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Comment Re:Stop spying on everyone (Score 1) 480

Perhaps if it were made a clear and easily-changable option to the user. Example:

1. 30 day trial, no snooping
2. Snooping version, free after 30 days
3. Purchase non-snooping version

And it should let you know when your 30 days are up rather than automatically go into snoop mode without confirmation.

Clear and friendly choices can bring in more customers and more dollars.

Comment Re:Standardized settings management (Score 1) 480

You are thinking of OS or bundled "system" apps, aren't you? An independent app would invent an independent way of managing features.

And even though those devices might have a standard GUI for finding and editing them, each vendor either has a different way of importing/exporting them, or provide no easy way, period.

Plus, if they were standardized in an open way, you could install a different "settings browser" with fancier search, find, compare, query, report, alarm, etc. features.

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 162

Offshoring and automation have essentially cheapened the value of much of human labor. However, all this automation and outsourcing has also made stuff cheaper. Ideally their slide rate would both match more or less, or even provide a net benefit for regular folks.

However, salaries overall seem to be slipping backward*. So, why are they not balancing out? Because the owners of capital and corporations rigged the rewards of cheaper labor/automation to go them THEM instead of us, and lobby heavy to keep it that way.

* Wages for existing jobs are stagnant, but if you lose your job, often you end up going back to work at another org for less. Thus, on average salaries are sliding backward when inflation is factored in.

Comment FUD at least sort of. (Score 3, Interesting) 124

From the piece: "With that said, when Nest Cam is turned off, it completely stops transmitting video to the cloud, meaning it no longer observes its surroundings." .
So whether its camera is all the way off or in warm standby isn't very relevant to privacy if no information is being sent out. For instance if I wanted a unit to act only as a movement tracker this would be a good thing to have a camera for but no sending information out. Now the question is why does it need to send video from in my home to the cloud at all? Why can't I just store video locally if I am interested in that or see out of its camera live? I am not sure I understand the use cases of this device.

Comment Opportunities are not equal for everyone (Score 2, Insightful) 161

Everyone has the same opportunity.

No they do not. You have to be phenomenally clueless or bigoted to think otherwise. The same opportunities are NOT available to everyone. That was the entire point of the civil rights movement and the suffrage movement. Just because you have some choices doesn't mean everyone else does. Opportunity can be taken away very easily by institutions (government and private) if we allow it to occur. Opportunity is a fragile thing and not everyone gets equal opportunity under the law or in society. Bigotry, racism, and sexism and discrimination are real things with real consequences. Those who have to actually face them by definition do not have equal opportunity. The fact that some people manage to break through does not mean that the gap in opportunity is not real for many many people.

For example, I become a developer; not a cake baker. That doesn't mean I didn't have equal opportunity to become a cake baker. It means that I fucking chose to be something else.

Wow do you not get it. If everything is so equal as you claim then why do we see non-white people incarcerated at disproportionate rates? Why do we see older people having trouble getting tech jobs even when they are well qualified for them? Why do we see a congress that doesn't even begin to resemble the demographics of the country? You think because you chose one job over another that there is no inequality in the real world? That's just ignorant as hell.

Comment Equality of opportunity matters (Score 3, Insightful) 161

Excuse me, but what I expect from corporations (where I am not myself a shareholder) is quality products. I don't give a damn, who they hire and why — as long as they don't enslave workers — and neither should anybody else. Mind your own business, people.

Maybe you don't give a damn about your fellow human beings but those of us who aren't sociopaths do. I want to see people get good opportunities and not be held down because they happened to be born with a different set of genitals or a different skin color. Glass ceilings are a real thing. Clearly you've never seen anyone bump into one but I have. These are real issues that affect real people and in a civilized society we care about what happens to them. People don't have to be enslaved for a workplace to be a very bad place.

We have certain protected classes of people (gender, race, age, etc) precisely because there is clear and unambiguous evidence that if we allow discrimination based on those criteria that the results are bad both for society and for the individuals. The market demonstrably cannot fairly deal with this problem.

Comment What you buy is a choice (Score 1) 224

Not all shares are voting shares. What you suggest just isn't realistic for shares owned through mutual funds and the like.

Holding shares in a mutual fund is a choice. Holding voting versus non voting shares is a choice. Nobody forced you to buy those shares. If you are fine with holding non-voting shares and letting someone else speak for you then that is fine but understand and own your actions.

Comment Go where we can to learn first (Score 1) 163

By that logic it would have made more sense to try to get supersonic flight working before lighter-than air craft.

Nice reductio ad absurdem. Seriously, analogies like this almost never are relevant. And this is slashdot so please use a car analogy if you must. :-) Anyway some things about a Moon base will be harder but others will be easier, not the least of which are the logistics involved.

Much more extreme temperature swings

Which if you can handle those, the ones on Mars should be a piece of cake. Don't forget about the effects of the moon passing through the Earth's magneto-tail either. Huge charge buildups will be challenging to say the least.

- Razor-sharp abrasive dust that will quickly destroy seals, gaskets, and other soft materials (no weather to wear it smooth like on Earth and Mars)

Last I checked there is an awful lot of abrasive dust on Mars too AND the dust on Mars has an atmosphere to blow it into all kinds of inconvenient places whereas the Moon does not. Is it the same? Of course not. The moon dust has different properties. But there will likely be overlap in lessons learned.

2-week nights that make solar power nonviable without massive battery banks

Versus the occasional planet wide dust storm. If we're going to Mars with people we're probably going to have some form of nuclear power along for the ride. Solar will be important but we'll need to learn to work around the occasional bit of darkness on Mars or the Moon

much lower gravity, making adapting Earth-based nuclear reactor designs more challenging

Since we're not going to be on Earth why would we use a reactor designed for operation on Earth? We actually understand the physics of this problem rather well.

very few resources relevant to sustaining life (contrast to plenty of water and CO2 on Mars)

There is apparently water on the Moon. Furthermore it's close enough that we can deliver supplies to the moon while we figure out what works and what doesn't. With a Mars mission you pretty much have zero margin for error thanks to the distance. We already have the technology to get to and from the Moon (comparatively) safely. The same cannot be said for Mars and no matter what Elon Musk claims we're not going to go there for some time yet. Why not go where we can and learn what there is to learn?

Furthermore you are forgetting about many of the advantages of a lunar base:
1) Smaller gravity well than Earth so it can act as a forward base of operations. Comparatively cheap to get to.
2) Excellent location for astronomy given the lack of atmosphere
3) Effects of lower gravity (versus micro-gravity) on human physiology can be studied.
4) Evacuation is actually possible should the need arise.
5) Round trip communication delay is ~3 seconds versus 8-30 minutes for Mars.

Comment What are you doing about the abuse? (Score 1) 224

By the way, I own stock, but it doesn't mean I am for every type of corporate abuse that makes the company a few extra bucks.

So as a shareholder what are you doing about it? Are you attending shareholder meetings? Are you putting forth proposals? Are you voting on the board of directors? Are you doing these things even if they are unlikely to make much difference?

Just so we're clear I agree with you, but if you are a shareholder and you say nothing then the blood is on your hands too. If you own stock then you are an owner of the company and you are tacitly condoning any actions you don't speak out against.

Comment Re: Legality? (Score 4, Insightful) 287

It's simple misdirection - people are asking, "is Yahoo being a dick?" and Yahoo is answering, "it's perfectly legal." Which has nothing to do with the question but many people will fall for it because they [somehow, still, inexplicably, despite all evidence to the contrary] still equate legality with ethics.

n.b. It may be the users who are being the dicks, wanting something for nothing (#include malvertising.h), but that's not the question here.

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