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Comment: Re:Brought to you by the same government (Score 2) 127

by medv4380 (#49091293) Attached to: Fedcoin Rising?
I read your linked articles and I have little sympathy for the paranoid people who structure deposits in the belief they are avoiding taxes. To quote the first of your linked articles.

All of the money came from paychecks, he said, but he worried that when he deposited it in a bank, he would be forced to pay taxes on the money again. So he asked the bank teller what to do.

The teller was wrong, and should be fired, for telling him about how to avoid the reporting, and I don't have sympathy for anyone who's intention was to circumvent the law even if they wouldn't have had to pay taxes on it anyways.

Comment: Re:You don't say! (Score 3, Interesting) 580

by medv4380 (#49043021) Attached to: Low Vaccination Rates At Silicon Valley Daycare Facilities
It's just a bad summery of the data. It's that half fall below the 92% rate for herd immunity. Not that half are below average, and even then you'd be making the mistake of assuming that the Average is Normally distributed because that's the only time the Average is supposed to equal the Median other than by pure chance.

Comment: Does not correlate to Wealth? (Score 2) 580

by medv4380 (#49042781) Attached to: Low Vaccination Rates At Silicon Valley Daycare Facilities
Really? South Carolina Public Schools vaccination rate is 98.1%, but for Private Schools it is 96.02% For New York public schools are 99% and private schools are 88%. So you really expect me to believe that there is no correlation at all with being rich enough to afford private school, and poor enough to be stuck in public school?

Comment: Why Should I Care Anymore? (Score 1) 288

This isn't about equality, or fairness. If it was then the same people should be trying to fix the problem with the male dropout rate between their Associates and Bachelors degrees that's created a fairly wide education gap in women's favor. The drop out rate gap started in 1996, and there is plenty of data to look at to show how, and possibly why it became existent. But no, because Women fled CS faster in the 80's then men did we have to waist our time on an issue that's much harder to understand, and without understanding is much harder to address.

Comment: Re:Amazing what the absence of govt really means (Score 1) 148

by medv4380 (#49021883) Attached to: Alleged Bitcoin Scam Leaves Millions Missing
I'm pretty sure a bank could say that. It wouldn't be a bank much longer after that, and your new bank a-la the FDIC you'd at least have your insured money back. I don't believe anyone's had any significant loss of funds under the FDIC umbrella. Only a few days separated from your cash as they part out the failed bank.

Comment: Minority Business Subsidies (Score 1) 271

by medv4380 (#48986823) Attached to: Female-Run Companies Often do Better Than Male-Run Ones (Video)
I don't like this subject because it tends to give my crazy libertarian bosses arguments a point of validity. Every time a contract comes up to bid the Minority Business Subsidies are used as a sticking point to force the admins, one of which is my boss, to bid lower on a contract then they would really want, or subcontract out to qualify for the contract. How you'd even account for this in any psudo "study" like this one is beyond me. The data's not easily accessible, and most people don't want to expose the back end of their bidding process to avoid a competitor figuring out how to undercut them. Personally I'd try to look at revenue by source per employee since Government contracts tend to lean more to the Minority Business Subsidies side of the equation, but even then that's not going to expose the White Men who had to bid lower just to get the contract. Unless you accept this study as such evidence, but that's why I don't particularly like these psudo "studies". You can always twist them to whatever you want them to be.

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