around this very important abandoned web standard from 2002 that only Internet Explorer implements.

seriously the MSDN article I linked is hilarious, here is a gem:

Unfortunately, a small number of websites (like YouTube and Facebook) circumvent P3P settings by sending a P3P statement that consists of only undefined tokens, like this one:

P3P: CP="This is not a P3P policy! See // for more info."

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