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Comment Re:Security isn't a product (Score 1) 291

From their homepage: "Only two remote holes in the default install, in a heck of a long time!" Granted the default install can't do much, but the code was gone over in a massive audit. Everything is still checked for correctness.

Not saying Linux sucks, but I sleep better at night knowing OpenBSD powers much of what I am responsible for.

Comment Security isn't a product (Score 1) 291

Security in Linux has been looked at as something you bolt-on after the fact. It was not designed from the ground-up with security in mind. Look at OpenBSD as an example: rock solid security and when a rare remote exploit is found, it's usually news on sites like /.

Comment Re:The One True Model (Score 2, Insightful) 143

"The problem" started when people began to question His writings and opted to not circumcise their sons.

Science is a great thing, but God trickles out knowledge to us bit by bit to help us grow as his children. Unfortunately some people think Science is the be-all-end-all and ignore Him. That is why we have earthquakes, AIDS, and terrorists.

Comment Re:How about chromebook (Score 1) 193

Second this. Absolutely maintenance free and easy to use if all they want to do is check email, Facebook and the web.

For the Chromebooks, I typically stick with Epson printers since they never seem to change and are well supported. You can pick up an Epson XP-420 usually cheaper than buying ink for a 5 year old printer.

As for the Chromebook, stick with either a big screen notebook or go for a chromebox/chromebase model and use their existing monitor or TV to use it.

Setup Chrome remote desktop so you can remote into it either by invite or on demand.

Also, as with any PC, make sure you install Adblock plus on the Chromebook. People do not understand modern ad's and they will get a scam phone popup or a malicious redirect if you don't. Not that it will do damage to the chromebook, but if you don't want to deal with that call asking if it's real or wanting you to scan the box for a virus that does not exist than Adblock plus is a must.

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