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Comment Re:Aha! (Score 1) 440

I know a guy that met one of them. She played the whole married looking for an affair game, said she just wanted to fuck around, and he got hooked. So the deal was she'd organise a hotel for their rendezvous if he'd split the bill. He rocks up, she asks for the money, quick shower and sex, and within the hour she asks him to leave. Through sheer chance I heard the exact same story from another guy, same girl, same hotel room. She probably had 10 guys lined up for the day and made a decent income, although you can only pull that off for so long.

Unless she really enjoyed the whole story telling part, it seems like a lot of effort rather than just advertising as a call girl/escort.

Using UK prices, a modest hotel room at something like a Holiday Inn Express (thanks google) is about GBP80 so she'd be earning GBP40/hour (say USD60/hour). I'm pretty sure escorts charge more than that.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 179

Face it, America, your police have become fascists.

The people are fascists. The police and politicians are a reflection.

It's like how, after WW2, it turns out there were only a few Nazis all along. Hitler managed to fool tens of millions of innocent Germans into behaving like Nazis, but they didn't really mean it.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 179

Patrolling isn't as useful as responding. Even an inexperienced criminal can probably manage to not do anything obviously illegal while a police officer is walking by. If somebody is breaking into my house, I call 911, and the nearest police officer is half a mile away, I'd much rather that officer be in a car.

Yes, because obviously you'd have no cops in cars at all. It would definitely have to be an all or nothing choice between everyone in cars or everyone on foot.

Comment Re:How is this microsofts fault? (Score 1) 85

When someone bribes someone else, both the giver and the recipient of the bribe have committed a crime.

Generally, the recipient has committed the greater crime though.

If a criminal bribes a police officer to reveal the address of a witness so that he can go round and intimidate him, in terms of the public good, it is the police officer who is the worse offender.

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