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Comment Re:I am not a physicist but... (Score 1) 305

When you consider the amount of already proven scientific fraud that has come out of that country and the leaderships apparent desire to one-up the other countries so badly it turns a blind eye to it on a regular basis, yeah, it's possible it's real, but don't bet any money on it until it's been properly verified by independent outside groups.

Comment A few potential issues (Score 4, Interesting) 216

First, let's drop the hype, this idea is ancient for 'new ideas', it was published in an issue of Popular Mechanics older than Elon Musk (40s era issue I believe) .
Now here's a huge issue I haven't seen anyone talking about that gets progressively worse as the track/tube length increases, subsidence and ground movement.
Yes, that's right, all those super tight tolerances needed to keep it air tight and within safe turning range of a high speed capsule are at risk.
No matter how much we like to pretend, the earth isn't 'rock solid steady'.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, look up soil subsidence, faults, and even earth tide.
Earth tide is an interesting one and it can be around half a meter, depending on location and conditions, but it effects pretty much the entire planet.

The point is, there are serious issues about trying to keep an airtight low pressure tube of extraordinary length intact and functionally safe, especially when you're going to be shooting giant passenger carrying bullets down it. That's one target you better not miss.

Yes, there are probably a ton of other issues I've never thought of, but I'm not an engineer and it's not my job to be intimately familiar with variant thermal expansion rates or whatever else might go wrong with this concept. I still think it makes cool mad science fiction, but I don't see it being a rational expenditure of resources and effort at this time. (By the way, how much material would such a full sized tube use up, and whats the current national production of said materials?)

Comment Re:Anything NK does is suspicious (Score 4, Interesting) 278

From what I've seen, even China is getting sick of North Korean antics and have started applying political pressure behind the scenes for them to chill out. Unfortunately, it seems as though NK is ignoring it and going rogue, which is a really bad idea as it's really only the influence that China wields that keeps them from getting steamrolled by any of several other countries or groups.

Comment Still nothing new (Score 1) 344

He keeps recycling old ideas, and the media keeps claiming he's inventing something new. (They should really do at least 3 minutes of research before jumping to such false conclusions.)
It seems his real talent is to convince people to go back to old ideas that didn't take off before. That's neither good nor bad, but stop overhyping them.

Comment Re:Before we freak out (Score 1) 59

There are exceptions to the wage laws, and interns are one of them. Volunteers for certain things are also exempt. Then there's the so called 'stoop labor', which is another exemption, and a really ugly one. And don't forget the primarily paid by tips scam that F's over waiters/waitresses and the like.

Comment The car analogy... (Score 0) 268

I'm going to use a car analogy here, because it's traditional, and it's become a running gag.
Don't whine about the names used, at least it's recognized. Also, I'm not a car guy, so I don't care if I name the wrong parts.

Let's say you buy a Ford car. You've had a great time with that car, no problems at all. Then one day when you're getting gas, all of a sudden there's an explosion and your carburetor flies though the hood of your car and explodes a hundred feet up like fireworks!
After a bit of research, you find out that Ford has started doping that gas so if it's used in a Ford car with Non-Ford Official and Authorized parts, it causes the rather spectacular event you already witnessed.

Does Ford actually have the right to do that? Even if you bought it from an Authorized Ford Dealer? You bought it new?
Even if you didn't, how can they legally justify damaging YOUR property?
Trust me, if cars were shutting down unexpectedly because of an intentional act of sabotage, there would be hell to pay for the saboteurs.
Why does anyone think this situation should be any different?

Comment Re:Keeping me happy for disabling auto-updates (Score 1) 268

Correct. The vendor has no right to mess with the users stuff, that's actually illegal in most places. They can however take the counterfeit producers to court in most cases. If it's in a country they can't, then they can take it up with the various world trade organizations. Either way, you don't F over the end consumer.

Comment Re: They tried it before with Cablecards (Score 1) 167

My Sony Blueray player does Netflix. It sucks though as it stutters and stops like crazy. None of my other devices on that router have any problems, only the Sony. I guess they have a buggy Netflix build, or just a crappy processor in that box. Kind of funny as my phone doesn't have much of a processor and it does just fine, and that's over the slower wireless as well.

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