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Submission + - The Luddite Fallacy - "The Only Important Invention"-> 1 1

mcwop writes: "The following statement from the linked blog post is the perfect ask Slashdot question:

"pretty much every important invention of the modern world — trains, planes, automobiles, air conditioning, antibiotics, painkillers, telephones, radio/television, computers — had already been invented and was in at-least-fairly widespread use when I was growing up in the sixties. The only thing since then has been the internet."

So, is the Internet the only important invention in recent times?"

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Submission + - Maryland Set To Tax Custom Computer Programming 1 1

mcwop writes: Maryland passed legislation to apply a new six percent sales tax (more) to "custom computer programming" and other computer and hardware related services. As a purchaser of these services, it will be interesting to see what the impact is. In-house IT and buying out of state may have become attractive options, as well as the extra money cutting into other projects.

Submission + - Maryland Governor Calls to Scrap Electronic Voting

mcwop writes: Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) has called to scrap the Diebold electronic voting system in favor of paper ballots. This after a number of glitches during the Maryland primaries. This is not the first time the Governor has called for changes as described in a previous Slashdot submission last year.

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