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LSD Microdosing Gaining Popularity For Silicon Valley Professionals ( 337

An anonymous reader writes: Rolling Stone reports that an unusual new trend is popping up around the offices of Silicon Valley companies: taking tiny doses of LSD or other psychedelic drugs to increase productivity. "A microdose is about a tenth of the normal dose – around 10 micrograms of LSD, or 0.2-0.5 grams of mushrooms." According to the article, the average user is a 20-something looking to improve their creativity and problem-solving skills. Some users report that the LSD alleviates other problems, like anxiety or cluster headaches. That said, it's important to note that such benefits are not supported by scientific research — yet.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 93

LOL riiiight, I'm sure they are just lining up when the reviews all say the same thing which is Steam machines are completely pointless as they give you NONE of the benefits of a console and NONE of the benefits of a Windows gaming PC. You are paying MORE money for WORSE hardware and without the entire point of consoles, the ease of use and exclusive titles. I can find review after review and they all say the same things, glitchy controller, bad UI, buggy as a pile of shit in August, its a completely pointless product that will only appeal to the Linux faithful...who won't want to have a fucking thing to do with Steam DRM ROFL!

So sorry to burst your bubble but feel free to bookmark this post and come back in 24 months and see its truth, SteamOS will do about as much to spur Linux adoption as Ubuntu has, that is jack and squat. I mean for Pete's sake you no longer even have the "free as in beer" selling point as anybody can download the Windows 10 Insider release and use it for free.

Comment Re:I want stability (Score 1) 50

I have games from Win9X through 2015 and I have no issues playing them on my R9 280, in fact the only issues I have playing older games is I often have to bypass the shitastic DRM they used them like Starfuck and SecuSUC which will if you aren't careful try to shoehorn a 32bit kernel driver into a 64bit kernel and fuck the OS. Luckily most of the companies making that shit were so damned cheap they kept their piss poor 16bit installers way into the 32bit era and thus won't be able to run the installer.

But since they switched away from VLIW to GCN things have been nothing but candy and puppies and say what you will but you have to give 'em credit, when they EOLed the old VLIW cards and APUs when they released Crimson? They were at least decent enough to release a beta of Crimson specifically for these older chips that not only gives them any Crimson features that those chips will support but also runs on Win 7-10 so any of the older chips that didn't have Win 10 drivers? Well they do now. I installed it on my E350 netbook from 2011, runs great and even improved my hardware video acceleration.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 0, Troll) 704

I think its pretty obvious what it is...its SVCHOSTS for Linux, a once simple idea that continued to grow until more and more of the system is running it and won't run without it.

Considering how all Red Hat talks about now is virtualization and the cloud? Mark my words Linux will be nothing but a VM running on SystemD in 5 years, I wonder if Linus will stick around when Linux is a second class citizen running on top of a system he has zero control over or input in?

Comment Re:Can't see Circuit City anymore. CEO seeking a g (Score 1) 168

It was the CEO BEFORE the last one that burnt the company for the insurance, that is how this works. Its the same with AMD, the current CEO is trying to stop the bleeding, even going so far as to hire back the designer of the Athlon64 from Apple, but it was the one after the founder (Rory Read I think, but they went through 3 real quickly) that fired everybody and cashed out.

You see its like playing hot potato, you don't want to be the one left with the bag.

Comment Re:Laptop stuff (Score 1) 491

Also, stop cramming number pads into laptops. It makes keys small/unusable/missing, and it ruins the alignment of the main typing area. Use the space for properly sized arrow keys and actual home/end/pgup/pgdn keys (not via Fn). Thinkpads used to get this right, at least as of T410, I'm not sure if they do any more.

Those who don't need proper keyboards can always get a tablet or something instead. Please make actual keyboards for those few who still use them.

Comment Re:freelancers end up more expensive overall (Score 1) 168 REALLY don't know how this shit works, do you? Let old Hairy break it down for ya, mmkay?

