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Submission + - Are pedophiles born that way?

BarbaraHudson writes: Evidence from brain scans indicates that pedophile brains are different

Dr James Cantor, of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Canada, spends much of his time exploring the brains of pedophiles using MRI scans. He has reached a startling and controversial conclusion.

"Pedophilia is a sexual orientation," he says. "Pedophilia is something that we are essentially born with, does not appear to change over time and it's as core to our being as any other sexual orientation is."

He also says that convicted pedophiles are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous than the rest of the population — and that they are significantly shorter than other convicted criminals. It must be stressed that doesn't mean short and left-handed people are significantly more likely to be pedophiles, but these are characteristics that are generally determined during the first trimester of pregnancy — suggesting pedophilia could be determined at the same time.

If it truly is a sexual orientation, then the likelihood of "curing" it is very low to none.

Comment Re:"Microsoft's GM of diversity and inclusion" (Score 2) 147

Maybe that title exists because qualified women were being overlooked thanks to the old boys network?

This could easily be seen as trying to get better quality workers without prematurely culling half the herd because of their gender. Nothing SJW there - just sound business sense - if you want to hire the best, you use the largest pool of candidates to draw from. Or do you think that no woman can't be better at a job than a man?

Comment Re:AKA Sweatshops (Score 1) 147

and yet everyone here is complaining that this article even exist, yet are happy to ignore that this means hardly any women hold senior positions at Microsoft, and a huge amount of their female work force basically worked the lowest level jobs. Glass ceiling, anyone?


Microsoft's uppermost management ranks have become more racially diverse, with African-Americans making up 2.9 percent of corporate vice presidents, compared to 1.3 percent a year ago. That's likely only a few people, but it's a sign of progress at the top. Microsoft's senior leadership team is now 27.2 percent women, which is the greatest representation of women in that role in the company's history.

The moral of the story is, as usual, that upper management is more likely to survive the cuts. While employment of women overall went down, management beat the trend ... and that you should RTFA before commenting.

Comment Re:One more layoff required... (Score 1) 147

Your advice is rejected for the following reasons:

[x] It makes too much sense
[x] It is politically incorrect
[x] It has been tried before

Seriously, if a massive layoff occurs in the construction field, the vast majority of those affected will be male. If a massive layoff occurs in the nursing field, the mast majority of those affected will be female. The underlying problem is that people continue to conflate equality of opportunity with equality of outcome.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 383

So how do you make first contact with a potential new recruit if you're not making publicly readable posts?

A business card or written note, shake their hand and say "Hey, I heard you're looking to make a difference" -- you know... IRL communication. Recruit on the ground, then tell them how to get more information/further orders online.

The recruits are in another country, no can do. If it was possible to meet them in real life, there'd be no need for social media conversations.

Comment Re:Look at the bean counters for your answer (Score 1) 158

I disagree. If you have skilled labor in house, keep it. Outsourcing will hurt moral and the talent will leave. leaving talent will always hurt a company.

Unfortunately, the bean counters and the CEOs see cutting costs for a quick bump in profits is worth an increase in THEIR pay today. When it doesn't work, they CYA by shifting the blame to the outsourcing company, rather than admit it was their mistake in the first place.

Comment Re:I was never a big Star Wars fan (Score 1) 420

That doesn't explain why the HAL9000 on board the spacecraft deviated from the HAL9000 on the ground. The HAL9000 on board was given two contradictory orders - be be one of the crew, and lie to to his crewmates. His reaction was quite human - he went nuts. Since he was incapable of telling the crew ahead of time, If the crew was no longer around, he'd have no reason to lie to them. Crazy logic, but in retrospect, the only solution that fit all the parameters of his orders.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 723

The rights of children are not the same as the rights of adults. The parents' responsibility for their children gives them special proper powers over their children, a subset of which, in loco parentis, are temporarily extended to schools.

Using their best judgement, parents may spank their children to prevent them from running in front of cars or kicking the neighbor's pitbull. This is not a violation of a child's rights.

So you believe that spanking a kid will keep them from running in front of cars? How odd. If they're too young to understand the danger, spanking them does nothing. If they're old enough to understand the danger, talking about it is the better approach.

If you think spanking is not a violation of a child's rights, better not come to Canada. You're never allowed to swat a kid on the head, never allowed to use anything except the palm of your hand, and hitting a child in anger or in retaliation for something a child did is illegal, as is any form of corporal punishment for children under 2 or over 12.

It's completely banned in many other countries.

So here's the real question: Why would you hit someone you love? You're showing by example that violence is how adults solve problems, and that hitting someone you love is okay. Not the best role model.

Comment Re: Micropayments? (Score 2) 195

Well, part of it is that even a small payment can still incur a psychologically large cost. If each user post here on /. cost one cent to read, would you want to have them load automatically? Probably not, many of them are not worth that much, and you could quickly run up a bill of a few hundred dollars a year on that sort of thing from this site alone. So instead you'd have to take more time to think about what was worth spending even a little on, because it adds up and the price doesn't really match the value to you of the thing you'd be paying for.

Something similar happens when people have metered or capped Internet usage compared to at least nominally unlimited usage.

You really can't avoid this problem unless the micropayment is so small that it is likely not worth the cost to implement. I suppose if I knew that a year's worth of micro payments for me, for everything I use, was no more than about a dollar a year in total, it wouldn't be so much that it would feel like I was wasting money on the Internet. But because the average user doesn't want to spend a noticeable amount ever, and there really aren't that many users in comparison to sites, the resulting pie of money wouldn't be much to split up. (Especially once you reduce the amount to account for lower average incomes elsewhere in the world)

Comment Re:Yes, becaue women are bundles of unbridled emot (Score 1) 291

Here's a better link about TERFs The reality is that Wu is not accepted into radical feminism even though she claims to be. Radical feminists believe only "women born women" are real women. Heck, even Germaine Greer continues to push that old, ignorant-of-the-facts-and-don't-wanna-know line that we're not "real women".

Too bad for them that they're more and more seen as exploiters of hate and misunderstanding towards us, same as many in the religious and political extreme right try to do. That horse might not be dead yet, but they'll keep beating it until long after it is. In a way, it's counter-productive to their aims - since they're seen as out to lunch on so many other issues, people who hear them attacking us will, for the most part, figure that if these people are against us, they should probably be for us :-)

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