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Comment Re:Build one (Score 1) 320

you are still under $1200 for a rocking rig that will likely keep up with most desktop machines for at least the next 5-7 years

No, somewhere between six and eight months time, it will seem slow and dusty and old-fashioned and you will want twice as much memory and four times the HD space. You will want to upgrade many of the components like the CPUs and video card but they will no longer be available to fit your motherboard, so you will end up selling your old rig for $50 to your cousin and having to work part time as a male prostitute to fund the completely new machine.

Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes.

Comment Re:The American Way (Score 1) 245

I have an idea. Handle it the way some of the smarter states in the USA do it. About 1 in 100 people in the crowd has a concealed weapon. Try attacking that.

You do what they do in places like Iraq: use suicide bombers in cars packed with explosives.

Return fire assurance is infinitely more effective as a defense and a deterrent than some ridiculous laws and metal detectors and bomb sniffing dogs and all that predictable, bypassable nonsense.

The thought of being shot at and killed is not really a deterrent if you're on a suicide mission anyway.

Comment Re:Yes/No (Score 1) 245

For governments that don't want protesters drawing negative attention to their skulduggery, you'd think they'd welcome such an act. They could then say "see, look how dangerous unauthorized public gatherings are!" and people would be afraid to protest in groups after that.

Yeah, it's almost like the government are more concerned for their citizens' safety than proceeding with their evil totalitarian conspiracy.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 245

the government had secretly mandated the set-up of a 500-man "Rapid Intervention Squad" armed with heavy weapons that can intervene whenever ordered so - in other words, a government-backed Death Squad.

AKA "the Army"?

Unless you are some sort of absolute pacifist it seems a bizarre way to characterise an anti-terrorist unit.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 245

We have elections because they are meaningless. Show me one country where there is a party that actually has a chance to become part of a government that would change the status quo.

If it hadn't been for the first past the post system, then Britain would have had a swathe of UKIP MPs in this parliament who may well have become part of a right wing coalition.

In most European countries with proportional representation, if enough people vote for extreme right wing parties, they will also potentially become coalition members of a government. Greece voted for an initially extreme left wing government.

The simple fact is that if half the population turned out to vote for a new left or right wing party, we could easily have different governments.

The issue in the US is that only a small number of people are opposed to the status quo.

Comment Re:Why does gov't care about climate change protes (Score 1) 245

Find a suitable reason to declare a state of emergency. Use the state of emergency to suppress legitimate protests. An event that outrages people used to remove civil liberties and the opportunity for dissent. Where have we seen this before? In every country that became a dictatorship.

Right, so the French government that recognizes climate change and agrees it is a major issue to be dealt with is afraid of protesters who recognize climate change and believe it is a major issue to be dealt with?

Isn't it as simple as the fact that you can't declare a state of emergency and say that further terrorist attacks are imminent, then allow everything to go on as normal with large crowds distracting the police and presenting easy targets?

Obviously, if they try to extend the ban on demonstrations for very long then there are going to be, um, mass demonstrations against the government.

Comment Re:"using the opportunity to suppress dissent." (Score 1) 245

Dude don't drink and extrapolate.

If you think me not giving a shit about environmental protesters in a country that is as the forefront of environmentalism somehow equates to the idea that we should model democracy on North Korea you need your head checked, like ... now. ... did you just have a stroke or something?

You can't genuinely be that stupid, but just in case you are: the protesters won't be directing their anger at the French government, they'll be having a go at the US. And we all know that makes them terrorists.

Comment Re:"using the opportunity to suppress dissent." (Score 1) 245

And is this going to work? No. Nobody gives a fuck about protesters, but protesters themselves.

Yeah, fuck it, just ban all demonstrations. They are by definition using up valuable productive time.

And while we're on the subject, fuck elections too. Voting never changed anything, right?

Comment Re:"using the opportunity to suppress dissent." (Score 1) 245

They are pissed that the US refuses to ratify a legally bounding agreement on the issue. So in short, not likely. What would be interesting is the number of arrests reported, after the emergency powers have been lifted, where the arrested is a member or an affiliate of some right-wing extremist group and the charge is ambiguous, non-existing, public safety or terrorism related.

I don't think it's right wing extremists who are going to have to worry about the backlash from the recent terrorist attacks. It will be people who are non-Islamophobes, non-Xenophobes and believers in freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Those who claim the dead never return to life haven't ever been around here at quitting time.