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Comment: Re:Power Creep Unless Proven Otherwise (Score 1) 228

by medv4380 (#49735355) Attached to: Marvel's Female Superheroes Are Gradually Becoming More Super

If you did the exact same study with Superman, you'd certainly not find his "story power" has been increasing. In the early comics he was the sole hero, so he'd be getting perfect scores for all those.

Perfect score? You really think Superman was the only Golden Age Hero too?

Lets assume you're correct and Superman would have got the Perfect Score of 35 because he was the only hero. This assumes that all the characters were put on a scale, and ranked from best to worst. This would imply that 18 would be the median score meaning that the modern day score of 22.5 implys ether a favoritism towards women, or that it's reached equilibrium, but since the measurement error wasn't given in the article that makes it fairly difficult to ascertain.

However if you had bothered to read the article you'd know that's not what she did, and would still need the male score in order to extract any meaning at all. As for Superman and talking about the abstract "important issues" there is clear power creep between Silver Age stories with Fat Superman to the more serious Modern Area with Infinite Crisis. It's the problem with the Slapstick 60's and the slow methodical March to the age of Miller.

Comment: Re:More super? (Score 1) 228

by medv4380 (#49730081) Attached to: Marvel's Female Superheroes Are Gradually Becoming More Super
Franklin Richards? He's beyond an Omega Level Classification according to Celestial. Given he can Create Galactius out of a thought, or a whole new universe, he'd give Squirrel Girl a run for her money, but any of the Omega Levels would because pissing any of them off is an instant reboot switch Marvel has built in. Squirrel Girl has yet to exhibit any Universe rewriting abilities.

Comment: Power Creep Unless Proven Otherwise (Score 5, Interesting) 228

by medv4380 (#49729569) Attached to: Marvel's Female Superheroes Are Gradually Becoming More Super
I could do the exact same analysis on Superman and find the exact same result that over time his powers have inflated. Power Creep is a well known issue in comics. The score of 12.2 in the 60's to 22.5 for female characters today is absolutely meaningless without the corresponding male character scores.

Comment: Meaningless (Score 1) 950

When I read that people with aspergers tend to become excessive video game addicts, and that aspergers is more common in men ranging from 2 to 1 to 4 to 1 I need something a little more meaty when someone makes a claim that Video Games are creating a masculinity crisis. How about aspergers patents are creating a bias in your sample, and that a more acceptable explanation of your results because your "symptoms" of the video game masculinity crisis are oddly identical to aspergers.

Comment: Re:Deflection (Score 1) 325

by medv4380 (#49489203) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan
Procurement? Why would you fire the messenger? That guy was told to buy them. This very thing tried to happen here in Idaho, and it would have been the State Legislature, and elected Lun Super Independent bought off by the company's that wanted the money. But the voters rebelled and repealed the Luna Laws. If only we could rebel long enough to get people in that don't do this nonsense.

Comment: Re:Double tassel ... (Score 3, Interesting) 216

I agree with some of what you're pointing out, but I still have to disagree. A lot of people still don't get Math, but we have it as a core class anyways. Mostly because unless we have everyone try it we only find the small percentage that actively sought out Math. The people who may have had the aptitude for it in their Teens that didn't encounter it until their Mid Twenties are a bit past their prime to learn the higher end stuff. Some still do, but its definitely more difficult. Personally I think a CS credit should just be put into the Math as an option to go into CS or Calculus after they've done Algebra, and Geometry. I've yet to see a person who hates, or doesn't get Algebra that could code at all. I've seen people who couldn't do Algebra try, and they never do too well. If you don't get the abstractions of Algebra you'll fail at CS so it should be in the Core in the Math track.

Comment: Re:I know we don't like EA... (Score 3, Interesting) 256

by medv4380 (#49278423) Attached to: SimCity's Empire Has Fallen and Skylines Is Picking Up the Pieces
Because most of the traffic problems are a result of poor planning, like a real city, and not a result of heavy restrictions like SimCity. Sure it takes a while to create a proper interchange with all the correct on, and off ramps. Well a while until you figure out that all interchanges are a variation of a round about with some pieces removed and an over pass. Too much traffic is a good indication of not enough Interchanges, or connectors. Each industrial area requires its own interchange, or you're looking at an actual traffic nightmare. Just think about the city you live in, and how many highway connectors you have, and what each connector gets you to. Many cities have a highway connector just for their major mall. Don't make huge industrial areas because a single connector wont be able to service them all.

Comment: Skylines got right what Simcity got wrong (Score 3, Informative) 256

by medv4380 (#49277921) Attached to: SimCity's Empire Has Fallen and Skylines Is Picking Up the Pieces
What Simcity got right was all the window dressing. Asteroids, Alien Invasions, Zombie Apocalypse were all decent. However, the basics were utterly flawed. The restrictive play size was a huge issue, and then end game goals being set so that there was no feasible way to accomplish them. It was impossible to get the max population needed for all the unlockables, and have a functioning city. Most of that could be tracked back to the over restrictive play field that forced you to build way too close to make functional traffic. When a real city has to do that they have other tools to make it work that were missing. One way streets would have made a big dent in how things function. You can't make a functional interchange without one way roads. It's not possible. You'll just create a traffic jam if you do. The most annoying bug in Simcity was how much a failure the bus system was. I had perfectly functioning cities that went to mass unemployment after adding a bus system. The buses failed to get people to work on time so consistently that they'd lose their job, then their home, and then I'm swimming in homeless. Remove the bus system and the problem slowly fixed itself. How does a real city address this problem? Buses have routes that go from A to B. Hit a central Hub so the rider can go from B to C. Skyline has bus routes, and though I'm still fiddling with it to figure out how to make it work well it's head and shoulders above dropping down bus stops in hopes that the busses don't pick people up and go in a loop around the block 5 times because 1 person wen't to the previous bus stop so it has to turn around and pick them up. They missed the bus, and can get the next one unless you have no routing system, and you're going with the closest bus stop with people algorithm.

For having a vastly inferior collection of window dressing. (I kinda miss the zombie attacks). Lack of a Day Night Cycle(days just go by too fast). The base game of Skylines is rock solid. I'm sure the modders will put some of the stuff I miss back in. In the mean time I'm just having fun making a functional Highway network.

I do miss some of the research unlockables too. Getting unlockables by simply having a large enough population seems unforfilling. I liked having to research the advanced tech at the university.

Comment: Useless? (Score 1) 447

by medv4380 (#49245469) Attached to: Homeopathy Turns Out To Be Useless For Treating Medical Conditions
I'm fairly sure the Placebo Effect is effective. If it wasn't we wouldn't have an issue with it in medical studies. Who am I to take away someones perfectly functioning Placebo by convening them it's not actually doing anything? Also there are medications that are less effective than the placebo effect for some people. Some people are just far more susceptible to it. Good for them. They can feel better as long as they think they're doing something that'll make them feel better. Much harder to pull off that trick when you know where the man behind the curtain is. As long as we're not talking about the nuts who do Homeopathy in spite of an effective medical treatment being available.

Comment: Re:Uh ...wat? (Score 0) 467

The word has become broken. People think doxing means to revel someones identity to the public. The days of it meaning I've collected enough evidence to prove this anonymous identity is truly this man behind the curtain are done. It now means the information I posted for public view on Facebook being posted elsewhere for my enemies to see even though they could have just used a phone book. If you dislike the change blame Gamer Gate, and the Journalists who abused the word till it had a new meaning.

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