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Comment: Re:No they outsold Samsung and Apple (Score 0) 126

by hairyfeet (#49767093) Attached to: Microsoft Reportedly May Acquire BlackBerry

Sigh....MSFT didn't have to do a damned thing, neither did Elop as Nokia was already fucked as they pulled the same shit that Palm did, wasting their time at #1 pocketing cash and going in a dozen directions at once instead of actually innovating and staying ahead of the curve!

Break down their sales when they were last #1....what was that? It was nearly 100% Symbian "feature phones" with an OS so damned old it felt like running Windows 2 in 2005? Bingo, we have a winnar! Symbian was waaaaaaay too fucking old to compete, hell I saw that all the way back and Android Donut (1.6 IIRC) which made Symbian look like the fossil that it was. What about Maemo you say? What about it? If you go look at the actual reports coming from the devs working on the thing you'll see that Maemo would take at least another year and a half because they were having serious memory leaking and file corruption issues. Remember this was when Android 1.5/1.6 and iOS 2 was out, no way in hell would the consumer have taken a phone you had to reboot 4 times a day, could crash when you took a call, and turn your files into data salad, not when they had choices that worked!

Look I get why Nokia fanboys wanted to think some "bad guy" just killed poor wittle Nokia, I had a Nokia for ages and AAMOF I just picked up a Lumia for the wife as she didn't care for Android and while I hate Metro with a fiery passion I'll give credit where credit is due for those not "tech heads" its pretty damned intuitive and the hardware as always seems solid but....the one that killed Nokia...was fucking Nokia. It really was Palm all over again, when Elop came on board they had not ONE OS, not TWO OSes, but fucking THREE OPERATING SYSTEMS splitting up the talent and sucking down resources. They had 1.-Symbian, 2.- Maemo, 3.- the dumbphone OS, and wasn't there even a fourth one for awhile? I seem to remember they were also working on a Java based one there for like a year and a half.

When your only selling product, top of the heap at that moment it may be, is the equivalent of VHS when the entire industry and an ever growing segment of the populace was buying DVD? Well that is when your ass better be laser focused on beating the other guy to the punch, instead they split their resources all over the place and by the time Elop showed up? It really was a "burning platform" as Symbian was too fucking old to compete, dumbphones were going the way of the 8-track, and Maemo probably wouldn't have gone gold until after Apple 3 and Android Gingerbread had been out a good 6 months and by then they were royally fucked.

In a perfect world they would have bought WebOS but they couldn't compete with HP throwing stupid money and Android was in a race to the bottom so Elop bought the only other OS available,and it didn't work out, it was a Hail Mary but at that point a Hail Mary was all that was left, the other guys simply were too far ahead in the game.

Comment: Re:32MB? (Score 1) 225

by hairyfeet (#49763313) Attached to: Google Developing 'Brillo' OS For Internet of Things

If you don't learn from your history? Then you sir are a dumbass, because datamining is what Google does and if its one thing they love its gathering more and more intel on you.

I mean have you really already forgotten the stink over google trying to ram G+ and real names down on YouTube? From Google Drive to even spying on kids emails the simple fact is Google is all about connecting the dots, its what they do, where their income is coming from, and the more they can gather on you the more money it can make from its REAL customers, the advertisers.

Comment: Re:And most don't care (Score 4, Insightful) 94

by hairyfeet (#49750383) Attached to: NSA Planned To Hijack Google App Store To Hack Smartphones

I have to LMAO when you see those "black lives matter" and screams about "racism" when the #1 cause of death of black males is other black males beating the next four causes of death combined. Sure black lives matter....only when they are killed by white people as that supports the permanent victim class political narrative, but when black men like David Carroll and Tommy Sotomayor point out the biggest threat to the lives of black males is other black males? The black community attacks them as "coons" and "Uncle Toms"....I guess supporting an end to thugs preying on their own neighborhoods means they aren't "keepin it real".

Oh and just a little food for thought......if the plight of the American black was racism, why is it a black man from Africa, fresh off the boat, is something like 300% more likely to become middle class in 1 generation, and something like 3000% more likely to become middle class in 2 generations than an American black, despite the language and culture handicaps from not being a native? I'd say the answer is obvious, its nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture and in the USA the black culture has become toxic, glorifying violence, abusing women and not being fathers to their children, while actively condemning education as "acting white".

As for TFA this kind of shit DOES affect Americans heavily even if they do not know it, as it gets them used to living in a police state where laws protecting against the ever watching eye only apply to the wealthy and the rule of law is whatever they say it is this week.

