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by mjpaci (#42060093) Attached to: Thousands of Natural Gas Leaks Found In Boston

Last winter I stepped out my front door and smelled gas and called NSTAR and they came out with a truck and detectors and the whole lot. They smelled it too, but the concentration wasn't high enough to call it an emergency, so they put me on a repair list. Two weeks later I come home to find the street in front of my house spray painted by DigSafe and a note on my door saying I need to be home the next day. They came, ran a liner in the pipe from the main to my house, connected it inside, and were gone. No more gas smell.

Then they came 2 months later to replace my meter (which they do every 7 years).


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by mjpaci (#39343747) Attached to: Indian Gov't Uses Special Powers To Slash Cancer Drug Price By 97%

There are three types of drug ads in the US -

The ones that mention both the drug and what it is indicated for are called Product Claim Ads and must enumerate the benefits and the risks including potential side effects. Reminder Ads give the drug's name but not what it is indicated for and Help-Seeking ads describe a condition does not recommend or suggest a specific drug or drugs.

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by mjpaci (#36948222) Attached to: SFPD Arrests Suspect In Airbnb Rental Trashing

I guess it depends on what you mean by "trashed." if they punch a few holes in the walls, mess up the paint, and stain the carpets, the repairs shouldn't ruin you financially. If they tear out all the drywall, the wiring, the plumbing, the flooring, and appliances, leaving you with nothing but a room full of 2x4s holding up the ceiling, then yeah, you could end up paying tens of thousands. But I've never seen a place THAT trashed, and I work for a real estate company that specializes in selling foreclosed properties.

Kind of reminds me of Pacific Heights starring Michael Keaton....


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itwbennett writes "Responding to questions from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence yesterday, Matthew Olsen, the NSA's general counsel, said that the NSA 'may', under 'certain circumstances' have the authority to track U.S. citizens by intercepting location data from cell phones, but it's 'very complicated.' 'There's no need to panic, or start shopping for aluminum-foil headwear,' says blogger Kevin Fogarty, but clearly the NSA has been thinking about it enough 'that the agency's chief lawyer was able to speak intelligently about it off the cuff while interviewing for a different job.'"
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