1.-Corp A MBA (Master of Being an Asshole) gets hired, he fires everybody and replaces them with outsourcing. 2.- Because you have a broken stock market thanks to the billions pumped in by the feds thanks to 401Ks and 403Bs you have a market filled with gamblers so the second they see Corp A profits went up? Stock bounces, MBA gets credit for his "aggressive cost cutting measures". 3.- MBA cashes out, gets hired by new corp based on his "stellar cost cutting skills" at Corp A. 4.- Corp A goes belly up but by that time MBA has moved on and so gets none of the blame! Lather rinse repeat.

If you want a couple examples of this in action just look at Circuit City, where the MBA fired all the high paid employees (who were making that much because they were highly knowledgeable and good at making sales) and replaced them with any kid they could get off the street. Stock bounced, cash out, company went to shit because the kids didn't know shit and just wandered the store. Or AMD, who is just now beginning to struggle back from the horrible blow dealt to them by their MBA, which at a critical juncture fired all the chip designers and replaced them with automated layouts, which give you more than 10% wasted space and more power usage than hand design. Stock bounced, he cashed out, lather rinse repeat.

So I hate to break the news to ya, but logic and sanity? Really have no place in this arena, we're talking about an arena run by sociopaths that have NO problem burning a place to the ground and costing thousands of their fellow Americans everything they own if it'll give them a 10% stock bounce and a golden parachute. Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson "Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains."

Comment Re:Security theater (Score 1) 151

And given the information they had at the time, on how Stalin had purged millions and killed millions more with the Holodomor? He had every reason to not want us involved. Lets be frank, there were NO good choices between Hitler and Stalin, BOTH were about as evil and vicious as you could get, and even former president Hoover recommended we stay out and let them destroy each other and then we could attack the weakened "victor" and liberate Europe which considering the Iron Curtain and the amount of lives and money wasted during the cold war? Probably would have been a wise choice.

Comment Re:thinkpenguin, librem and eoma68 laptops (Score 1) 91

Sorry but you are incorrect, AMD doesn't have any nasty shit in the CPU. There was talk a couple years back of adding an ARM DRM chip for those business customers that wanted a TPM style system but nothing ever came of it.

You can now happily go buy an AMD CPU based system which they opened the docs on a couple years back (they even go so far as to pay devs on both the Coreboot and FOSS driver teams so to speed up support of their chips) and as far as their APUs are concerned the only part of the docs you cannot have are the parts concerning HDMI HDCP, which is property of Intel and thus cannot be shared. Of course if you do not use HDCP protected content you won't have to worry about it as the whitepapers show the AMD APUs simply use a small "shim" to protect the memory on a part of the GPU normally used for graphics, as unlike Intel they do not dedicate silicon for HDCP.

BTW if you want to make an "upgradeable" laptop your best bet would be AMD socket AM1, it uses less than 25w under load for the fastest chip, has a nice Radeon GPU capable of 1080P over HDMI for all 4 chips in the line, and is very affordable with the most expensive (2.07 Ghz quad APU) only costing $54, which means you could make a really nice affordable laptop with those chips rather easily.

Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 1) 194

LULWut? You DO know that Macs have more vulnerabilities than Windows right? And that your parents would have to live in someplace like NYC or LA for the cost of a decent MB to be cheaper than a half dozen or more service calls, yes? Hell the most expensive shops that I know of only charge $40 an hour for service calls and unless they are incompetent most jobs can be handled in under an hour...your parents would have to be calling a couple times a week for 6 months just for you to break even! Finally I have yet to meet this "mythical person" that only uses a browser, if that was your parents? Get them a tablet or put them on Ubuntu, but more likely they have multiple Windows programs they use, hell that is what they got the PC to run in the first place!

So sorry Macs are NOT the answer to elderly parents, it will cost more, create more problems than it solves, the only one that will benefit from that move is Apple shareholders.

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