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Comment Re:What else would the FBI (Score 1) 84

From the summary of how the stingray works, doing what amounts to a spoof/man in the middle attack, I don't think it can work as a bridge. I'm sure a good electronic communications engineer and programmer could get it to do that with enough time, but the FBI doesn't have those kinds of people on hand, and it wouldn't have been fast enough for the disaster at hand in the first place.

Comment As Tech Support on the phone (Score 1) 170

If I take call right after call, I got through a certain number of calls.
If after each call, I spent some time hitting the net, or reading a couple pages out of a novel, or whatever, just something to get my mind off that last call, my stats went up by around 20%-30%.
This wasn't a fluke either. I had a supervisor that made me take that time, and we had tracked the numbers for the days I did or didn't have that small diversion. According to him, it's like a mental palette cleanser. Well whatever is really going on, it helps. Sometimes the most efficient speed to work at is NOT pedal to the metal bat outta hell speed.

Comment Re:Did they actually mention they were inspired by (Score 1) 182

Just uncreative idiots. Besides, the dissolve in acid gag is on a show or movie about every other year. It's been around since before color tv. It was even in those ancient radio dramas, or serials, or whatever they called those audio only shows from before tv. I wouldn't be surprised if it was in print before radio.
Of course, idiots will do all kinds of stupid things, even without tv, just look at any history book.

Comment 100% Secure = (Score 2) 253

100% Secure = 100% Unusable
Security is a balancing act between usability, functionality, and safety.
You'll never get 100% in any of those without having less than that in the other two categories.
Sure, they may get closer to 100%, but at what cost? Is the machine running slower? Does it eat up huge amounts of HD? Does it take a 5 minutes to verify an authorized users biometrics before allowing them to do anything and if they leave it's immediate 'secure' area it totally resets?
Not that those are what this one is or isn't doing, I was just illustrating the point that you can't have perfect security, and have a usable machine because there are always trade- offs. Especially since it's under the rule of diminishing returns. Although one great way to easily improve security is to remove humans from the loop. Of course, then you are just talking about some kind of backend or infrastructure type thing since it's only 'users' would be other machines, and even that can be compromised by compromising the machines that are allowed to be users.
That's why I say that a machine that is totally secure, is also totally unusable. It's the only way to prevent the machine being compromised, but that's not really any good to anyone either.

Comment Re:The one from 2000 was really terrible. (Score 1) 210

1. the rotating coil or coils of a dynamo or electric motor.
2. a metal framework on which a sculpture is molded with clay or similar material.

I think you mean:
1. a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis.
              synonyms: nonprofessional, nonspecialist, layman, layperson;
1. engaging or engaged in without payment; nonprofessional.
"an amateur archaeologist"
              synonyms: nonprofessional, nonspecialist, lay; dilettante
"an amateur sportsman"

Sorry, but I just couldn't resist. ;) Were you using a voice to text app? Sometimes those things make really strange mistakes.

Comment The dividing line (Score 1) 124

There is a definitions based line dividing "Telecommunications" and "Information Services".
We see certain for profit entities try to skip over that line once again to get the best of both worlds and none of the responsibilities.
It's like they're in a jumprope contest.

Comment Re:IE all over again (Score 2) 371

Lets see... Your other browsers are STILL THERE, and if you open one of them, it will ask you if you want to make it your default browser.
Real freaking difficult.
On the other hand, it's not MSs responsibility to ensure that old versions of other peoples software is compliant with their new OS, so yes, it makes sense to have upgrades change the default to one they know will work. That way the users that prefer the other browsers can use the default one to download a new version of the one they prefer, even if their old version of it doesn't freaking work properly in the new OS.

There is nothing stopping you from easily changing the default, and there are reasons why an OS upgrade shouldn't leave the pre-upgrade default on an unverified 3rd party software. Don't like it, then welcome to the reality of having to cater to millions of virtual computer illiterates that will panic and freak if the slightest thing goes wrong. You are just a footnote of annoyance vs a possible flood of pissed off users.

I can complain about MS as much or more than virtually anyone that's sane, but look at the big picture rather than your own little reflection. If you want to complain, make it about something that is unreasonable, or just plain broken or F'd up. (There's lots of that out there. I'll give you one hint, don't do the express install, use the other one where you can pick what some of the defaults will be, you'll be shocked.)

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