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Comment I read far enough so you don't need to (Score 1) 252

Blair says it stemmed from a disagreement over the release of a “zine” describing the exploits of Hack the Planet, a group he was also a part of. Kivimaki says his hostility stems from Blair’s threat to release the names and personal information of some of Kivimaki’s friends

In either version of events, this family is not an innocent victim.

Join a recreational "haxor" group, get fucked over by said group. End of story.

If you care about digital advocacy join a white hat group like the EFF, but if you are a black hat, then get slammed by black hats, you don't deserve a long huge fonted thoughtful story piece.

Comment Re:Is AMD Better Now? (Score 4, Informative) 110

AMD has better hardware, nvidia actually writes good drivers. Look at Fallout 4, the nvidia minimum system requirements...

Minimum card to play fallout 4 Radeon HD 7870 or GeForce GTX 550 Ti:
when you compare the two cards it is insane, the difference in the driver is not to be taken lightly.
Radeon HD 7870 vs GeForce GTX 550 Ti
2,560 GFLOPS vs 691.2 GFLOPS
23,592 vs 9,923 3dMark Vantage score
80 GTexel/s vs 28.8 GTexel/s

Basically at this point the general advice is: If you want to play games, buy nvidia... if you want to mine crypto currency block chains, buy Raedon.

Comment Starwars: BattleNot Fallout 4 (Score 4, Funny) 126

I would normally look forward to a bunch of the games coming out, such as:
Starwars: BattleNot Fallout 4
Starcraft Legacy of the Not Fallout 4
Halo 5: Guardians of the Not Fallout 4
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Not Fallout 4
Rise of the Tomb Not Fallout 4 Raider

But all of these top games seem to have one thing in common.

Comment Re: I appreciate the mame guys (Score 1) 33

I opened up a CPS2 machine once, and the guy who had it before me had parallel wired up about 3 of those 3.6v batteries to the ramboard. there was a brittle sticky note on the inside of the plastic cover that said "Don't touch this battery solder in a new one"

I admire the guy's genius of a hack, not sure if it actually worked, but that shitty Capcom trick removed any residual guilt I may have had about MAME.

Comment Homebrew patchwork of hacks (Score 1) 236

I run a very simple (tomcat hosted) jsp based web page which reads my disk structure and renders a hideous html page which allows you to: 1) Play the movie in the browser (for the kids' iPads mostly, or 2) send a REST call to the Roku to play it on the roku (using a custom "channel" I wrote, which consists of about 5 lines of Roku's proprietary Brightscript.

The Roku channel I wrote can also parse an xml file that my hideous jsp can generate, which will build picture based menus on-screen on the roku. This was so my 4 year-old could find and play whatever the hell they wanted to play. My one design requirement "4 year old can use it"

For the grown-ups, we just have an amazon fire stick (17 dollars on sale) plugged in to the TV. Side-loaded XBMC (now Kodi or something) and pointed it to the same network fileshare that the tomcat server serves up.

My setup is a patchwork, but it works on Android, FireTV, Roku, iPad, and desktop, and it was free, and I have made barely any changes to it beyond adding content for the past 2 years. The biggest downside to all of it is when less techie people come over they always ask "can you set this up at my house?" and my answer is "um, uh, not really." If it were more portable and "standard" it would be better... but it works for me and my family.

Comment Penicillin? (Score 1) 330

Penicillin and antibiotics in the last hundred years basically changed the entire civilized world from "you live until you die of an infection" to "you live until you die of cancer or heart failure." Which is pretty significant.

Although it is pretty hard to argue with the refrigerator, it just gives me the cold shoulder.

Comment Cams come from minimum wage cinema employees, duh (Score 1) 279

If you pay someone 7 dollars an hour to sweep popcorn, and that someone owns a tripod.. that someone has uniquely private access to a theater... private enough that they can run a sound cable from the projection booth to said tripod.

Give that same employee access to night vision goggles, and you will prevent no piracy at all.

I mean, how bullet-proof is any plan that involves compelling a bunch of minimum wage employees to ensure that 1 billion in profits isn't whittled down to 999 million in profits? (not that there is any proof piracy actually costs studios money)

Comment Watch this crazy man speak about this very problem (Score 4, Insightful) 684

John F Kennedy perfectly told the world WHY we should do hard things.
We do them not because they are easy, but because they are hard

We need to dare to dream. We need to do hard things. If not, then what the hell are we fighting for? What are we doing? Every society worth remembering, every great nation in history did things that were impossible. We can't stop doing that. We can't stop dreaming, or we will die. We will deserve to die.

Comment Easy, just stop procrastinating (Score 5, Insightful) 125

You are falling victim to a classic problem. You don't want to do the actual work, so instead you focus on instrumentation and environment. The fact that you are asking these questions is proof that the "virtual desktop" mania you have embarked on is more of a hindrance than a help.

I mean, procrastination is half the fun, but don't fool yourself.

Comment Re: Universal Apocalyptic truth (Score 1) 1291

not their commute path, they deserve good roads, it is all the freeloading "other" people who don't. it is always "other" people who want to take their money and pour it into public works. How many retired republicans refuse medicare/social security? How many vote to actively stop entitlements to everyone but themselves?

there is no logic. there is only "we need smaller government for everyone else"

Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.