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Comment Re:Editors, lol (Score 1) 226

Those statements aren't necessarily contradictory. The drug has been perfectly effective in the study - nobody who was on it got infected. At the same time this might not be sufficient to claim that the drug is perfectly effective in general. It's possible that the test group was just lucky or there are people for whom the drug won't work, but they didn't get into the test.

Comment Re:Best of luck on working while relaxing (Score 1) 146

Well it's not necessarily "relaxing from [enormous] stress" of answering support tickets or whatever. Just changing the scenery and getting new experiences while still earning money.

As I can work remotely, I've been thinking about something like this, just with travel in general and not camping because camping is fucking miserable. As is, I go to the office (which is now 5 minutes away after they moved it closer to my apartment), sit there for 8 hours and then, unless there's a specific event I'm attending, I walk back home. This shit gets old after a while.

Instead, I could easily be on the beach in Thailand all day and then work in the late afternoon and then still hit some parties if I wanted. Or travel around, or do whatever. The point is, you still do the same work, but get to experience new things instead of grinding through the home->office->home routine every single day.

Comment Re:Wrong people to strip (Score 1) 576

It didn't seem like he was talking about the Mexicans running over the border. But people like me who fly in with valid B2/whatever visas, who are then thankfully untracked once in the country. Getting the visa and fingerprinted at every entry was unpleasant enough, and although this bullshit clearly has no chance of being implemented, something like this would could be the final straw that will get tourists or business visitors reconsider coming to the US.

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