Comment: Re:can't wait to see the game (Score 2) 60

by hairyfeet (#49750091) Attached to: YouTube Live Streams Now Support HTML5 Playback and 60fps Video

I can't wait to hear even more people bitching about YouTube being "broken" because HTML V5 is still buggy as fuck and on Chrome/Chromium bas when something goes wrong? You get ZERO useful information that you can use to troubleshoot the issue, just a vague "encountered a problem, please try again later" which makes Windows number code errors look like fountains of information by comparison.

Is it REALLY so impossible to give the USER the choice of whether they want HTML V5 or Flash? is it really so damned hard for a company the size of Google to give meaningful error messages? All this rollout, along with the previous playback rollout has done is strengthen my belief that HTML V5 is a classic "we have to do SOMETHING" approach where you take the first alternative without bothering to ask "is this really better than what we had before, or just different?" as HTML V5 still supports less than half the features that Flash supports and what features it DOES have? It uses more memory and CPU and often works worse than what it was supposed to be the cure of!

Comment: Re:Not as easy to read as Python though (Score 1) 413

by TeknoHog (#49746655) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read

Have you ever looked at the Fortran sections of CHARMM (MD package)? You want something hard to read that will make your head explode, go look at some of that mess! Not only is everything in CAPS there are space indents in the code and if you don't match those up, WHAMMO! error time!

I haven't had a look, but from your description I assume it's Fortran 77 (or even older, though that's unlikely). It's a good point, though; everything good I've said about Fortran refers to F90 or later. I agree that F77 is a mess and it lacks a lot of the modern niceties, for example with vector/matrix types (imagine writing auto-parallelized matrix math in the 1990s).

I'm pretty sure that all the bad things people generally say about Fortran are because they're only familiar with the horrible old versions. The change to F90 didn't exactly happen overnight with all the legacy code around; the only time I've worked with F77 was at CERN in 2001, but fortunately I got to write my part in F90, only using the legacy bits as reference for the data format.

Comment: Re:I see the master plan (Score 1) 123

by hairyfeet (#49744051) Attached to: Jason Scott of Wants Your AOL & Shovelware CDs

I take it you've never sat down and actually consulted an attorney about contract law, yes? The language used on your average shareware practically invites lawsuits because of the way they are worded.

For example many say something along the lines of "personal and or non profit redistribution" ...would the fact we would have an LLC negate this? What about the fact we were gonna charge the price of the hardware (the actual flash stick) and the shipping to get it to you....would this be considered "profit" even when we simply broke even? Also if you were to actually look at many of the shareware licenses they often had time limits which of course have expired over a decade ago...what would that mean when it comes to redistribution?

Sadly the only way to find this out other than securing the rights would have been to put it out there, get sued, and after spending tens of thousands in court costs see what the district or even supreme court said about this. Otherwise we'd have to set up a second dummy LLC in idontgiveafuckistan and pay pennies to a bunch of Chinese to make the things for us so if anybody tried to sue it would be in a country that doesn't give a fuck about IP, but we just didn't have the kind of funds to jump through that many hoops for a product that by its very nature was gonna be extremely niche in the first place.

Comment: Re:How does one tell the difference? (Score 1) 103

by hairyfeet (#49743907) Attached to: Oldest Stone Tools Predate Previous Record Holder By 700,000 Years
But when you are talking about a rock that has been lying around 3,300,000 years how EXACTLY are you gonna tell "these marks are made by a human" versus marks made because at some point in the distant past it say was caught in a rock slide or drug along a creek bed? Or for that matter since its 3,300,000 years old how are you gonna tell if the marks were made that long ago or was made by a primitive 60,000-100,000 years ago?

Comment: Re:Not as easy to read as Python though (Score 2, Interesting) 413

by TeknoHog (#49742895) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read

BTW, in case you haven't noticed, Python syntax is similar to Fortran syntax which is among the oldest, if not the oldest programming language still alive.

This. I think Fortran (and now Julia) strikes the best balance, because it doesn't have the tab/space issue that may produce problems, especially when sharing code. Like Python, it lacks the ugly {} ; punctuations, but it needs something to denote the end of a block, so it uses the English word "end" to keep things simple and clean.

Comment: Re:give us your data (Score 4, Insightful) 45

by hairyfeet (#49741923) Attached to: Rate These 53 Sub-$200 Hacker SBCs, Win 1 of 20

Nice to know I'm not the only one whose first thought is "Who in the hell is gonna have enough experience with 53 fricking SBCs to actually give a rating on anything other than name recognition?".

OTOH if you wanted to gather a shitload of personal info this would be a cheap as hell way to do it, you wouldn't even have to actually give anything away just say you did and post a couple pics of some random guys holding one of the "winning" SBCs!

Considering how many FB and mobile data mining/ ID theft scams I have to warn folks about monthly? Any time some place I've never heard of has a "contest" like this it gives me serious pause, nice to see I'm not the only one.

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