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Comment: Ascom i75 (Score 1) 289

by mach1980 (#32716448) Attached to: Best Phone For a Wi-Fi-Only Location?
Do not know if it fits your bill but this one has won awards:
  • Seamless handover between base stations.
  • Works with all major access points.
  • Supports both SIP and H323.
  • Industrial casing (Shockproof and ESD protected).

Comment: Type of prey? (Score 1) 123

by mach1980 (#31714272) Attached to: Navy Wants Cyber Weapons That Shoot Data Beams
A buffer overflow attack through the radar/sigint aperture into a Mig-29 is rather a stretch.

My guess is that they will first focus on taking down UAVs made by terrorists. Those types of aircrafts will most likley use the public part of GPS. That signal is *easy* to overpower and/or fake. Same for control signals used by ordinary radio controlled crafts.

Comment: reminds me... (Score 1) 138

by mach1980 (#29430531) Attached to: DHS To Review Report On US Power Grid Vulnerability
Reminds me of the swedish transport agency. It has several publications on its website describing, in great detail, how a terrorist may steal and release dangerous goods from vehicles.
Counties is Sweden also have more localized publications describing where to find the dangerous goods and vunerable sites.

Still no-one is putting the information to terror use. Seems there is other ways of protecting the homeland...

Comment: Re:Something I couldn't quite place... (Score 1) 226

by mach1980 (#29386717) Attached to: Exoskeletons For Rent In Japan
You just made me think of Aliens and that lovley MG-42 strapped to steadycam harness *sight*.

Think having a GE 7.62 mm minigun connected to this exoskeleton with proper regulating loops handling the spinup yaw and recoil. Strap the new ipod nano to it for the terminator-view and play Rammstein. *fap* *fap* *fap*

Comment: Re:Remember the challenger? (Score 1) 424

by mach1980 (#29094805) Attached to: NASA Developing Nuclear Reactor For Moon and Mars
Happened to me in 1986. A spring rain containing 200k bequerel per square meter...

But you got to remember that was from a reactor that had worked for five years straight. A freshly loaded reactor blowing up would only cause heavy-metal contamination like those tanks blown up by US forces all over the world (depleted uranium).


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