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Comment: Bottom line (Score 1) 3

by smitty_one_each (#47572761) Attached to: When it doubt, try for the Jedi Mind-Trick, right?
The voters gave #OccupyResoluteDesk a pass in 2012. Until such time as the voters give the GOP such a commanding majority that substantial action is possible, all the impeachment talk is just so much hormonal whinging. What really must terrify the GOP is that, given such power, the silent conservative majority would expect them to accomplish some no-kidding reform. Which is why the GOP prefers the sweet passive aggression of letting the IRS crush the Tea Parties.
To your "Health Insurance Industry Bailout Act of 2010" point, you may find this interesting.

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Look at what you wrote:

It requires no intellect, and certainly no "morality" of any kind. It is a natural predator and prey relationship. And all attempts to regulate it have been quite farcical at best. Can't expect much different when sociopathy is the dominant trait of those we support.

Examples of cooperative ecosystems abound. Indeed, things veer into "sociopathy" when resources are constrained, which is an odd word choice following your 'no "morality" of any kind'. If it's all amoral, how do you gauge a sociopath? (Asking for a cereal killer).

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you want to discard the fundamental principle of innocent until proven guilty - as well as protection from double jeopardy and other basic rights extended to the accused in the criminal justice system in this country - when the accused is someone who has the dreaded letter D after their name.

This is false, you know it's false, and you're just trolling to say that I would:
(a) disregard the Constitution I've sworn to support and defend, even in the case of the rank idiocy to which you seem to tend,
(b) set a precedent that would surely be used as a club against me
You can let that go right there.

Your political spectrum actually is better represented as a monopole, really. You only have people who you see as "good" (republicans) and those who you see as evil (everyone else). You don't even bother looking at what they actually believe in, only who they associate with. The obsolete one-dimensional political spectrum at least sorts on some sort of continuum, yours is binary.

Oh yeah! Well, your system is like kryptonite mixed with anti-matter! [Trying to come up with a formulation as silly as yours.]
So, is your new strategy to accuse your way to "victory", whatever that is?

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You're spraypainting the history, and relying upon my lack of time to go back and call your bluff, which is true, for now. Maybe a bit of Python to download all of my comments, and build an indexed database of them is in order. It would certainly help improve your accuracy.

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The Tea Party's ideas are the basic ones that have driven American Exceptionalism. The issue, from my POV, is that the bulk of the population hasn't done the homework, hasn't really separated fact from fiction, doesn't participate in politics at all (and I rate myself as 'barely participating') and mostly just yells at the telly.
So the issue is not merely one of education, but also participation.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.