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Comment: Re: Her work (Score 0) 1262

rape statistics and the deaths of sex workers

...caused by SJWs who further criminalize prostitution, because legal prostitution "sends the wrong message about women's value" and it's better for the whores to be raped to death. A useful idiot like you is begging for a fabricated sexual harassment allegation, enjoy your early retirement

Comment: Re:Men in education and healthcare? (Score 1) 329

Primary school teachers: 3 million
Programmers: 1 million
Nurses: 3 million
Doctors: 700,00
The total payroll for the "poorly paid" lady jobs is higher than the high-test positions, and the majority of men are earning less. There are probably 10x as many waitresses as there are garbage men

An Ada exception is when a routine gets in trouble and says 'Beam me up, Scotty'.