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Comment Re:We'll never know - Japan's investigators are ba (Score 1) 99

I recall that Japan has a >99% conviction rate, which is pretty unhealthy for a democracy and is comparable to many totalitarian regimes. This probably means that for Karpeles his conviction will be a formality and it's just a question of how many years he's going to get.

Comment Re:Evil Boeing (Score 1) 345

> 2) fuel consumption: at supersonic speeds, they suck gas like it's going out of style.

Not as much as you'd think, the Concorde supercruised at Mach 2 without the burners, and in the cruise the Olympus engines were astonishingly efficient even by modern standards.

Take off, climb out, sub-sonic and transonic flight was the real fuel slurper with the Concorde.

Submission Graphene Light Bulb Coming To Stores Soon->

An anonymous reader writes: A light bulb made from graphene — said by its UK developers to be the first commercially viable consumer product using the super-strong carbon — is to go on sale later this year. The dimmable LED bulb with a graphene-coated filament was designed at Manchester University, where the material was discovered in 2004. It is said to cut energy use by 10% and last longer owing to its conductivity. It is expected to be priced lower than current LED bulbs, which cost about £15 each.
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Comment Re:The whine of the flyback transformer (Score 1) 790

I disagree. The problem is that there is there is no LCD monitor that does everything competently. $1500+ professional color-accurate monitors may be good for photoshop but are lousy for anything with moving images.

Want a good LCD for gaming? There are TN panels that will refresh at 144Hz with fast response times. The tradeoff is very poor color reproduction and narrow viewing angles.

An IPS panel will give better colors and viewing angles at the expense of low refresh (few go over 60Hz), and 'IPS glow' is a real problem with them.

Then there is the panel lottery you have to play when you buy them. Many vendors and manufacturers have a threshold for the number of dead/stuck pixels that are deemed acceptable. Backlight bleed and uniformity can vary widely between different monitors of the same make and model.

CRTs had issues with their bulk, limited size and power consumption but LCD have introduced a whole world of new problems.

Perhaps our only hope is more affordable and reliable OLED displays.

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