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Comment: Re:Cost of smartphone service (Score 1) 353

by drinkypoo (#47445987) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

But then you have to pay hundreds of USD for an iPhone (or maybe one hundred for a compatible Android phone) and hundreds of USD per year to upgrade from voice-only cellular service to smartphone service. Or what am I missing?

That most people already have a smartphone.

The data plan issue is a bigger one, I think.

Comment: Re:Does anyone oppose this? (Score 1) 111

by drinkypoo (#47444311) Attached to: Fighting Climate Change With Trade

Since when have protective tariffs been "efficient"?

If we required accounting of emissions, and not simply of currency units, then there would be no need for tariffs to address the issue of the hidden environmental costs. They can eventually be translated into economic costs, but they also affect quality of life — you can assign economic costs to that as well, but you'll hardly tell the whole story.

When you buy goods made somewhere with inadequate pollution controls, many others have to pay part of your bill. My only problem with the whole idea is that any tariffs should be used specifically for bioremediation, and my prediction is that they largely won't be.

Comment: Re:Silly season much (Score 1) 102

by drinkypoo (#47444245) Attached to: Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction

My favorite thing about free to pay games is that so many games (FtP or otherwise) are only really fun during the buildup phase, and then they get a bit samey. You can go through all that without actually spending any money. You lose the time either way. Then you move on to the next game. Along the way, if you're feeling generous, you might file some bug reports. That is an awful lot like actual work, however.

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by ganjadude (#47444041) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education
sorry if i dont understand, but a man buying a home, and wanting to live in it *THE HORROR!!!* rather than rent it out, goes out of his way to pay double what is allowed by law, and gives them a full year instead of 3 months as required by law.... and this man is being attacked by the people of san fran. The only thing he did was buy a house, legally, and want to live it it, legally.

the only people I see acting like spoiled brats are those who find an issue with the statement i just made, AKA people from san fran

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