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Comment Majority doesn't matter. (Score 1, Troll) 965

When was the last time a Christian, a Jew, or an atheist flew a plane into a building full of people while praising their God? Fuck them. This shit keeps happening over and over again, and every single time some idiot comes out and starts telling everyone that "they're not all like this". I don't care. A sufficient percentage of them I so ass backward that we need to do something about all of them at this point.

Comment This right here is the truth (Score 5, Interesting) 133

As a developer, you're typically not in a position of power. In large companies as long as you're obviously not going to leave, you're pretty much universally perceived as a cog. Sometimes as an expensive cog, but a cog nevertheless. The most power you can have is when you vote with your feet and go work elsewhere.

To a company this means they'll have to replace you with an unknown dude, who is difficult as heck to hire, and they'll likely have to pay quite a bit more money as well. So some tactical effort will likely be made to keep you (assuming you're valuable). This never leads to any kind of long term improvement though, so whatever irked you before this tactical last-ditch thing will continue to irk you in the future, and you should leave anyway.

Comment Basically, a way to get people to leave (Score 4, Interesting) 480

Basically, a way to get people to leave, without going through the trouble of laying them off or providing severance. The often overlooked part of this is of course that good people leave first, and mouth breathers and managers of all sorts hang on for dear life since they are unemployable elsewhere.

Comment Re:Summary is wrong, management didn't "freak" (Score 2) 430

"One bonus per" policy was introduced after it became fashionable to do peer bombs for great work. Peer bomb is when a number of people get together and each of them awards a peer bonus to someone. If a lot of people get together, the resulting sum could be quite substantial, though usually it wasn't more than 5 people.

Comment See, this is bullshit (Score 1) 507

Do you even measure "quality and velocity", let alone "increased productivity"? Do you control for confounding variables? I bet the answer to all of that is "no". For all you know it might be hurting all those metrics, but you feel good about yourselves because you do "stand up meetings" every day and talk about how you couldn't get anything done the day before, but today you will definitely be able to do it.

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