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Comment Re:It's really too soon for this post. (Score 4, Interesting) 118

This is why I think that barge landing is pointless, unless it is on a nice still lake, or the barge is 100 percent stabilized. If teh barge is lifting, it can land too hard. If sinking it might be a little better. Just seems like an un-needed complication

Well they aren't doing it just for shits and giggles - landing on the barge requires significantly less fuel than returning all the way to the launch site. This, turn, reduces the payload capacity and increases the cost per kg.

I do wonder how feasible it would be to build some sort of a hydraulically stabilized landing platform on top of the barge - not only could it compensate for the shitty weather, but also soften the landing if it detected the rocket coming in too fast.

Comment Re:It's really too soon for this post. (Score 1) 118

Looks like second burn went well and payload was successfully deployed. Maybe the OP was just from the (very near) future?

Calling the landing a "partial success" is probably a very optimistic way of putting it, as I imagine it likely hit the platform too hard (due to the waves?), broke one of the legs, and fell over, possibly with a big boom. Still, it's difficult to say without at least a video.

Comment Re:The ESP8266 microcontroller costs less than $3, (Score 1) 112

Digikey has them with some minor volume discounts for 10 units.

Ebay, banggood or alibaba have them dirt cheap. A got a couple boards this way, and they're perfectly fine and well made. In particular on alibaba there are a bunch of $1/unit suppliers, though that's the FOB price and then you're on your own.

Comment Re:Imagine, also... (Score 1) 65

I've used Waze too, unfortunately it's neither accurate nor quite precise enough to make the optimal decision in many cases.

Just a while ago I was stuck in a jam on a highway and Waze/google were showing that there was, in fact, a traffic jam there. But it wasn't clear how long it was, exactly, how fast the vehicles were moving just beyond the visual range, etc. Which is what you want to know to make the decision whether it makes sense to take the nearest exit and go around it.

So until we get better connectivity between the cars (which due to privacy issues I'm not really looking forward), a small drone with FPV capability would be a solution. Probably not really worth the hassle, overall, however.

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