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Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 386 386

The MESS is caused by the baby boom and Greece's liberal government funded pensions

I'd argue that this MESS is caused by the high level of labor and business regulation in Greece.

Ireland got into a big debt crisis as well, but because it has a high level of economic freedom, it was able to exit its rescue program due to economic growth (despite "austerity").

Spain has just begun to reform its labor and business regulations, and it is finally showing some return to economic growth

Germany had the Hartz labor Reforms before the economic crisis, so it never needed a rescue.

Greece remains last in the Eurozone in economic freedom rankings and highest in the Eurozone for corruption rankings.

Comment: Re:The coin has two sides (Score 1) 418 418

Have they? With that moronic "Share" button where the useful "read more" link once was, I think we can be sure that they're just trying to bring back the horror show that was Beta one change at a time.

Dice hates its userbase just as much as Reddit's management did. This is what happens when you let sociopathic MBAs run a site. These evil beings think only terms of monetizing, so they can lubricate their way into fat payoffs and leave the sites they've screwed as smoking ruins.

Comment: Varoufakis (Score 4, Insightful) 386 386

I think it's pretty clear Varoufakis was turfed by Tsipras because the only hope in hell Greece now has of negotiating a deal with the Troika and remaining in the Eurozone and even in the EU is not having that man by his side. The price of even talking about a new deal and further bailouts is Varoufakis's head, which has been delivered to Merkel on a silver platter. This referendum was completely about Tsipras's political survival, and having achieved that, Greek voters will now witness just how utterly irrelevant the referendum was.

Comment: Re:Terrifying. (Score 1) 67 67

This is the most terrifying and ridiculous thing I've seen in my entire life.

No, the most terrifying and ridiculous thing would be if it was rewritten in JavaScript which outputted Java source that piped C# source that then, when compiled and executed, outputted as an x86 ASM program that produced a PHP script.

Comment: Re:Not Exactly.... (Score 1) 483 483

I get how it works. I disagree completely that any access to a third party WiFi network should be up to any permissions model put out by Microsoft, or that I should have to basically implement the kludge so that the network is excluded.

It's a shitty idea, pure and simple.

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