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Comment Rights (Score 1) 188

A right is a liberty, a freedom to do something without the government interfering.

The internet is a service, someone's labor for which they need compensation.

You never have a right to another person's services or goods. At best you could say it's a good idea to pool resources. Even that involves forcing those who do not want to pool resources into giving up their resources. As a result, a byproduct of pooling resources is a gradual reduction of individuals choosing what to do with their own resources.

It worries me that so many politicians are giving away our resources as if it's a gift (we're paying for it after all, not the politician) and calling that "gift" a right. In this case, I can get internet access without the government "gifting" me with it. A program to make internet available to all areas is certainly a better way to frame the proposal (but not for free).

Comment Misleading Summary (Score 3, Insightful) 488

Being that the program was classified, they would have just ordered are large number of assets without telling her the reason for them. If I were HP and the NSA wanted to buy a large numbers of servers, I would sell the servers to them as well.

From the article

Fiorina said. “They were ramping up a whole set of programs and needed a lot of data crunching capability to try and monitor a whole set of threats... What I knew at the time was our nation had been attacked.”

The summary makes it sound like she purposely did it to screw over Americans. There's nothing to indicate that. The waterboarding issue is added on even though it is not related. This is a flame bait summary, and a misleading article. We really don't need articles on Slashdot that demonize people like this.

Comment Black Box Software (Score 4, Interesting) 166

The best way to test the emissions software, and the best from an engineering validation perspective, is to compare the Volkswagen software readings against direct measurements of the emissions (out of the tailpipe). This is a much more accurate method of regulation, and would have prevented this Volkswagen fiasco from the beginning. Regulators should test it this way rather than assume a vehicle manufacturer wrote software correctly, or even deliberately miswrote it. Access to software source code becomes unnecessary.

Submission + - Light-based memory chip is first to permanently store data (

sciencehabit writes: Today’s electronic computer chips work at blazing speeds. But an alternate version that stores, manipulates, and moves data with photons of light instead of electrons would make today’s chips look like proverbial horses and buggies. Now, one team of researchers reports that it has created the first permanent optical memory on a chip, a critical step in that direction. If a more advanced photonic memory can be integrated with photonic logic and interconnections, the resulting chips have the potential to run at 50 to 100 times the speed of today’s computer processors.

Comment Misleading Summary (Score 1) 133

The summary misrepresents the article. Coke disclosed the list to offset the idea that they were funding research to downplay obesity and Coke links.

The list was released after the company’s chief executive, Muhtar Kent, promised to be transparent about its partnerships and support for scientific research related to obesity. The move was prompted by criticism that the company has used its vast resources to play down the role of Coke products in the spread of obesity ...

Nowhere in the summary does it say that all the research it funded supported a specific conclusion. Rather, just it implies the opposite, that Coke funded everyone.

“What I find most remarkable about this list is its length and comprehensiveness,” said Dr. Nestle, author of the book “Soda Politics.” “No organization, no matter how small, goes unfunded. Any scientist or dietitian who is willing to take Coca-Cola funding gets it.”

The only problem with this list is the conflict of interest in taking funding from a beverage company to study the effects of the beverage in diets.

Whoever wrote the summary, please read the article carefully!!

Comment Re:correct me please (Score 4, Informative) 76

From the article,

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, said that four of its websites were hacked in recent weeks. To block the attackers, government officials were forced to shut down some of its services.

... NOAA makes satellite data and imagery available through the Web as well as file transfer networks for downloads.

It was just the web sites, not satellites. This is far overblown.

Comment Re:She's.. (Score 5, Interesting) 235

And as I was typing and working on questions for a Benghazi-related story, the data started wiping kind of at hyperspeed

I've done that to people before. Remote log in and start keyboard presses like delete as a prank. It may not have been to delete the data so much as to drive them crazy. If she was hacked by specific people to cause problems, that's a very logical tactic.

Comment Re:Both are bad but not comparable. (Score 4, Interesting) 235

Whether the motive is political or personal does not justify crime. This is suppression of information for the purpose of affecting an election. Nixon was stealing information for the purpose of affecting an election. The difference is minor.

Journalism based on political gain is propaganda, and all over in the news. It's hard to believe any one news source these days, they're all biased one direction or another. Get your news from as many sources as possible, get the facts, and make an educated assessment. It's the best way to remove the journalists' biases.

Comment Re:Cake and eat it too (Score 1) 365

It's good to look at the situation from everyone's point of view. The immigrants get paid much more than they otherwise would in their own country. It's very good from their point of view, and Microsoft's point of view. It's bad from an equivalently qualified American's point of view, and America's point of view. Which method is best all depends on who you are.

Comment Re:Two new deniers are born... (Score 2) 207

The paper does not imply that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas. Rather it implies that the estimates of the effects of CO2 may be overestimated. Since meteorologists tune their models based on past weather data, this would mean that the predictive models are tuned wrong and give too much weight to greenhouse gases in temperature predictions. The criticism of the paper also brings up valid points that should be investigated.

Comment Big Fans (Score 2) 207

What really need are some big fans to increase coastal winds and cool off the world. I recommend them in large quantities. We'll call them fan farms. Maybe power them from those reverse fan farms that generate electricity and drain our global wind supply causing global warming!

Comment 100 Watts (Score 5, Informative) 191

Please keep in mind an important aspect of this new cable, it supports 100 watts power transfer. That means most devices, including laptops, can be charged through this one connector. I see that as the best reason to switch, fast charging and universal connector for all my devices. The article glosses over that important detail. It also enables 10 Gbs data transfer.

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