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Comment Re:Now some News for Athletes (Score 1) 174

Because fantasy football has traditionally been a geek thing since it doesn't require getting dogpiled or bounced around on the field, nor does it involved sitting on uncomfortable bleachers exposed to the sun for hours, as well as it tends to be a cerebral exercise if you care to indulge. With the rise and ubiquity of computers, it's happening on computers, so even if it includes a million armchair quarterback jock wannabe's, many still consider it the domain of geeks.

Comment Re:Draft Kings (Score 1) 174

It could be. First off, I have no idea how the fantasy football stuff works, and don't want to. On the other hand, if it's anything like actually odds making, popularity counts for a LOT. Sure there are various factors as to who's most likely to win, but the odds are also set by which one people are betting on. Let's say statistically there's a 50% chance that team A will win, and the betting odds were at 2 to 1, if 80% of the people were all betting on team A, the bookie is going to lose his shirt if team A wins. So he increases the odds for team B and decreases it for team A to induce people to bet differently. That way, the bookie has the monetary edge no matter who wins, which is good business for him, and gambling for you.
So if these fantasy football things are similar to sports betting, they are tweaking the numbers based on popularity, they'd have to.

Comment I forgot (Score 1) 257

Give me a couple of days away from using them, even fast if I'm under stress, and I'll forget those nonsensical collections of characters faster than the ones on that show that got canceled that nobody ever watched. You know the one, the one you didn't watch and no nothing about.

Comment Re:Why did they need his passwords? (Score 1) 396

Several of the things you said there were incorrect.
We don't know what that mayor was using, so we can't really say. Of course, he could have an encrypted HD, and a bios password. That'll make most would be digital intruders go home, including the NSA, because unless that sucker has nuclear codes or something super important like that on it, it's just not worth the time, money, and hassle to try and crack it.

Comment Re:US got bored forcing their laws on other countr (Score 1) 162

They aren't granting any sovereignty, rather they are just letting them keep/sell what they dig up or otherwise obtain, but they still have no ownership of the celestial body. Kind of like prospecting on federal land. You don't own the land, but you get to keep the valuable minerals you pull out of it.
Whether people like it or not, if you can't obtain resources out there, they won't go there. If you've got a profit motive, you won't mine something you can't use or sell. And if you're doing exploration, you will want to use as much from out there as is feasible so you don't have to ship it all from Earth, even if that's possible.

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