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Comment Re:Thanks, SJWs (Score 1) 154

It sounds like a lot of this is due to Millennial SJWs and the fact that there's a war on masculinity.

I can't believe it took this long for some cuck to blame "SJWs" for this story.

MRAs, you are slipping. A story like this should have been an "all hands on deck" moment for you, and the best you can come up with is one pitiful anonymous coward who thinks this is "anti-masculinity".

Comment three-page spread (Score 1) 154

I don't think anyone has bought Playboy for the nudes in a long time. For over a decade, anyone literate bought Playboy for the articles. In the '70s, it was nice to check out Miss November, but by the time I was in college, and I found the stories by Nabokov, Marquez, DeLillo, David Foster Wallace, and articles by the top essayists, journalists and fiction-writers in the world (and coincidentally found out about web porn), the nudes in Playboy had ceased to be much of a draw.

Comment Re:This is how the Borg get their start (Score 5, Informative) 67

How much longer before you get your iPhone embedded in your head?

Funny that you mention that. Last night at the theater, there was a guy who kept getting texts on his iPhone during the movie. I was thinking of how much longer before I embedded his iPhone in his head. His girlfriend finally took his phone away and turned it off. I thanked her on the way out.

Comment Re:Irrelevant (Score 1) 198

He did a LOT of things that a lot of people didn't like, almost all of which were for the longterm good of the country...

Like raise 90% of the population's taxes?

Like sign an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants?

Like give arms to Iran?

Like send death squads to Central and South America?

Like crap his diaper in the oval office?

Yeah, I'd say that Reagan did a lot of things that a lot of people didn't like. I would have to respectfully disagree about the "good of the country" part, though.

Comment Re:Sorry, Bernie... (Score 1, Troll) 198

Bernie has a snowballs chance in Death Valley a in mid summer heat wave... Shame though, as a republican it sure would be fun to watch him as the democratic contender...

I don't know if you remember about this time in 2007, but Republicans said the exact same thing about Obama. How "Americans would never vote for a guy with the middle name "Hussein"" and "America wasn't ready for a black president". The entire campaign season, through April of 2008, was "Hillary is the presumptive nominee". Remember how Fox News had the "Stop Hillary Express"? Just don't be surprised if a filthy pro-gun socialist hippie is gonna drink up your milkshake.

Be careful what you wish for, Republicans. You might want to look at the turd logs in your own eye before howling about the speck in someone else's.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 4, Insightful) 642

most cops do a good job, but there are bad cops that teach kids that dealing with the police is always an unfair proposition. so they run, fight, resist

we don't need a course for police on how to deal professionally with the public, because most do know how already. but we do need cops to stop protecting the bad apples in their dept that make their job harder, and we need an IA dept that is not staffed by the same cops who are out to protect their own. us vs them makes a bunker mentality that escalates all interaction with the public unnecessarily

civilian oversight is also problematic as this comes with unrelated inquisition style agendas

i think the solution is a more european style approach. where getting a job as a cop is far more rigorous, far more difficult, and the higher barrier to entry most certainly involving psychological evaluation, to weed out those types of people who will go to go on to abuse the public

but we do have a problem in the usa with too many bad, unprofessional cops

if your first reaction to this statement is hostility, or blaming the public instead, like the comment i am responding to:

congratulations, you're part of the problem

because in 2015, after recent events, to pretend bad cops don't exist and don't have a detrimental effect, is severely unintelligent and dishonest

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