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Comment: Re:Good riddance ... (Score 1) 160

by nelsonal (#45077175) Attached to: Car Dealers vs the Web: GM Shifts Toward Online Purchasing
Car dealers aren't going away anytime soon, they are exceedingly influential in local politics limiting auto manufacturers ability to side step them and earn fat commissions. Were it possible, no doubt around 1,000 apple store like super stores would replace most dealers for test drives/car fitting, warranty work, and help anyone who desires it with ordering.

Comment: Re:Even China is getting tired of their shit (Score 2) 270

by nelsonal (#42874703) Attached to: North Korea Conducts Third Nuclear Test
Yeah that's effective, Saddam Hussein had the 7th largest army in the world prior to the Gulf War, it caused 148 deaths while suffering 30,000 over a month (100 hours on the ground). No conventional army is big enough to cause the US meaningful losses (especially as drone tech improves). It's WMD or bust.

Comment: Re:So let's focus on affluence... (Score 1) 626

by nelsonal (#42750461) Attached to: Will Renewable Energy Ever Meet All Our Energy Needs?
Affluence means having more stuff, stuff requires that you have either slaves (how humanity acquired stuff from the dawn of humanity to 1800s) or energy (cheapest til we run out is fossil fuel). What stuff do you value that didn't require energy to make, store, or transport?

Comment: Re:Too bad... (Score 1) 861

by nelsonal (#42041359) Attached to: Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense Shield Actually Works
In my opinion, Palistine lost any claim on the lands given to them by the UN/UK when they starte and lost the '48 war. International warfare should always be played for keeps. You start the war and lose and you're lucky if your women aren't simply prizes for the victorious army and your lands become little more than a reminder to future nations not to attack someone stronger than you.

Comment: Re:Why did they change the requirements? (Score 1) 421

by nelsonal (#41983205) Attached to: Airlines Face Acute Pilot Shortage
Every pilot I've ever met, GA, military or commercial, to a man (and that's only because I haven't met any women pilots), fucking loves flying, in ways that most people simply don't. Most of them spend the kind of money on it that is usually reserved for things that float or fornicate, even when it's their day job.

Comment: Re:Balance (Score 1) 1160

by nelsonal (#41669089) Attached to: Shut Up and Play Nice: How the Western World Is Limiting Free Speech
Also cars aren't such a good example because the US is basically an open range for people (ie no matter what they were doing it's almost always the driver's liability if they hit a person). In a closed range state/county (ie the driver has an unrestricted right of way vs animals), the owner of an animal hit by a car is absolutely liable for the damage their animal causes to the person's car (the responsibility is on the animal's owner to is maintain their fences to prevent the collision)

Comment: Re:Balance (Score 1) 1160

by nelsonal (#41668561) Attached to: Shut Up and Play Nice: How the Western World Is Limiting Free Speech
My concern is it sounds like your policy is basically pick on the westerners because they're either cowed or maturely shrug off insults, but don't pick on Muslems because they will react badly. To use your school yard bully example, it's still bullying to pickon the kid who knows he will be tried as an adult for assult (or who has a father with a belt if he gets suspended one more time). The threatened violent protesters are just as much bullies as the artists.

If you wish, to use a more contriversial example, how about abortion doctor shootings? They must be aware that their continued practice will deeply offend people (frequent angry protests, I'm sure they receive threats). Should the doctor be partly responsible, when they are shot? Taking offense does not give someone license to respond with violence or chaos. If we're endowed with inalienable rights (like speech or privacy). It's encumbent on the government to protect the excercise those rights, even in cases where most of the population doesn't agree with the expression.

Comment: Re:Balance (Score 2) 1160

by nelsonal (#41657933) Attached to: Shut Up and Play Nice: How the Western World Is Limiting Free Speech
Let's use the example of Piss Christ as an expression that is offensive to Christian groups. Are you seriously suggesting that the creator be held even partly responsible for any outbreak of Christian violence that should occur? It's caused enough offense that vandals destroyed a print in France, but other prints are still exhibited (one's in at a smaller gallery in New York right now). I hold an intense dislike a view that expression should be regulated based on the potential violence of the group that an expression offends, that's a very poor incentive structure (rewarding violent outbreaks is very likely to increase their occurrence).

Comment: Re:Ummah inflation (Score 1) 515

Couldn't they simply be, um, very frisky? Not every nation's total fertility rate is similar to the West's (below replacement). Here's charts on Muslem population by country note how fast many of the nations (Egypt, Afganistan, Indonesia, and Banglidesh for example) are growing even as emmigration to many other nations boosts populations rapidly in those nations.

An inclined plane is a slope up. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"