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Comment: Re:We need to learn hipster BS [Re:Tech Savvy] (Score 1) 542

by Tablizer (#49633963) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'

Correction: my slashdot description is indeed condescending, but my statement to the interviewer along the lines of "Sure, but I find it better to have 2 PC's, one for experiments, and one for every-day work because..." is not condescending in any way I know. The interviewer had not said anything about their policy or preference on multiple PC's. He simply asked if I liked doing experiments on a PC.

Perhaps you can clarify this aspect for me. What logical or human-interaction reason should I have had for not stating such? I thought it conveyed practical experience, which is normally considered a good thing for interviews.

Comment: Re:We need to learn hipster BS [Re:Tech Savvy] (Score 1) 542

by Tablizer (#49633865) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'

The condescending way you write...

It doesn't seem condescending to me, but maybe the fact that my view of what "condescending" is differs from most interviewers is the reason I didn't get the job. Whether Rome is "good" or not doesn't change the fact that if in Rome, if you don't do what the Romans are doing, you won't get along with Romans. "Typical" humans often baffle me, I must admit. If I had such "typical" people skills, I could probably earn about 5k more per year. (The place in question didn't exactly pay a premium, I would note.)

I must think it is admirable that they explained in so much detail why they did not hire you.

It was more of body language, voice tone, and the type of follow-up questions they asked that clued me that I gave a "bad" reply.

Anyhow, they seamed to prefer a present-time-centric tinkerer and my non-start-up experience had given me longer-term-view habits. That's fine; it is what it is.

Comment: Re:15 co-authors (Score 1) 203

by Tablizer (#49633173) Attached to: 17-Year-Old Radio Astronomy Mystery Traced Back To Kitchen Microwave

I'm surprised that the paper required 15 co-authors

They should consider "juicing it up" to make it sound more worthy:

"Using Dr. Foo's bi-directional triangulation method, the source of the mysterious Peryton radiation was eventually pin-pointed after 17 years of difficult and dangerous research among native fauna.

The source turned out to be a cuboid cooking mechanism used by the species, Homo Sapiens. Further research was conducted to understand the pattern of behavior related to the cuboid cooking device.

It was observed that the Homo Sapiens were warned by their pack alpha male not to use the cooking device during certain periods of the planet's rotational cycle. However, a subset of the pack ignored the pack leader and participated in the device ritual.

Oddly, the alpha male didn't bite the others for ignoring his wishes. To better understand why, our team camouflaged ourselves as native fecal matter containment devices, made of an unknown smooth white substance, and sedated a sub-set of the cooking device ritual participants.

We then applied simulated bite marks to the sedated specimens using sharp instruments to see if this changed the relationship between the alpha male and the device ritual participants. The observations of this bite experiment are still ongoing.

However, an interloper male, external to the tribe, which answers to the call "loy-ur", has tried to block access to our observational area. The interloper often waves a white flat rectangular sheet of compressed wood pulp. One researcher was able to temporarily fend off the interloper's attacks by lodging his head into the cuboid cooking device while activated. A follow-up research report will detail our observations of this new interloper.

Comment: Re:Hmmm .... (Score 3, Funny) 203

by Tablizer (#49632779) Attached to: 17-Year-Old Radio Astronomy Mystery Traced Back To Kitchen Microwave

A professor once told the class he was tasked with finding the source of intermittent "garbage" characters emanating from a data entry work-station. After checking and swapping all the hardware, IT staff couldn't find the cause. So he sat to observe the work-station in action. Turns out the data entry lady had large bosoms that occasionally bumped the keyboard.

Comment: Re:Problem, Reaction, Solution... (Score 1) 187

by circletimessquare (#49631409) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law

there is no intelligent viewpoint to debate

if you see dark conspiracies where simple human nature obviously dominates, you're a fucking nutcase

not a baseless insult. an objective determination

to think the highly highly improbable is more likely than the spankingly obvious and inevitable is just dumb, and unhinged

violent religious nuts exist. violent religious nuts do what they do

panicky mobs exist. panicky mobs do what they do

overreaching bureaucrats exist. overreaching bureaucrats do what they do

this is all inevitable. there is no cabal. to think so, to not see basic human foibles at work and instead dark plots means you're an idiot and mentally deranged

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