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Comment Punish management. (Score 1) 392

I think the coders should get a break, management should never put them in a position to act unlawfully. It was forced on them by management and they had to do it or loose their jobs. If you were put into that position you too would choose to implement the code rather then loose your job. The blame should lie squarely on management, we need to make an example out of them with jail time so that other executives learn to act ethically. Without punishment people will always see a benefit to cheating. Management is the one who pulled the trigger on this, the rest are just ancillary accessories.

Comment Ain't going to happen (Score 1) 535

Cars have been around for 130 years. What exactly could Apple do that would make a car better? Apple is not getting into the car business simply because there is not enough turn over, people hold onto cars for 10 + years. These are the same reason why they're not going to make a tv, Apple has said so.

Comment Re:Eliminate all tax withholding (Score 1) 413

In the end, all taxes, no matter how they are levied, are paid by the consumer. I've done the math before on all the taxes one pays, and it easily comes out to well over 50% for the average lower or middle-class consumer.

I think a better system would be to just tax corporations, they generate the wealth.

Comment Re:Malware (Score 1) 181

Should they not have to request such things first? Even on Unix-likes, if you get on as my user, you can trash all my data - why? Why is the data store not immutable and applications only get a link to the data IF they are allowed access to it?

i.e. SELinux

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