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Comment: Re:rotfl They want to outlaw themselves!?!? (Score 1) 388

by macraig (#46838061) Attached to: F.C.C., In Net Neutrality Turnaround, Plans To Allow Fast Lane

You don't think labor unions exploit their membership to enrich those in control of them, thus giving them a reason to survive even when there's no actual labor abuses to be solved? The enrichment of labor bosses is old news, and their frequent manufacture of problems to then "solve" is also not a shocker. Unions should be event-driven, not continuously polling. The fact that they're the latter at all is because the people controlling them saw selfish opportunities.

I'm a badge-carrying socialist, but abusive labor union hierarchies are just as sickening as abusive corporate hierarchies. They're one and the same, both controlled by sociopathic scum risen to the top of the pond.

Comment: Re:Viable Replacement? (Score 1) 242

by macraig (#46688899) Attached to: Ends Free Dynamic DNS

I found myself in a similar questionable situation once, and helped me block/undo that subdomain when I explained my suspicion. They're responsive. Also, I dunno if it's default but you can be notified of each subdomain request and require explicit approval; that is how I learned of the questionable one in the first place.

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No, I wasn't talking theory. I was talking about what actually happens and has happened. It's just a demonstrable as your "practice". And yes, I called you stupid because you were being stupid, and I explained why in a fashion that should be obvious to anyone with a passing grasp of history and human psychology. The fact that you refuse to be critical enough to recognize it reaffirms that you're being stupid. Stop it and perhaps you'll no longer be stupid.

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Do you honestly believe that makes American sociopaths "more corrupt" than the sociopaths confined inside any other arbitrary national border? It's a matter of OPPORTUNITY, stupid, not a demonstration of a greater degree of corruption than anyone/anywhere else. Do you honestly believe that sociopaths in any other nation, given the same situational opportunity that American sociopaths enjoy now, would refrain from doing exactly what their American brothers are doing now?

Comment: Re:Bad law... (Score 5, Insightful) 232

by macraig (#46627113) Attached to: Judge Overrules Samsung Objection To Jury Instructional Video

If this video were the ONLY possible means of educating the jurors about the patent system, you might have a constructive point. It's nevertheless "leading" or whatever to portray any Apple product in a positive light with respect to patents, in the process of a trial having specifically to do with a patent dispute involving Apple products. Are you really this ignorant of how the (average) human mind actually works and processes stimuli, to think that such portrayal of any same-branded products could not possibly have an adverse effect on how people judge the matter at hand? Samsung's objection is very relevant. Another means to educate the jurors - one that does not include any references at all to either litigant's products - should be chosen.

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by macraig (#46613941) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

The problem with your suggestion is that, like every other American, you have no fucking idea what true network neutrality looks like or how to implement it. What you would ask for, and if you got it what the rest of us would then have to endure, would NOT be network neutrality. One election cycle is all it would take to whisk away the facade and return us to business as usual.

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