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by hairyfeet (#48465091) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

I have 1X DVDs going back to 99/2K that still read too, that is what happens when you don't buy crap brands. Just keep 'em in a cool dry place away from light and check 'em every 3 years or so for signs of dye rot (which is easy to spot long before the disc becomes unreadable) and DVDs make a great long term storage medium for documents, pictures, videos, etc. And as a nice bonus nearly every PC on the planet can play back DVDs.I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and get a BD burner soon, does anybody here have exp with using BD for storage? How are they holding up?

As for TFA cost will end up wiping out tape, just not enough tapes and drives being sold, too many are opting for a NAS loaded with TBs of space and the large corps that traditionally bought tape are outsourcing to the cloud. Its a shame as LTO is long lasting as hell but the economies of scale just aren't there anymore.

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by hairyfeet (#48461041) Attached to: Top Counter-Strike Players Embroiled In Hacking Scandal

I have to wonder if they didn't catch 'em using the same trick Vegas uses to catch cheaters, looking at the odds.

It never fails that cheaters get greedy and forget that if they tilt the odds too much in their favor a look at the stats over time will give them away. Sure somebody can have a lucky streak but not THAT lucky, but because they can insure a win they will, or only lose when there is nothing on the line...which again sticks out like a sore thumb.

I remember back in the late 90s when such hacks just started hitting shooters and it would never fail, look at the stats over time of a cheater compared to a really good non cheating player? The ones cheating would become obvious.They always seem to forget that no matter how good they are there will be the occasional "lucky shots" where somebody just happens to be in the right spot at the right time and catch them unaware but that doesn't happen with the cheaters, again they just get too damned greedy.

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by hairyfeet (#48457805) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Nope, sorry, don't work. Why? No bullet markings on the road, no bits of pavement on Brown,which if he would have been getting down the rounds would have hit the asphalt. Ever seen what happens when a bullet hits pavement? I have as we had a drunk a couple years back shooting the road in front of the apt down the street trying to scare his GF. Even with him shooting a weaker gun than the 9mm that cops carry you still had marks on the road that even I could see.

Remember they hired Dr Michael Baden, of HBO Autopsy fame, to do the autopsy on don't think he went over every crime scene photo with a magnifying glass? If he would have been down or nearly down there would have been transfer, the bullet holes likewise would be at a different angle, going from upper rear to lower front....stand up, point your finger like a gun at an object on the ground a couple feet in front of you...which way would the bullet go? From back high entrance to front lower that what we have here?

Don't take MY word for anything, look up the autopsy drawings, they have been online for awhile. Look at where each entrance and exit is and ask yourself "at what angle would Brown have to be at to get these?" and you will see that what I'm saying is correct, that the only way to get shots that line up would make brown too high to be standing and the wrong angle for him to be on the ground.

Mark my words when the jury starts saying what swayed them its gonna be the autopsy, there is simply no way for Wilson to fake that evidence.

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by hairyfeet (#48456817) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

According to the autopsy he was shot FROM ABOVE which means that either 1.- the cop got on top of the car and jumped so he could shoot a 6 foot plus robber in the top of the head or 2.- the robber was charging at the cop in a football tackle stance (which just FYI is consistent with every wound on Brown).

Now which do YOU think is more likely? That a cop with NO history of abuse jumped on top his car so he could pop a guy trying to surrender, or that a 6 foot tall guy who had just robbed a store charged at the cop in the hopes of taking him down before he could get arrested AGAIN while he was already awaiting court on another charge?

Oh and you might want to look up his grand jury testimony which several news sites have published as it is pretty enlightening and fits with the physical evidence. According to Wilson "he saw the suspect walking down the middle of the street and when he told him to move it to the sidewalk, Brown used an expletive and ignored him (told him to go fuck himself or fuck off from the sounds of it but the press won't publish the words used)" and that is when he noticed a fistload of cigars in Brown's hand and put two and two together about the recent robbery and called for backup, stopping in front of Brown. When he tried to get out of the cruiser he was first hit by the door and then punched (bruises on Wilson published from ER photos back this up) and at that point he "believed another punch would knock him out" so he reached for his gun which Brown them shoved his way into the driver's window and attempted to wrestle the gun away (the blood stains in the car as well as the secret witness recording immediately after the shooting back this part up) and it was only after he managed to get control of the gun that Brown ran for a bit. The only evidence we have to back up the last bit is the autopsy but considering what happened up to that point and Brown's history of strong arm crimes it does fit his criminal pattern. According to Wilson after he yelled halt Brown stopped with his hands in the air, only for him to lower them when he turned around and say something to the effect of "you are too big a pussy to shoot me" following which Brown charged in a football tackle. Wilson tried to use a stopping shot but he kept coming (again consistent with the wounds) and that is when he unloaded on him.

