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Comment Re:Yeah, great (Score 1) 183

there is the older valid causes against the maltreatment of women and the removal of their rights

The oldest cause feminists were concerned with in America was banning alcohol, and once that was accomplished they began advocating for adoption of the USSR's political system. A mystery what any of this had to do with women, other than their right to be crazy bitches.

Comment Re:I'm ashamed that I never get sick of these stor (Score 1) 104

there are some advantages to government backed [inflationary] currencies with strong banking regulations & government backed insurance on individual accounts.

That kind of insurance, guaranteeing that you will get at least a fraction of your money back when convenient for the bank, could be replicated for Bitcoin, but it would only be of value to lunatics

Comment Re:Wrong age (Score 1) 318

Most people don't have their cognitive act together, and any sort of capacity for rational behavior (if they're ever going to get there) until, these days, they're the better part of 30.

At which point cognitive decline due to aging is already measurable.

Comment Re:Parents' superpower (Score 1) 173

Most girls come to associate pink with their gender at an early age, yet 100 years it was considered a masculine colour and soft, pale blue was feminine. So if we can inadvertently flip that around, perhaps there are other changes we can make deliberately that will actually improve things.

What's the point of such a swap, putting higher IQ women who would work part-time as veterinarians or sit on their asses in government offices in the programming salt mines, and letting the men take a load off in the pink jobs that are slightly lower paid? Guess there is some half-baked notion that girls can have pink and blue, and the boys will have no color; and maybe as jobs become scarce it is possible for women to get every white-collar job, but the joke is on them since they will have to pay all the childcare and taxes.

Comment Re:Poor Scalia (Score 1) 1083

His job is to interpret the intent of laws created through the legislative process, not vote for his favorite like a judge on Dancing with the Stars. There are probably many decisions he made that he wasn't happy about. I agree he should defect, but he's too invested in the system

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 940

People won't spend when deflation makes them richer, but they will when inflation makes them poorer...do you really believe such nonsense or are you simply too dishonest to admit you are really talking about the cost of credit. Which is great for the wealthy, but not good for consumers except in terms of government handouts

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