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Comment: Re:How much is his investment in the company makin (Score 2, Interesting) 469

by netsavior (#49485761) Attached to: Seattle CEO Cuts $1 Million Salary To $70K, Raises Employee Salaries
They have taken token salaries so that they do not have to pay income tax, NOT because they are heroes. "Compensated in stock" is another word for "Tax evasion"

It isn't cute, it is CEOs taking advantage of YOU directly, and looking like heroes when they do it.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 2) 148

by netsavior (#49462817) Attached to: Nearly Half of <em>Game of Thrones</em> Season 5 Leaks Online

I would imagine it's more fun to just spend the next month watching week to week as nature intended

I don't think nature intended us to be sitting on our asses to watch stories happen on animated flat canvases.

Nature rewards us grandly for it. If "nature" didn't intend us to seek food and entertainment, our bodies wouldn't fill our junkie brains with dopamine when we do it.

+ - Being Overweight Reduces Dementia Risk->

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "Being overweight cuts the risk of dementia, according to the largest and most precise investigation into the relationship. The researchers were surprised by the findings, which run contrary to current health advice. The team at Oxon Epidemiology and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine analysed medical records from 2 million people aged 55 on average, for up to two decades. Their most conservative analysis showed underweight people had a 39% greater risk of dementia compared with being a normal healthy weight. But those who were overweight had an 18% reduction in dementia, and the figure was 24% reduction for the obese. Any explanation for the protective effect is distinctly lacking. There are some ideas that vitamin D and E deficiencies contribute to dementia and they may be less common in those eating more. Be it any way, let's still not forget that heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some cancers and other diseases are all linked to a bigger waistline. Maybe being slightly overweight is the optimum to strike, if the recent study is to be followed."
Link to Original Source

Comment: my 9 year old is a Roblox Creator, here's how: (Score 1) 315

by netsavior (#49442299) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Introduce a 7-Year-Old To Programming?
My then 8 year old wanted to learn Lua script so he could build original content in Roblox. I tried to convince him to learn to code something easier to teach first. That was HARD, harder than I thought, to convince him to try to learn to think in code before he tried to code in Lua.

One night, he came out of his room long after bedtime crying and told me that earlier he copied someone's script into a level he made in Roblox, and now he was sure he was going to get banned because the game thought he was cheating

it was 10:00 at night and I loaded up his Roblox account, and edited the script right in front of him. It was something like this psudocode: wait(1 minute) display message("You have been caught cheating, your account will be deleted in 5 days") end

I changed it to display a stupid message like "If you see this it means you got trolled by someone who understands scripting"

He felt better, but more importantly he learned that "understanding scripting" is important and powerful... and that even his old dad who "just knows other scripting and not lua" is better than nothing.

Then he said... I guess you can teach me Javascript... then we started Khan Academy and he slurped it up like a hungry aardvark.

Comment: We already have this for employees (Score 1) 210

Employees - Am I in the united states and an At-Will employment state, you are about to be let go

Am I in any G8 country other than USA, your country protects its citizens, and the corporation is required to notify you, and provide a reason if you will be let go.

Comment: At least we still have the Nebula. (Score 0) 587

by netsavior (#49414459) Attached to: Hugo Awards Turn (Even More) Political
Their reading lists had a large amount of overlap before. I think these jerks don't realize how precarious the situation of Science Fiction literary genre is... As it is most breakout authors are accidentally sponsored by Scientology, and major publishing houses will not take a chance on anything but space opera, someone with 150,000 blog and twitter readers, or licensed adaptations.

everything stupid and petty we do as a community puts another nail into that coffin. Having our most prestigious award turned into a poor downtrodden straight white male protest is a freaking deathblow.

Comment: Happened to me in a rich area of LA (Score 4, Informative) 222

by netsavior (#49354305) Attached to: Broadband ISP Betrayal Forces Homeowner To Sell New House
I moved into nice apartments in Westlake Village, California. Called Verizon, had them hook up DSL. It was fast and worked well... for 12 hours.
My service was shut off.

I called and they said "Service is not available in your area.

I told them I had service yesterday, and they confirmed that I did, but that it was a mistake, and service was not available.

We went around and around, I finally gave up after 2 hours on the phone, vowing to sign up with someone else. No other service available, and since I was at the bottom of a valley, EVEN SATELLITE was not available.

After a few more days of phone calls and escalations, I finally straight up asked them "Is the CO/RT full and you didn't realize it until you hooked me up?" they admitted that yes it was.

I made a deal with my neighbor, bought her network equipment and paid her phone bill every month just for letting me use her wifi.

THEN to add insult to injury, I got a contract cancellation fee bill from Verizon in the mail, because I terminated my contract for DSL before a year was up.

Comment: As useful as a video that should be a line of text (Score 1) 47

by netsavior (#49348749) Attached to: Is the Apple Watch a Useful Medical Device? (Video)
Apple watch's medical features are a handy excuse to self-justify buying it... I am fine with it, I justified buying a PS3 for myself back in the day by saying "heck, I needed a blu-ray player anyway."

But we all know it is suspension of disbelief, and no serious consideration.

Comment: Screw SolarCity, king of ecoscam (Score 2) 185

Go to the solar city website... I'll wait.

Ok now that you are back you probably know how solarcity works right? No? Weird because you'd think it is pretty simple.

Here is how it works, once you TALK TO THEM ON THE PHONE they will send you "do not disclose" paperwork that amounts to: You pay to install solar cells on your roof, then you pay to keep them clear of tree branches etc, then you buy electricity from the solar cells at slightly higher than municipal power rates, then you buy the rest of your power from the municipality or other provider at the normal price. Then they uninstall them 20 years later for free.

100% of tax credits go to Solar City.

I really don't understand why you would do this over green mountain or some other "renewable at a slightly higher price to make you feel better" kind of place. SolarCity is a complete rip, offering all of the disadvantages of a grid-tied solar install, with none of the advantages. For my particular area, the more power their solar cells would generate, the higher my electric bill would be.

"There is such a fine line between genius and stupidity." - David St. Hubbins, "Spinal Tap"