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Comment Re:Several points just don't make sense (Score 2) 43

There is still sufficient problems. Take the Bird Flu back when we were in panic mode. Just because you concocted a disease that's lethal doesn't mean that it's easily transmittable. So in the process of trying to make an Air Born Ebola you end up infecting yourself long before you make it an easily transmissible version. Sure you could be a slow moving disease bomb, but if the infection rate is like how the Bird Flu was when you practically had to get bird feces on your hands then put it in your mouth cross infection becomes unlikely. Even regular Ebola wouldn't spread very well here. In Africa it spreads so easily mostly due to some archaic barrial rights where all the women prepare the body. Here we're so paranoid about corpses that only a special medial technical gets to extract the fluid embalm, and all in a very sanitary way.

Comment How did he put it together? (Score 1) 361

I get how nasty this bomb looks, but for the life of me I can't think of how to get the explosive into this impossible to disarm assembly without having it explode. With all the traps even on the screws I don't see how it could be put together, and then armed. It probably requires some very specific way to put it together without having it explode.

Comment Re:Impossible to disarm? (Score 5, Interesting) 361

Cutting open the case to get to the wires would have cause the aluminum foil to complete the circuit. The only option was the cut open the case and the wires simultaneously. To do that required a shaped charge. This is the only detonator that the FBI has come accost that couldn't even be disarmed by its creator for a reason. The ransom was just for the switch code to disable the tilt switch so they could move it to a safe place to explode.

Comment Re:n=6? Seriously? (Score 0) 96

Sorry, but N=1 is statistically meaningless even in your example. Could be explained away as nothing more than random change. Drawing any significant conclusion on N less than 30 is utter nonsense, and should be discarded and defecated on like the N=12 AntiVax studies. Heck I'll still have doubt on any study with less than 100 and you'll have me believing unless proven otherwise with N above 1000.

Comment Far too expensive (Score 1) 397

$2.42 for a single meal that lasts up to a year. Sounds like it's market is survivalist hipsters planning for the end of the world. I'll stick to a pound of split peas or lentils. Heck if I'm going full on Apocalypse survivalist I'll just take the discount and buy in bulk getting them at far less than a dollar per pound. They last 4 to 5 years so much better as a survival meal. With O2 absorbers they're supposed to last forever. I could even stock up on freeze dried veggies and make a better meal.Why would I buy this 'Soylent' in light of better alternatives?

Comment Noise also wasn't heard. Checksum still worked. (Score 1) 391

The cheap cable may have had signalling noise on the line in some way. Improper shielding right next to an electric cable will do that. However, until the noise reaches a level that the error handling can't compensate you shouldn't notice it at all. The odds of you consistently passing Ethernet frames that pass the checksum so you'll hear the noise is unimaginable unless deliberately setup to do so. It's a simple checksum fail - resend frame. It'll cut down on your bandwidth with re-transmissions, but not on the quality. The fact that people don't hear the quality difference on WiFi is all the proof you need. The day my Ethernet line has more errors than my WiFi signal is the day I replace the cable.

Comment Re:Thank You (Score 1) 43

I'm not sure when I was first told, and I'm unsure how the right way is. For me it was always a story used to explain away her erratic behavior mostly due to when her brain medication, dilantin, stopped working when I was 5. Most of the details came from her twin brother, and her mother who was the anesthetist nurse at the hospital that treated her.

Comment Thank You (Score 4, Interesting) 43

If it wasn't for CPR starting to catch on I wouldn't even exist. April 16, 1963 a man left what is now the Idaho Nuclear Laboratory where he had been training people on CPR before the push in the 70's for it to be main stream. Because of poor funding of education my mother, 9, was on a crowded school bus when the emergency door popped open. She fell from the bus, and died when she hit the pavement at 35 mph. That man wasn't too far behind the bus, and was able to perform CPR to keep her heart going until the ambulance was able to arrive.

Comment Bad figures on both sides (Score 2) 307

The lack of accidents and crime are more likely related to a general trend in crime going down from before they started turning off the lights. Accounting for that is very difficult, and is more likely to get someone to weight the data to make it say what they want it to say, and not the truth. 6 deaths is also far too few to start drawing statistical meaning ether. Give me at least one full year worth of data so I can compare it to the prior year, and have half of the country keep their lights on so It can be compared to the same time frame as well. They wouldn't be perfect, but better than what both sides have given.

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