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Comment Re: Rumor Mill (Score 1) 44

> I don't know who, but it looks like John really pissed someone off.

One one hand, in a Sanders/Trump race, McAfee might get some votes, which the one-party/two-styles government cannot allow.

On the other hand, rumor is he was pretty close to perfecting a "love potion" using real neuropharmaceutical science and had some 200 women from the town at his compound, so he had to be run out. So, count all those furious husbands among those who wish him a slow death.

Comment Re: Seriously?? (Score 1) 278

>I really don't see what advantage a pager has over a phone these days

Look at the Verizon coverage map. You only exist in the red areas. Some of us need to exist in the white areas.

But be sure to multiplex all alerts to pager and SMS - pager frequencies have fewer holes but they can exist. I've never missed an alert that went to both.

Comment Early versus late (Score 1) 138

To be fair, the decision of when to make the final throw in a game is based on reading the clock before the throw while for most of the game there's nothing particularly interesting happening when the clock runs out.

Those earlier decisions matter just as much as the ones at the end. The fact that they are to some degree contingent decisions does not change the fact that early decisions have just as much impact as later ones. A basket scored 20 seconds into the game counts just the same as one scored at the end of the game.

The exact instant the clock is started generally has no bearing on win/loss or even goal/no goal.

The exact instance the clock is started has a VERY direct bearing on when it stops and as such it can have a bearing on the outcome in a close game.

Comment You only can control what you do (Score 1) 138

Doesn't always work. My freshman/sophomore year of HS our 215 won state both years and only lost 1 match each year. In both cases he lost by his opponent scoring quick then stalling out the rest of the match without the official calling it.

You're missing the point. He didn't put enough points up so his opponent won. Whether or not the official called stalling is irrelevant. You can't depend on him doing that. You CAN depend on what you do and nothing else. Stalling in wrestling is almost entirely subjective so you cannot depend on it being called ever. Not for you or against you. It simply means your 215 didn't do enough to get the job done. Watch the wrestlers from the University of Iowa sometime, particularly Brent Metcalf. You will NEVER hear them say they were robbed even if they were. They will simply say they didn't do enough to get the job done and the responsibility is theirs and theirs alone.

Our coach would simply send me out to take the forfeit at 215 and use our guy to wrestle the other 215 in the heavyweight slot. I got enough wins to letter but they didn't count them because I didn't actually wrestle the matches. I got robbed.

Taking a forfeit is meaningless. It isn't a win because there wasn't an opponent. Unless you got your hand raised because you beat an actual wrestler then why should that count for anything? If you weren't good enough to crack the starting line up and all you did was take forfeits then you weren't robbed of anything because you didn't actually earn anything.

Comment Real world versus models (Score 2) 138

The stacked errors should have impacted both teams equally (generally speaking) since it was a "constant" factor (same human performing the same error)

In theory you should be right provided there is a large enough sample size. In reality it is VERY unlikely that it would work out equally balanced at the end of the game. It's not going to be a perfect bell curve with both sides equal. I used to do a lot of statistical simulation and real world outcomes very rarely match perfectly with models.

I would put cash money on a bet that if you added up the over and under on the clock stoppages you wouldn't come out to zero at the end of the game. In fact I would be surprised if you weren't off by a fairly significant amount, probably well over a second. I would guess that it would tend to skew late because the guy running the clock has to react to the whistle being blown and can't start the clock until certain actions occur. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Comment Be accountable (Score 5, Insightful) 138

If you don't want to the outcome of the game to be determined by referees and shot clocks, then you need to put enough points on board so that there's no doubt that you've won.

I coach a wrestling team and that is more or less exactly what I tell my team. If you don't put enough points on the board then you risk having the referee decided the match in a way not favorable to you. If that happens you have no one to blame but yourself. We insist on accountability and no whining. If it doesn't go our way we own it and figure out how to make sure we do better next time. If a bad call is made it is my job as the coach to try to get things set right but at the end of the day the goal is to leave no doubt as to the outcome even in the fact of bad calls.

Comment Re:Stacking errors (Score 1) 138

In the NFL the coaches can call for a video review of the spot but not the measurement.

Only the NFL and maybe a few big Division 1 conferences have the resources to make that feasible. And most of the time it doesn't really matter much to be honest. But the technology exists to make it very exact - they elect not to use it for practical an economic reasons.

Comment Stacking errors (Score 5, Insightful) 138

It's kind of a silly discussion because the clock is started and stopped by humans throughout the game. So even if an error was made here by some fraction of a second, there have to be numerous other errors throughout the rest of the game which aren't being considered with equal scrutiny. So yeah a timing error probably did cost one team the game but unless you go back across the entire game you'll never know which team got screwed by the timer.

It's like in football where the referee rather arbitrarily places the ball but then they measure it to the inch to see if they got a first down. The problem is with the spot, not with the measurement.

Comment Ah, the good old WYSIWYG days (Score 1) 98

It might be a more stable platform than the current web stack where different browser brands under different OS settings render things in different places and different ways. Back in the day they were positioned mostly by absolute coordinates, reducing positioning surprises. Auto-flow has mostly failed.

Comment Self indulgent little boys (Score 1) 571

No, I"m not...I do NOT want kids.

I don't have kids and I'm married. Have been for a long time. The decision to be married has nothing to do with whether or not you want kids. My wife and I have been together for almost 20 years and we go back another 10 before that. Our decision to get married had nothing to do with children at all.

Therefore, there is no reason to get married, and risk losing half of what I own whenever I decide I want to move on to a different woman.

So A) you've apparently never heard of a pre-nuptial agreement and B) you are apparently a selfish little boy who thinks that women exist merely to service your desires.

Yes, I say, grow a pair....women don't respect you if you don't assert yourself, show confidence, and show that you know (or at least project that you know) what you want in life.

You don't date much I'm guessing or if you do you probably get dumped a lot for being an ass. Son, let me let you in on a little secret. If you get married you aren't doing it for you. You do it because someone else matters so much to you that you are willing to make huge adjustments to your life to care for them and your spouse is doing the same. There is enormous satisfaction to be found in taking care of others, whether that be a spouse or a child. When you are in a relationship your opinion isn't the only one that matters. It doesn't mean your opinion doesn't matter but sometimes it does mean you'll need to put away your toys and do something for someone else. A real relationship requires both people to make some accommodations the the needs and desires of the other person. Given the self indulgent nonsense you are spouting it's probably a good thing that you aren't married. You certainly wouldn't remain married for long.

Geez, do you ask permission to change the radio station too?

Grow up little boy.

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