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Comment: Re:It should stand two degrees, for sure! (Score 1) 253

by meerling (#49162101) Attached to: 20-Year-Old Military Weather Satellite Explodes In Orbit
Some gear has something called a chemical battery.
A chemical battery is a one use short duration power supply.
I've never heard of one being used in a satellite, but the military doesn't give out specs on their satellites, which conceivably might have a need for such a resource.

Comment: Re:How about making patent reviews like PhDs? (Score 4, Interesting) 85

by meerling (#49076249) Attached to: Algorithmic Patenting
Alright sir, I see you are here to defend patent XJ82934952H28354. Why isn't the inventor here?
> It is judge, I have it running on my smartphone.
Really? Let's see, name Random Global Search And Replace Thesaurus Based Script Bot For Patents. That's a rather long name for a person, as well as a rather odd one. What were your parents named Mr Patents?
> I'm sorry judge, but it doesn't have patents, it's a piece of software.
Software? So you mean it's one of those AI thingies? A sentient machine like C3PO? Able think, imagine, and create new ideas?
>Ummm... Not as such. It just changes words with other synonyms and sometimes reorders the steps in a sequence of steps.
So let me get this straight. You patented someone elses work, after making minor modifications to it with something that has no more creativity or understanding than throwing random words into a jumble and expect to invent this despite patent laws requirement for it to be something that an expert in the field would not find obvious and yet "running an app" is something that anyone can do, even my two year old daughter that can't read, and absolutely in no way reaches that simple, though often argued over, benchmark?
>I, uh, wouldn't put it that way your honor...
Well I did. Patent revoked. In fact, all "patents" submitted that are creations of that stupid script are hereby revoked, and don't try it again or I'm going to throw the book at you for wasting everyones time you stupid little troll!
(Ok, I'd expect everything after the word "revoked" would just be in the judges head, but the thought counts, right?) :)

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