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Comment Re:This was all covered by Nova a few years ago, w (Score 1) 75

Though I find the assumption that the starting point of the device is the same as it's creation date a bit of a reach. It's not uncommon for someone making mechanical device to track something, use a known historical reference point to then gauge it's accuracy. If it can correctly calculate the stuff you already know, then you can have a reasonable expectation it will work for unknown events as well. On the other hand, if it fails to properly perform on past events, you know it will definitely be useless scrap.

Comment It's all about the games. (Score 1) 374

I have various issues with Sony. Let's just say I dislike them a lot. (I have issue with Microsoft as well, but far less than with Sony.) However, consoles are all about the games, and if you don't have those, it's just an expensive paperweight. That being said, the vast majority of games I want to play between those two consoles are on the PS4, so I'd have to go with that one, even if I despise Sony.

Comment Re:Not in my lifetime (Score 1) 285

It's not so they could go for a stroll and watch the Martian sunset. They'd be doing science as their main reason for being there. Funny thing about those rovers, they're amazing machines, but really stupid and slow. The time lag to send and receive Earth is also a real limitation. An actually human there could bypass all that mess.

Comment Re:What a relief! (Score 1) 285

By the phrase "in the next two billion years" it means anything from 1 second after he wrote that message to any time up to two billion years away, but even if it hasn't happened within that 2,000,000,000 years, it can still happen. It's just statistically the events average out over time, but a dozen different ones could all happen the same day if things really went bad.

Comment Re:All of us (Score 4, Interesting) 400

I'd be shocked if I wasn't with the way those paranoid asshats 'work' since I was in the military as a Munitions Systems Specialist (IYAAYAS!), and am an old school computer geek, and several other things that though totally legal, are things the paranoid TLAs (3 letter acronym/agency) has listed as stuff the are paranoid about. So yeah, I always assume they are reading my every posts, and by now their file must be getting full because I like to sprinkle in the occasional keyword like terrorist or explosives just to try and trigger their alert script. I figured if the creeps are spying on me without a warrant and valid suspicions, I should make their work as hard as possible! Personally I haven't met many people from any of those groups, but the few I have were uniformly egotistical, paranoid, irrational, and rather low on the intellect scales. I'm sure there must be somebody intelligent working for them, and pity that poor damned soul.

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