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The Internet

+ - Babelfish sparks international diplomatic row

Submitted by Stony Stevenson
Stony Stevenson (954022) writes "An email sent to the Dutch foreign ministry by a group of Israeli journalists has sparked a diplomatic row, thanks to an unreliable translation by Babelfish. The journalists wrote a set of questions before a planned fact-finding trip to The Netherlands, running them through the online translation tool to turn them into Dutch. The beginning of the email read: 'Helloh bud, enclosed five of the questions in honor of the foreign minister: The mother your visit in Israel is a sleep to the favor or to the bed your mind on the conflict are Israeli Palestinian.'"

+ - Programming Language Popularity Statistics->

Submitted by
DavidNWelton writes "I redid some statistics I did a few years ago on programming language popularity. It's not scientific, nor terribly accurate, given that it's simply not possible to know these things at any level of detail, but I do think the results are broadly relevant. Not that you should choose a language based on popularity alone, but it's fun to look at."
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+ - Scientists Create Genetically-Engineered Supermice->

Submitted by
grrlscientist writes "Not happy with the regular mousey pests, scientists create their own supermice — I sure hope none of these escape and set up housekeeping in my apartment!

From the article: Like a Lance Armstrong equivalent among ordinary mice, scientists report that they altered a single gene involved in glucose metabolism in a mouse and discovered that this genetically altered mouse demonstrates remarkable athletic abilities. For example, this supermouse runs 20 meters per minute for five hours or more without stopping — a distance of 3.7 miles (6 kilometers)!"

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According to the latest official figures, 43% of all statistics are totally worthless.