Yeah...sorry, if you published that word for word but simply made Brown's skin color white? Not a single word would have been said, just another criminal that thought their brute strength could beat a bullet. The only reason anybody said a word is because Brown was black, simple as that. I'm only shocked the press didn't start running photos of him in third grade like they did with Martin.

As someone with a scar on the back of his head from a cop that didn't like a "fucking hippie riding with a nigger" I'm all for busting cops who think they are above the law, that poor woman getting beaten on the side of the road is a perfect example of that but Brown? Nope, sorry, he was a strong arm robber that thought he was the big bad, which is why he walked down the middle of the street instead of doing what any sane crook would have done and beat a hasty exit from the scene of the crime. One can really only draw one conclusion from him walking down the dead center of the road right after a robbery and that he was itching for a fight. Well he got one and found out the hard way that brawn don't beat bullets.

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What I love is they are saying "this is for the desktop" when reality can't be farther from the truth as multiple tests showed ZERO gains from systemd for desktop users and a LOT of downsides!

And I know about the Debian fork, sadly they have NO chance as the old guard will use their money and influence to crush them like a bug. We are talking about a corp in bed with a bunch of 3 letter agencies, the only way you defeat that is to 1.- Create such a stink so publicly they can't change the narrative and 2.- get some seriously deep pockets on your side so they can't just bury you with endless press articles against you. While I see they are trying #1 (and failing frankly, look at how few even knew about the voting, much less the incestuous relationships of those involved) I haven't seen any indication they have enough funds to keep even a dozen devs on for a single year, much less enough cash to fix all the shit systemd is about to take a steamer on while keeping any kind of buzz going.

So while I wish them nothing but luck I have the sinking feeling that the days of Linux being anything other than just another corporate OS are ending, it'll be Apple, Google/RH, and MSFT, and Debian and the rest will end up like the pile of Ubuntu forks are now, where they change a few window dressings but its just a Taco Bell distro, rearranging the same tired ingredients and pretending that makes it something new.

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/sung to the tune of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"/

Social Justice Warriors! Deciding the truth based on progressive stack!

Social Justice Warriors! If you don't think like us we bring the attack!

Doesn't matter if you kill or steal, you aren't white so you're "keepin it real", and if you have a vag you can do no wrong, just believe like us and you can sing this song!

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by hairyfeet (#48449181) Attached to: Apple To Donate Profit Portion From Black Friday For AIDS Fight

You can always try what my family is doing which is skipping the whole damned mess. I mean for the love of FSM now everybody is doing it on Thanksgiving day? DaFuq? I sat my family down and asked them a very simple we REALLY need more electronic crap? They took stock of all the TVs and laptops and desktops and tablets and phones we have and decided nope, not really.

So the only electronic thing being gotten this year is the youngest is getting an octocore because his quad has been getting unstable (and he hates having less than me and his big bro who both have X6), but since it was getting unstable I done let him have his early, got it for $109 3 weeks ago on a pre BF sale. The rest decided they'd rather have non BF stuff, books for mom, 10 pounds of Hazelnuts and Brazil nuts for dad ("They never put enough ^%*&^%*& decent nuts in the damned can!") and for the oldest? Dining gift cards so he can take one of the various women he dates out to eat.

So no more stupid Black Friday bullshit for us, the sock drawers are loaded full of electronics as it is!

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News for nerds, remember? Ten is simply the base-2 representation of the same number that two represents in base-10. It's exactly the same statement.

So is that base two too? I can understand a reference to seeing "2" in a binary datastream when talking about bending strength, but I could never really get past second base myself.

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by hairyfeet (#48446203) Attached to: Prospects Rise For a 2015 UN Climate Deal, But Likely To Be Weak

You want ties to industry? How about cap and trade being written by the same geniuses that gave us credit default swaps? At the end of the day you can wave whatever flag you want because the only "solutions" being pushed are nothing but a reverse robin hood scam where the actual polluters get carbon "indulgences" while those that can't afford to offshore their wealth get royally fucked in the ass to benefit the 1%...surprise surprise, the rich getting richer by stealing what few cents out of each dollar they don't already hoard.

Its nothing but a case of "tighten your belt peasant to save teh earf!" being sold to ya by guys like Rev Al Gore who sips his wine while riding in a fleet of SUVs to his McMansion...but he is "green" because he pays himself carbon credits from his own company LOL! It just shows you how badly the greenies have been had, when a guy can take money from his left pocket and put it in his right and get credit (as well as a tax break) for being "carbon neutral" LOL!

