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Comment: Re:I don't think it'll ever really happen (Score 0) 331

by misexistentialist (#48841913) Attached to: Lies, Damn Lies, and Tech Diversity Statistics
"Inclusiveness" is a value of girl culture, the culture that geeks left behind so they could get shit done. Most of the women in the equivalent IQ and socioeconomic bracket are very happily employed by the government doing absolutely nothing, damn right they aren't going to ever get off their fat asses to switch places with a working man.

Comment: Re:(European) left-wing = "red fascism"! (Score 1) 319

their head explodes because they can compute it in their black and white world where everybody "left" is Islam loving or whatever they call it.

Leftist subverters promote Islam to destroy the status quo, but of course the ultimate goal is an atheistic orthodoxy. This contradictory "dialectic" makes opponents of leftism look like they are chasing their tails until they realize that leftism is a government disease. No welfare subsidies+no employment regulation=no immigration problem

Comment: Re:why the hate (Score 1) 341

by misexistentialist (#48771927) Attached to: Intel Pledges $300 Million To Improve Diversity In Tech
The lower rating does not contradict reality if life experience shows that a female will under-perform a male with the same qualifications. Of course that's using unreliable data, but it's also an untested belief that they will perform the same. It would be more convincing if the candidates already had 2 years experience in the same job with excellent recommendations, in the absence of solid information weaker assumptions gain importance

Comment: Re:why the hate (Score 1) 341

by misexistentialist (#48756553) Attached to: Intel Pledges $300 Million To Improve Diversity In Tech
People that sound the same on paper of course perform differently, the study assumes that there is zero correlation of performance with sex. Maybe if the "applications materials" demonstrated actual performance/productivity the study would have a point, but it sounds like it was a standard candidate for a standard job.

Comment: Re:The Government is NOT here to help you... (Score 1) 463

by misexistentialist (#48732267) Attached to: Writer: How My Mom Got Hacked

Plus this is the sort of nonsense that your government is supposed to do something about

Nah, it's more like what people imagine the government cares about. Lots of people are still scammed through letters and phone calls, and there are thousands of homes broken into every day. Meanwhile most police investigators are busy smoking weed with drug dealers, and the NSA is occupied with tracking the cellphone of a goat herder in Pakistan whose cousin's brother began growing his beard 4cm longer.

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