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Comment Re:yet more engineer bashing (Score 1) 488

It also seems to me that software engineers are definitely the least conservative and religious of engineers I've met.

Judging from slashdot, most software engineers are of the extreme right wing/libertarian political persuasion, and outside the US would be considered extremely conservative apart from their enthusiasm for drugs. And their religion is the free market.

Comment Re:When You Can't Get A Date...Blow Something Up (Score 1) 488

The watershed moment is when that nerd finishes his engineering or computer science degree and get a 50k-100k job. Engineering is one of the few jobs that consistently have high entry salaries. Other areas that may have huge salaries, generally have really low paying or ultra high steess entry conditions, such as law, medicine or business administration.

As a result you have a slightly weird guy with mediocre fashion sense, not very high self esteem and a high paying job. They suddenly get catapulted to the top of the dating pool without actually realizing it. The reason why you see many nerds being married, is because any woman with a sense knows to put a ring on his finger before he realizes that he actually is at the top of the dating pool.

Yeah, I too live in a fantasy 1950s world.

Comment Re: Camo Dude (Score 1) 252

I am, by no means, an expert on this subject but is this an area where you really want to hunt for bargains? I think one would want to pay top dollar for this sort of service. I'd want someone who is skilled enough to demand a high rate and someone who's willing to stay silent after the fact because they've been well paid.

Anyone who's wuss enough to pay for a hired killer rather than do it themselves deserves to be shot. By a hired killer.

Comment Re:C is high level? (Score 1) 93

Exactly. And this is another gem:

'much more complex than average malware'

I would never hire a programmer that would pride himself on the complexity of his software. That's probably the reason the poor slob had to turn to malware to make a buck.

I think you're confusing 'complexity' with '(unnecessary) complication'.

If something is complex, you can't simplify it without losing information: if something is (unnecessarily) complicated, then you can.

Comment Re:Look at the bean counters for your answer (Score 1) 169

Outsourcing does not give you workers who care about your company.

Employing people does not give you workers who care about your company, except in tedious business-obsessed countries like the US where everyone thinks they'll be a millionaire next year, like humourless versions of Del Boy Trotter.

Comment Re:Why would Disney do this? (Score 1) 260

Business schools in the last 20 years have really been a disaster. It's the progressive idea that things should always be improving. They teach the role of a businessman isn't to create value, it is to maximize value.

Is there no end to the evil caused by liberals?

If they're not trying to destroy the economy by introducing socialism, they're trying to destroy society by seeking the maximisation of profit!


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