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Comment: Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 2) 258 258

The claim is that it won't create "a right to be offended", because the term "Serious emotional distress" is supposed to exclude mere outrage. Nor embarrassment, anxiety or worry. (See paragraph 10 on page 3 of the ministry of Justice's briefing on the bill).

Courts in the US award damages for serious emotional distress (or whatever you call it) over and above actual physical damages, so it can't be that difficult to work out the difference..

Comment: Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 2) 258 258

The whole point of passing laws like this is to encourage people to attack one another, preferably in the form of class warfare. Populations fighting themselves tend to ignore the tyrants at the helm.

You appear to be using some strange American interpretation of the term "class warfare". In fact, class warfare is precisely the mass of the population fighting against the elite tyrants, i.e. workers against capitalists in Marxist terms.

People in the US get confused and think that everyone is now a capitalist (billionaire-in-waiting) and that therefore class warfare is just smaller capitalists against bigger capitalists. In fact, it is only the very rich who have power. Owning a mortgaged house and having a few shares to pay a pension doesn't make you one of the powerful elite.

Comment: Re:Annex NZ as Territory (Score 1) 60 60

illustrates that in the long run, the United States has some significant disadvantages as a spaceport location.

We can fix that. Just make NZ a territory of the US and that is not an issue any more. Clears up the Kim Dotcom issue too.

Although I'm not a great fan of US imperialism, if it gets rid of Kit Dotcom I'd be prepared to make an exception.

Comment: Re:It's that time... (Score 3, Funny) 318 318

In related news - one of the first reporters to tweet about the story works for the Financial Times has a rather unfortunate name relating to deadly machines. The reporters name being Sarah O'Connor.

I assume she ended the tweet with #theresastormcomingin?

Comment: Re:Just private contractors? (Score 1) 127 127

When the government outsources to contractors, there is an automatic revolving door between the government insiders and the contracting firms.

Indeed. The solution is not to try to mix business and government.

But instead, the trend is to seed government with more and more contractors. .

Comment: Re:Why talk? (Score 1) 178 178

The kind of forced optimism that CEOs of startups often have to show is actually one of the things that causes depression. They have to live a lie, where they tell everyone that their shitty platform which does the same thing as five other shitty platforms is going to be the next Facebook.

That's only a problem if you lie to yourself. Lying to others is just business.

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