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Comment: It doesn't matter when (Score 4, Informative) 297 297

If you need to ask yourself WHEN it will fail, that is the wrong question. The right question is "are you ready for imminent hard drive failure?"

If you are not running under the assumption that your hard drives will randomly fail, you have already lost. I have 20 year old drives still spinning, and 2 month old drives turned paper-weights.

Comment: Re:Damnit, AdBlock (Score 1) 127 127

websites *will* find another way to serve ads, whether it's through an EULA or randomizing/obfuscating the references to ads, or even serving the pages as images.

I would be happy about an ad strategy that doesn't break the pages I want to browse. If they come up with an alternative to current ad strategies that doesn't result in accidental malware attacks and autoplay videos and flash animations, I will be too lazy to block it.

Adblock plus is pretty much the most effective antivirus on the market, even though that isn't even their intent, and that is the primary reason I use it.

Comment: Peak robocall? (Score 1) 193 193

I wonder what percentage of voice communication is currently robots talking to robots. I mean, personally 99% of voice traffic attributed to accounts I pay for is simply robocalls hitting my VoIP mailbox, being transcribed into text, then emailed to my inbox.

Eventually it will be an unprofitable model right? right?

The only possible explanation is such a small percentage of voice calls need to actually be heard in order for scammers to get enough money to be worth it. God, how do stupid people have so much money to lose?

Comment: Re:Piracy claims just a ruse to remove competition (Score 3, Interesting) 122 122

I run xbmc/kodi on my Fire Stick currently. It is a huge annoying pain in the ass that Amazon won't let me have a shortcut to it on my Fire main page... You have to go to settings -> Applications -> Manage installed applications -> XBMC -> Launch Application... But when I get there it works exactly how I want it.

Lets face it, Kodi on the app store vs Kodi sideloaded is no big difference... A user sophisticated enough to actually run something through XBMC is sophisticated enough to run ADB to sideload apps over the network.

I am just glad the fire stick isn't more locked down than it is. Since I got it for 14 dollars, it is the cheapest possible way to run XBMC on my TV.

Comment: I really do love everything about this. (Score 5, Interesting) 456 456

I love that a 30 year old computer is doing the job just fine.

I love that a kid wrote the code ages ago, and presumably it has never even been patched.

I love that the Amiga was so damn rock solid that it has not had an emergent failure in 30 years.

I love that it uses walkie talkie beeps as a protocol

I love that somehow it is going to cost 2 million dollars to reproduce something a kid did in his spare time, presumably simply for the privilege of getting to play with a $1300 dollar computer.

Comment: Half the pay twice the work (Score 4, Insightful) 336 336

When I was a kid I always thought I wanted to be a game programmer. Turns out, I fucking love writing boring enterprise software. I write lots of code, solve lots of problems, make lots of money.

The average game developer makes crap money writing spongebob or dora the explorer or some other licensed character crapware 16 hours a day for years in hopes they will be on one of the teams that gets to write the one good game their studio puts out each year/decade.

The average enterprise software developer spends years working 8 hours a day fattening his 401k and, since you get to go home at 5pm, could spend the other 8 hours a day he would be working at the game company writing his own games... or more likely just playing games or having a family.

I love games. I wish making games for a job wasn't the programming equivalent to grinding it out as an extra in Hollywood for years trying to be an actor, but that is exactly what it is.

Comment: We hire smart people, not ****.js developers (Score 1) 293 293

I am a team lead, and If you want to get hired at the company I work for.. all you have to be is smart and not too socially toxic.

Sure, we give a programming test that basically asks "have you ever written any code in any language?" 90% of applicants fail this test (Think Fibonacci or leap year level difficulty, not 9 queens or tower of Hanoi hard). Any applicant that passes the "have you ever written a line of code" test, we just talk.

I don't care if you know node.js or angular.js or Knockout or whatever. Angular and node are both 6 years old. If I required every developer to know everything about a 6 year old framework, what happens when something better comes along? How hard will it be to get them to use the new thing, or learn it. If I hire a smart person who can learn whatever, then when something new comes along they can learn that too.

Encyclopedic knowledge is not a selling point by itself. FAQs are free, brains are expensive. Hire the brains and feed them FAQs, not the other way around.

Comment: Rule number 1 for corporate developers (Score 1) 583 583

Rule 1 - YOU are probably the only person you will ever meet who can write code.

You may land in a team with many good coders, this is a lucky break. Most of the time any vendor, customer, or co-worker you work with won't know anything at all. You are just going to have to do their coding too. Vendors will give you broken XML documents that you have to parse, customers don't understand SSL, data center employees don't know how to ps -e | grep

Customers cannot possibly be expected to get off IE6

Nobody but you can do anything. Just accept it and deal with it, you will be much happier.

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