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Comment: Re:A man with a Nobel prize in medicine disagrees. (Score 2) 349

by msauve (#48280693) Attached to: Suspected Ebola carriers in the U.S. ...
In the specific case at hand, the nurse in Maine has been twice tested for the Ebola virus, with negative results. Can you point to some study showing a person can carry Ebola for more than a few hours/days immediately after exposure and have it remain undetectable in a blood test?

Comment: COG (Score 5, Insightful) 143

So, Apple's donating stuff which costs them money to make (hardware). O'Reilly is giving stuff which doesn't cost them much, if anything (incremental cost). Kudos for that freebie, but Microsoft and Autodesk are likely making a profit with a "discount" on things with virtually no incremental cost. They probably consider it like advertising - they expect to make even more from future sales. Sprint and ATT are somewhere in between.

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by msauve (#48253891) Attached to: Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay
"So you deposit $1000 in your account on Monday and write a check for $1000 on Wednesday, you'll get clobbered by overdraft fees because the Bank doesn't credit deposits to your account for 3 days "

Not in the US. Here, in most cases, it's $200 the next business day, and the balance the day after that (up to $5K).

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