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Comment This tax would have problems (Score 4, Insightful) 875

Its effectively a disguised import tariff and the US has gone to a lot of trouble to get "free trade" agreements with many countries, or alternatively deals with minimal customs duties. He'll end up with the regulatory bodies saying that this form of tax is illegal under the agreements and the USA would have to pay a lot of compensation

Comment Incorrect assertion (Score 1) 302

> Mr. Wurtzel said the data showed that when streaming-service shows debut, viewership is strong and then peters out after a few weeks before viewers return to watching cable or network television.

No, I and my partner pretty much stay glued to Netflix except for news. Being able to watch complete series of a show over a few nights or a weekend is a big win over cable/network TV. In the time before new shows, we simply reload older ones we like.

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