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Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 1) 1136

Don't those Scandinavian countries have high suicide rates? But while the people in socialist countries are so used to obeying orders and acknowledging their own insignificance, every American no matter how much of a loser has a Dream... and sometimes a Plan.

Comment Re:You are right for the wrong reason (Score 1) 315

PayPal sounds like a more convenient method than that, and has been around for the better part of 2 decades. I'm guessing in your "advanced civilization" online transaction cost ends up being high, with internet retailers selling products at prices that are higher compared to your standard of living than in the USA

Comment Re:It might finally be time for this (Score 0) 1291

Where are the mass graves

I believe abortion clinics incinerate the waste. The population is steadily being reduced through attrition. Accumulated resources are being expended on migrants and the poor to fill in the gaps, but once this funding is exhausted things will deteriorate more rapidly. The good news is that we won't need to worry about automation for another 500-1000 years.

Comment Re:Just go to Germany! (Score 1) 143

Countries with free college have stricter entrance qualifications: Germany has fewer college graduates per capita. Also college mostly just offers an artificial credential/screening tool without making students "better", one study indicated that most students' capabilities actually decline.

Comment Re:Consider the source (Score 1) 536

While calling someone a child is of course the height of sophisticated debate, a favorite tactic used by kindergartners everywhere! This ugly old cow is not making any arguments, she's just speculating and calling for government thought control, it's lazier to maintain polite discourse than to attack viciously when you are facing a monster.

Comment Re:Wrong people to strip (Score 1) 576

if the U.S. did manage to deport all 11 million of them it would cause a massive economic implosion due to a drop in demand for basic goods.

The savings in entitlement expenses would more than compensate

It would likely also cause a closure of US factories and increase the offshoring of US industry.

The lower operational risk would more than compensate.

But I agree that parasitical businesses are the problem, besides confiscating their assets we could also have Chinese-style executions.

Comment Re:Hate speech (Score 2, Insightful) 728

If Germany has a problem with German citizens why doesn't it create an internal security police--let's call it "Gestapo"--to locate those citizens writing illegal words and imprison them--perhaps in a network of work camps? Rumors that gas chambers are planned for these camps are of course ridiculous!

Comment Re:winter soldier, zola's algorithm (Score 1) 264

so help me out here: someone please help me to understand why there are people in the world's leading nation - the one that all others look up to - who would blatantly disregard the principles on which the U.S. Constitution is founded.

Because the deadbeat masses altered the Constitution so they could vote for mediocre scammers who will take care of them. It's the same all over, which is why those other nations that supposedly "look up to" the US Constitution would never think of adopting it

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