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IF you bought the 125w FX8350 (instead of the cheaper and similar performance 8300) and ran it side by side with the i5 you'd be looking at 18.9 years to break even, that is 18.9 years before the amount you spent on the i5 over the AMD will be used up in energy costs. The link is in my previous post complete with the math and I think you'll agree that its seriously doubtful you'll keep that Intel CPU long enough to ever break even much less save a single cent.

On the other hand if you use the money you save by going AMD into the system itself you will end up with a better rounded and higher performing system, just use the savings for a better SSD, more HDD space, hell considering the last I checked the i5 was nearly $140 more than the FX8300 you could use that to buy a 64Gb SSD boot AND a 1TB HDD for storage and STILL have money left in your pocket!

Oh and the USB3 works fine on the AMD and NONE, I repeat NONE of the CPUs or APUs from AMD are crippled, you can run Windows server from any of the socket AM1 APUs and you even have full hardware virtualization support in case you need to run a VM on your server. The AM1 APUs use just 25w under full load and with the 1.3GHz Sempron quad APU costing just $39 and the Asrock AM1 with 4 SATA 3 also $39 its the absolute cheapest way to set up a low power server. Give it a spin, I bet you'll like it.

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by hairyfeet (#48433619) Attached to: Intel Planning Thumb-Sized PCs For Next Year

You made a funny but for an HTPC? Its just too damned small, it limits the system too much.

IMNSHO as a system builder and VAR a much better choice would be something like the Sempron 3850 if you want a media tank and streaming box or the Athlon 5350 if you want something with a little more kick for tasks like transcoding your vids to your mobile devices. Pair it with this Asrock board and an Apex VCR style case and voila! A VERY capable HTPC based on the same APU used in the XB-One and PS4 that just sips power while being able to do pretty much any HTPC related task, even game as long as you stick to older games or lowered settings. this is one of my most popular builds,just slap a BD player into it and you have a box that looks nice in any media cabinet, can play any popular format with full hardware acceleration, and is quiet as a churchmouse.

those sticks are just too limited, most won't play local content, very few video/audio formats supported, its just too limited in function. Hell the above is flexible enough that when one of my customers had his sister's laptop die he lent her his office PC and while he waited for me to get the parts in to build her what she wanted he used his Athlon quad HTPC as his office computer and was quite happy with the performance. Oh and if you slap a couple of wireless controllers they make damned good emulator boxes, you can play everything from Atari 2600- PS1 on one of those, great for when you have friends or kids/grandkids over.

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by hairyfeet (#48433365) Attached to: Intel Planning Thumb-Sized PCs For Next Year

The NUC sucks,Look at the new AMD APUs as they have MUCH better graphics performance** as that is what you need in a media box. You can get the quad AM1 Athlon APU with the board for around $100 , just slap it in a VCR style case and you have a kicking HTPC, or if you want something closer to OOTB you can get a Zotac AMD quad micro for just $175. Personally I prefer the Athlon as not only do you get better options on the AM1 boards than either the NUC or the AMD super mini but you get a more powerful APU capable of transcoding if you need to convert some of your media before sticking it on your portable devices.

**.- Try looking up real world tests instead of benchmarks and you'll find the AMD chips are in reality in the single digits when compared with intel and in some cases like the FX8xxx chips (which can be had for less than $140) against the i5 it curbstomps it pretty badly. The reason why the benches say different is pretty easy to explain, intel bribes them to compile their benchmarks with the Intel Cripple Compiler. in some cases even that isn't enough for Intel as Cinebench was recently caught putting "If AMD slow down tests" in their benchmarking software to make Intel look better. Wanna guess where a VERY large portion of their advertising budget comes from? For examples of what happens when you don't use rigged benches see this video where an AMD 8350 goes up against an Intel 3850, a CPU which literally costs double what the 8350 does, and the 8350 wins damned near every test, or this one where a now 3 generations behind Phenom II X6 is placed against the midrange Intel and the difference is still under 5%. Oh and for those that'll say "ZOMFG AMD will wreck your power bill ZOMFG!" that is complete and total bullshit as to make up the difference in cost between an AMD and an Intel, even using the 125w AMD, would take you 18.9 years. if you OC the shit out of the AMD it would still take nearly 7 years, longer than anybody will likely keep a PC.

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It won't matter as THEY ARE ALL DOOMED, at least in the USA...why? Because they ALL require plentiful bandwidth to the cloud and the ISPs are going with ever nastier data caps.

This is why I'm not worried about these premades competing with my HTPC business, because very customer so far that has tried it has come crawling back to me after they see their Internet bill LOL. With a real HTPC you can rip your own DVDs and BDs onto your media tank and use zero bandwidth, while these sticks will blow through a data cap like shit through a goose.

Sorry Intel but unless you plan on spending a couple hundred billion rolling out your own national ISP you can give it up, these things just won't have the bandwidth to make them any more than paperweights.

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