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Comment: Re:The butting edge (Score 1) 33

by hairyfeet (#49359583) Attached to: Toshiba Announces 3D Flash With 48 Layers

You brought up the Steam hardware survey? You might want to look at the sizes of the latest game releases. 35GB isn't even surprising anymore, and several 50GB+ games have already been released and even on a fast connection a game that size? Gonna take awhile to download so unless you wanna have to wait hours just to play a game drives will only be going up.

That doesn't even count those that are recording pictures and videos, HD adds up ya know, and those ripping their DVD or BD collections gonna need space, hell lots of reasons for having more space and even a lot of the new laptops are sporting 750GB-1TB drives so I really don't see many being happy with only having 250GB or less, SSD or not.

Comment: Re:Storage space isn't the problem. (Score 1) 89

Sigh...please read TF post before replying...kay? I did NOT say that SSDs were unreliable, hell I use 'em myself as boot drives (because I don't give a shit if I lose the OS, won't be my first Windows install after all) my problem is they tend to fail unexpectedly. And that test? Yeah I'm afraid that means jack and shit, after all if you had run a test on Maxtor and only ran it on 2002 and 2004 it would have shown they were very reliable, 2003 was when they had the bad batch.

Look nothing you are saying changes the fact that its NOT the flash that fails by and large ITS THE CONTROLLER and with current designs if the controller fails? You boot up and no BIOS or UEFI detection. please don't take MY word for it, Google "SSD no BIOS detection" and just replace BIOS with UEFI after the first pass and see for yourself this is NOT an isolated incident and unless you have own EEPROM reader and the skills to rebuild the array? You be fucked son.

At the end of the day the absolute worse case scenario? I spend an hour building a clean box and switch the platters long enough to get the data, i did that not too long ago for a woman who had the only copies of pics of her recently deceased nephew on a drive that fried its electronics, if that would have been SSD? It would have cost her thousands if she could have even found somebody to do it. Its 2015 man, there is no damned reason they couldn't put a backup controller that turns the drive into a WORM medium and alerts the user, no reason at all.

Comment: Re:finger pointing (Score 2) 378

by TeknoHog (#49353007) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US

Finland is in the process of revamping their education system. They are tired of being #1 in the world, and everyone comparing themselves to them, so they have decided to fuck it up.

Finland is #1 at being average. We have full literacy at the expense of holding down anyone smarter than the average. The universities are bureaucratical sausage factories designed to produce set amounts of average masters and doctors. We simply don't have/tolerate the kind of variety and diversity that you see around the world.

Comment: Re:Storage space isn't the problem. (Score 1) 89

ROFL...needing THREE installs of the same OS along with a LiveCD just to keep a working system thanks to systemd, while the other guy has to use XP just to Google for fixes for his "modern and new" 2015 Linux install? Yep, its soo ready for the desktop ha ha ha ha! Been saying for years, if you don' t demand better, hold asshat devs like Poettering's feet to the fire? Then you deserve the half baked mess that you get. No wonder The Hairyfeet Challenge is celebrating its eighth year unbeaten!

As for TFA....how are the MTBF for 3D NAND? Did they manage to lick the "controller fails and takes out the drive" issue? Because while the speed of SSD is great one thing that royally blows ass is how you get fuck and all for warning before they shit themselves and die. I'm sure some jackhole will pop up with some anecdote (while neglecting to mention he dropped the thing) about "his HDD just died" but since I've done more HDD replaces than many here have had home cooked meals and by and large? You get plenty of warning with HDDs. You get write errors, you get noise, stutters, they will usually give you enough time to get your data off...not SSDs, I thought Intel had the right idea by giving them a finite lifespan but on that big SSD shootout the Intel one did the "no BIOS/UEFI" brick bit just like the rest.

I mean as much money as they are spending increasing size, is it too much to ask to have a little "failover" chip that just leaves the drive in a read only state so you can get your stuff off if it shits the bed?

Comment: Re:What guarantees of longevity? (Score 1) 48

by TeknoHog (#49347583) Attached to: Facebook Makes Messenger a Platform

All my choir and gym friends are on Facebook, and coordinate things through there. I'm not going to cut myself off from that.

Incidentally, the only reason I have a FB account is to coordinate art/music projects. However, FB chat is just too unreliable to use for anything too intense. I guess I could go back to the likes of ICQ, which I used to use with the less techy friends back in the day.

