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Comment: Re:Eliminate all tax withholding (Score 1) 407

In the end, all taxes, no matter how they are levied, are paid by the consumer. I've done the math before on all the taxes one pays, and it easily comes out to well over 50% for the average lower or middle-class consumer.

I think a better system would be to just tax corporations, they generate the wealth.

Comment: Change the misconception that welfare is bad. (Score 1) 688

by nbritton (#48621289) Attached to: Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates

We're all fucked unless we change are thinking that unemployment and welfare are bad. Whether we're working or not the corporations should have to support us. Tax them to the hilt and eliminate personal income tax. Provide a stipend to all citizens that covers the essentials of living; those who want to earn more money can choose to work.

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