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Comment: Re:SC2 is simply not fun (Score 1) 293

by mR.bRiGhTsId3 (#35905512) Attached to: Taking the Fun Out of <em>StarCraft II</em>
I like the fact that I can just pop in and play a couple of games that have no relevance to each other. I can totally see the appeal of what you say, but for me at least, its not that exciting and the ladder provides a simple way for me to see my progress. Similarly, I thought rushing/cheesing was boring, but for me its really enjoyable to just smash someone who tries to do it to you. At the high casual levels its much more of a high risk:reward strategy because it often completely fails and is fairly easy to detect, but as something to sneak in there (like during a best of series when you are ahead) adds neat dynamics.

Comment: Re:Google/Youtube learning from Microsoft (Score 1) 267

by mR.bRiGhTsId3 (#35880414) Attached to: YouTube Now Transcoding All New Uploads To WebM
IANAL: Since Youtube "owns" WebM, if they were to suddenly make all content only available via WebM, that would seem to be leveraging a dominant position in one market (Online Video) to push a product in another market that some less scrupulous characters might argue is being "dumped" by virtue of its being freely available.

Comment: Re:So much for build quality... (Score 2) 531

by mR.bRiGhTsId3 (#35343502) Attached to: New MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals 'Shoddy Assembly'
I recently did open up an MBP to upgrade it. The only 2 parts that I wanted to touch (RAM/HD) were easy to get at and swapping them out was the work of a minute once I got the case open. Furthermore, the fan vent was super easy to get access to and clean. I found the experience quite pleasant and it was the easiest disassembly I've ever had on a laptop. What precisely is your objection?

Comment: Re:someone, please explain this to me (Score 1) 566

by mR.bRiGhTsId3 (#35232496) Attached to: Microsoft Bans Open Source From the Windows Market
They need to have DRM for non-free apps. They don't need it for free ones. However, they get minimal revenue from from the free ones. Why should they spend additionally engineering manpower on something that isn't a revenue stream when the default situation works basically fine.

Comment: Re:If You're Late to the Party (Score 1) 609

by mR.bRiGhTsId3 (#34202064) Attached to: Did the Windows Phone 7 Bomb In the US?
How so? In what way is it different from the way that multi-tasking is implemented in the operating systems of yore. Apple has devised a clever modern method of paging out data to disk and putting processes to sleep that gives the illusion of multi-tasking while still allowing certain things to run in the background.

Comment: Re:Wayland can host X (Score 1) 640

by mR.bRiGhTsId3 (#34143954) Attached to: Ubuntu Dumps X For Unity On Wayland
My point is, most of the programs on a Wayland running machine will expect the Wayland backend. Thus, legacy terminals will be unable to use them. Wayland is backwards compatible on the display server side, but not on the display client side. This means that upgrading is not completely easy. X servers are available for most platforms, but what is the point in installing programs using X display backends on a Wayland machine?

Comment: Re:Wayland can host X (Score 2, Insightful) 640

by mR.bRiGhTsId3 (#34136236) Attached to: Ubuntu Dumps X For Unity On Wayland
However, if there are programs on a Wayland machine that others want to run remotely in an X-server they will be unable to. All machines on the Wayland machine will expect a Wayland server. So, while Wayland users can access X programs remotely, X users will be unable to use Wayland programs remotely in the same way.

Comment: Re:Why I no longer believe in global warming (Score 1) 414

by mR.bRiGhTsId3 (#33527852) Attached to: Scientists Cut Greenland Ice Loss Estimate By Half
There was an intriguing website I can't remember the address to that basically said it is a game-theoretic dominating strategy for a Socialist to proselytize AGW. The reasoning was that Socialists desire government control of the economy. If AGW exists then our children don't die off and massive government regulation of the economy is introduced. If AGW doesn't exist then massive government regulation of the economy is introduced.

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