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Comment Re:A browser written in HTML, JS and CSS? (Score 1) 69

That's time I moved a file from one place to another using only the command line.

I think I know how you did it. It's true you generally need a mouse and a GUI to actually _move_ a file, as you need to drag it one pixel at a time, otherwise you run into Zeno's paradox. You can't just instantly quantum-leap a file into another position, at least not without reversing the polarity and crossing the streams. However, there are command-line utilities such as xautomation to control the mouse pointer, so presumably you used one of those to automatize the movement.

Comment Re:CEOs stepping down (Score 1) 189

I've never understood why stepping down is the responsible solution for CEOs, politicians or whatever after a major embarrassment or mistake. Maybe it's because I think like an engineer. If I make a mistake, I should be the one to bite the bullet and fix it. Instead, the CEO/politician solution is to walk away and let other people clean up the mess. This way, real issues in society are never actually fixed. It's as if "saving the face" is more important than actually fixing broken things.

Comment Re:I've had this as a plug-in. (Score 3, Insightful) 152

And the sad part? So many here will cheer when HTML V5 video is worse in every metric than Flash by a country mile!

Uses more resources? Yep, both CPU cycles and memory, just compare Flash/VP8 to HTML V5 H.264 of the same quality and you'll find its a pig. they try to hide how big a hog it is by offloading to the GPU but guess what? GPU cycles don't grow on tress and all that extra power sucking will equal much quicker battery drain.

Has less features? Yep again, when it comes to animation and gaming HTML V5 isn't anywhere as good as Flash, despite it being in development for...what? The better part of a decade?

And finally the rotting elephant in the room...DRM. Adobe not only has always allowed any format to be put in a flash container but they also have had zero problems with people redistributing Flash or even producing a FOSS option in Gnash. Compare this to HTML V5 which thanks to APPL and MSFT is tied to H.264, a format owned by one of the nastiest patent trolls on the planet. Anybody think they are gonna let FOSS OSes add support without cutting them a check?

I'm all for replacing flash but it should be with something BETTER, what we are getting with HTML V5 is practically a wish list written by APPL and MSFT to help their position. think APPL wants HTML V5 to be great for animation and gaming and possibly compete with their appstore? Think MSFT wants a video format that doesn't have a patent tollbooth for any possible competition?

So if you want to replace Flash? Then replace it with something BETTER, with more features, more open formats, less resource usage. What we are doing is replacing one bad idea for another and that isn't progress to me.

Comment fpga4fun (Score 3, Informative) 92

I didn't read the summary or the article, but I see these comments about overwhelming toolchains. To me, the important bit is understanding some general concepts (it helps to have some electronics experience first) and the language (Verilog is probably easier than VHDL). Fpga4fun and its tutorials were a great introduction to these.

For those of you who think FPGAs are a waste of time compared to small/fast/low-power CPUs, there are plenty of reasons to learn them anyway. The key idea is that you design your own circuit, instead of running your code on someone else's CPU design. If you have any electronics background, you'll appreciate the idea of basically writing your circuits in code, instead of the painstaking and error-prone manual assembly. It really bridges the gap between software and hardware in many ways.

One interesting side effect to me is that FPGAs helped me write and understand parallel code better. In an FPGA, you often write genuinely parallel circuitry, and you need extra care and thought to make it work at all. That kind of thinking will carry over to your software projects too.

Comment Don't google, just know (Score 1) 179

Or use the language's built-in help features, or its dedicated documentation, on or offline. If you need to google everything, you're probably not the best for the job.

I'm tired of these targeted job adverts anyway. If I'm really looking for a job, then I'll probably figure out where to look myself. If they really want me, they should either contact me directly, if not, stay the fuck out of my life.

Comment Re:Sounds like an ad (Score 1) 314

Thanks. These ACs are a perfect example of why they are afraid to take the challenge, because they will find out the truth which is update a Mac? Everything WORKS, update Windows? Everything WORKS, update Linux? Uh ohh their OS made a stinky.

The sad truth is the last version of Windows Linux could compete with? Windows ME, as every version since could update without crapping itself. I have heard they same is true of Apple since OSX, updates just work, Linux? Has a driver model older than Win9x and the challenge just shows without any BS or trickery that Linux cannot even update itself without breaking which is honestly a worse indictment of their OS than anything I could ever say.

Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 1) 413

Uhh yeah..about that? those are like the button at a stoplight, makes ya feel good but don't do shit...didn't ya get the memo? Unless you set up a hardware router with IP based blocking and block a shitload of IP addresses then everything you do is getting sent to the mothership whether you like it or not.

You didn't think you'd get anything "free" from MSFT, did you? Hell its the most expensive version of Windows EVAR as not only do you trade a legit key from a non spyware version of Windows but you ALSO give them your data for sale, so you get to double pay for that "free" OS...hell of a scam,huh?

Comment Re:The new porn. (Score 1) 94

Watching other people do it has always been popular, I just never thought that applied to banal and mundane activities. What's next, live streams of the commute to the office?

I've always thought spectator sports is like porn. Guys watching other guys do physical exercise, all excited and sweating, while they could be doing it themselves, but for some reason they don't.

Comment Such interesting developments. (Score 1) 135

When I got into computers in the 1980s, the lucky few of us had dedicated computer desks in some remote corner. I guess my parents wanted it to be in some common area instead of my own room so they could see what I'm doing. Also, grownups with computers used it either for work or "work", but in a separate location likewise.

These were interesting times because cell phones had a somewhat similar life cycle. In the past, you'd call a place, but with the cell phones in the mid-90s, you could actually call a person instead, and that made so much more sense. In the mid/late 90s I was studying away from home, and I felt similarly about laptops, as they were not tied to a specific location. They were the real personal computers.

The social impact of laptops was that you could take it to a common table, instead of geeking out in a separate corner. While it obviously takes your attention, it won't block the eye contact with others in the same way desktops would. Tablets and phones are just a natural continuation of this. IMHO, this is how computers got mainstream, not so much due to computing power or networking, but by not getting in the way.

Unfortunately, the idea of going away to do some computing still makes sense. Or maybe it's just me, I want to focus on one thing at a time and do it well, be it computers or people. It's sad seeing all these young people with their phones like they're on crack.

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