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Comment Re:Elementary school (Score 1) 320

Q: Why did NASA switch to Sprite?
A: They couldn't get 7 up.

(Awful, I know.)

I was in 6th or 7th grade -- the middle school was doing mini-week (different curriculum for the week) and my group went on a field trip to somewhere local and I didn't hear about the disaster until the late afternoon. I was stunned. I clearly remember that day.


Comment Re:Not my type of company (Score 1) 267

It's not quite that simple, but close enough for Slashdot.

In practice, it's easy to get rid of someone for stealing (information or physical assets) or bad behavior (browsing naughty stuff). But getting rid of ineffective employees takes too much work sometimes and that ineffective employee is moved around the company until they retire...

Comment Re:Correct (Score 1) 267

Cat and mouse. Some companies go one further with port-level security (only white listed machines can get on the network using client-side it's more than just MAC address) and disabling boot-from-cd in the BIOS and pw protecting the BIOS. What really bothers me is when a site/domain gets auto-blocked and it just happens to be a CDN holding images or css for a number of sites like IBM, Apple, Amazon, our own company's site...
There's no good process for getting those blocks quickly removed. Google was accidentally blocked one day...

Comment Re:Doesn't get it (Score 2) 306

I started learning computer programming way back when I was 8 or 9 (1980/1981); our local community college had a class for kids in the evenings. Basic on a PDP11 running RSTS/e. I still remember the username and password (username:113,3; password: mercer).

Anyhow, exposing kids to coding at that age isn't about learning how to be a computer programmer. It's about teaching logic and how to break a problem down into smaller, more manageable pieces (think WBS in project management). Why do we make our kids take geometry? Proofs. Critical thinking. Algebra? Same thing.

In 7th grade math we used LOGO - not a language for career computer programmers I'd say, but it was a "training wheels" language. The teacher would give you a problem and you had to solve it.

As an aside...

I have a theory that Germans make good programmers because of the German language itself. Stacks. Subroutines. Recursion...

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