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Submission + - Electromagnetic Propulsion Engine may give us Star Trek Impulse Drive (

maroberts writes: The Telegraph reports that NASA and other bodies have confirmed that an Electromagnetic Propulsion Drive (EM Drive) invented by a British scientist, Roger Shawyer, actually does deliver on its claims and is likely to provide an engine capable of Earth to Moon transport in 4 hours and Earth to Pluto flight in 18 months. It even brings into possible reality the prospect of interstellar flight, although at 100 years to the closest star, I wouldn't be booking your seats just yet.

Comment Re:If I were drinking coffee (Score 1) 87

The UK:

Manufacture Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Minis (BMW), Land/Range Rover, Aston Martin, Lotus etc
Produced many of the Formula 1 racing cars and their components
has a good chance of pushing the Land Speed Record even further over the next few years (Thrust SSC => Bloodhound SSC)
has BAE, which may have gone American but still has a significant presence here
has Airbus group, which manufactures satellites and other space related stuff.

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