Comment: Re:What guarantees of longevity? (Score 1) 48

by TeknoHog (#49347541) Attached to: Facebook Makes Messenger a Platform

Why would they need to keep their computer on all the time? I run IRC on someone elses server. Can connect to it with any device from pretty much anywhere.

This wouldn't be an issue for the typical /.er, but it's hard to "sell" IRC with all its quirks when they see something like FB chat working without any extra config. Even basic IRC usage needs some setting up with the servers, and running the client on a separate shell account (aka 1960 tech, why would anybody use text terminals in the age of bling) would be rather hardcore.

Of course, the main problem is really about trust: you can receive messages offline only if you choose a third party like FB to store them. My non-techie friends basically need something more reliable than FB, so I guess I could go back to the likes of ICQ, or whatever is the closest equivalent today.

Comment: Re:What guarantees of longevity? (Score 1) 48

by TeknoHog (#49347391) Attached to: Facebook Makes Messenger a Platform

> email isn't really a fair comparison, as it doesn't allow actual realtime chat Are you sure. No reason it can't offer about the same speed as some messenger service. What latency do you see?

I haven't checked the latencies -- there's probably nothing wrong with SMTP itself, but the practical implementations are wildly different, due to different application realms. Email is more like a replacement for snailmail letters, and the infrastructure with multiple server routes and technologies (such as IMAP at the receiving end) is not optimized for simplicity and speed. Conversely, IM is closer to face-to-face talk, and the speed/simplicity is usually realized by minimizing different layers of software, at the expense of flexibility and independence (e.g. Facebook chat).

I guess you could make an email client with an IM-like interface and do some tweaks to minimize latencies, but there are good reasons why these are separate technologies.

Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 178

by hairyfeet (#49345575) Attached to: Gaming On Linux With Newest AMD Catalyst Driver Remains Slow

Now that the FOSSies aren't crapping their panties to mod me down for pointing out their emperor is bare assed I thought you might be interested to know that its NOT a "whistle the other way" deal, its very strict cross licensing. For example AMD has already stated that if you use the free drivers, which they hope to have take over from the proprietary ones? Yeah no HDMI for you EVAR! The reason why is their HDMI is connected to HDCP and HDCP is not AMD's, its Intel's. Since Intel builds non performance (read crappy) GPUs they make their HDCP a separate chip so can hand out their HDMI specs, AMD bakes theirs into the GPU proper so if they were to release the HDMI they would be giving away the HDCP code as well which they obviously cannot do.

But of course that don't change the fact that despite the FOSSie faction, and note there is a reason there are FOSSies and FOSS advocates, one is full of shit religious hypocrites, the other not, claiming they are all about GNU and "free as in freedom" the very second that "freedum" equals less performance? Their much vaunted love of GPL goes right down the shitter.

Comment: Re:Anyone remember Google Web Accelerator? (Score 1) 39

by hairyfeet (#49345431) Attached to: Google Quietly Launches Data Saver Extension For Chrome

Yep and just like GWS you get the "privilege" of giving ALL your info to Google....why not let 'em read your mail and set a cam up in your bedroom while you are at it?

I don't know about everybody else but this kind of crap is why I spread out my Internet services as much as possible, email through Yahoo (my Gmail is strictly for forums), searches through Bing and maps by Google, oh and privacy badger shutting down any of the site tracking crap. I'm certainly not giving all my data to Google just for faster page loads and am glad i use Comodo Secure Chromium so that if Google bakes this in the next release it won't end up in my browser.

Comment: Re:What guarantees of longevity? (Score 4, Interesting) 48

by TeknoHog (#49340749) Attached to: Facebook Makes Messenger a Platform

Every new messaging platform claims it will kill email, but funnily enough they never do, because they don't offer what email offers - your own immutable copy and interoperability with everyone else. Email actually is the real distributed social network.

I've never thought of Facebook messenger as anything more than a random web chat, a bolt-on feature of the whole antisocial media site. However, email isn't really a fair comparison, as it doesn't allow actual realtime chat. That's what IRC is for, and you get to keep your logs as you please on your own machine. I guess the same applies to any of the newer IM protocols, as long as it's an independent application you control.

BTW, what would you guys suggest to wean non-technical friends off FB chat, given that IRC might be a little too much hassle with all the servers and keeping their computer on all the time?

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