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Comment: Playing into the hands of the patent trolls (Score 5, Insightful) 285

by loren (#39843561) Attached to: Congress Asks Patent Office To Consider Secret Patents

Sounds like they're playing right into the hands of the patent trolls... The whole point seems to be to hope someone accidentally infringes so they can go after them later. I thought the goal of the patent system was to foster innovation. How does this do anything but impede it?

+ - Japanese Researchers Create See-Through Goldfish->

Submitted by ultranerdz
ultranerdz (1718606) writes "South Korean scientists may have created a glowing cat, but Japanese researchers have successfully developed a transparent goldfish.
The clear goldfish allows observers to see the tiny fish's beating heart, which allows scientists to observe living creatures and reduces the numbers of dissections. I wonder when they will start to make transparent humans."

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Bruce Schneier On Airport Security 582

Posted by CmdrTaco
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the4thdimension writes "Bruce Schneier has an opinion piece on CNN this morning that illustrates his view on airport security. Given that he has several books on security, his opinion carries some weight. In the article, Bruce discusses the rarity of terrorism, the pitfalls of security theater, and the actual difficulty surrounding improving security. What are your thoughts? Do you think that we can actually make air travel (and any other kind of travel, for that matter) truly secure?"

Comment: Re:Defective by Design (Score 5, Interesting) 386

by loren (#30479318) Attached to: DRM Flub Prevented 3D Showings of <em>Avatar</em> In Germany

Some interesting points to think about:

  • You make a film called "The XYZ Picture"
  • Millions of people download "The XYZ Picture" and see it for free without paying you a dime
  • Most of these millions of people wouldn't have paid to see in the first place. Lets say a few thousand that would have paid to see your picture don't because they found it for free yes, this costs you real money
  • Some of these millions decide to see it in theaters for various reasons:
    • it's more fun to go see it in a large groups with their friends
    • The prefer a big theater viewing experience
    • or maybe they just like the over-buttered movie theater popcorn

    and many of these people wouldn't have even known about your movie unless they found it online for free This is money you got from movie piracy that you wouldn't have gotten if it couldn't be downloaded

  • many of these millions tell the friends about it, and they go to the theater to see your movie. again more money you got from free movie piracy as advertising
  • Many of these millions decide that your movie isn't good enough, or worth the time / effort to go see in theaters, but they really liked it or want to see all your behind the scenes stuff, so they decide to buy or rent the movie on DVD when it comes out These are even MORE sales you can attribute to free movie piracy as advertising

And here is the very delicate and sensitive philosophical question

  • Do the few thousand movie tickets you lost in sales to piracy cost you more than...
  • ...the many thousand more tickets you sold because of the free advertising that movie piracy provided?

I honestly think this comes down to those movie makers who make really mediocre films being afraid that they'll loose their shirts to those movie makers that produce quality content that thrives on word of mouth advertising.

What do you think?


+ - 10/GUI - Computer Interface Concept->

Submitted by Naznarreb
Naznarreb (1274908) writes "R. Clayton Miller has an extremely impressive GUI concept he's calling 10/GUI. Essentially, it combines the high-bandwidth input possibilities of multi-touch interfaces with the ease and immediacy of a mouse. The video is quite impressive and for me at least, pretty jaw dropping. This is a dramatic re-vision of the current mouse/screen schema, one that I think significant potential."
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First Person Shooters (Games)

Early Killzone 2 Reviews Looking Good 140

Posted by Soulskill
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Reviews are beginning to appear for Guerrilla Games' upcoming first-person shooter, Killzone 2, a PS3 exclusive that has received a great deal of hype over the past several months. The reviews are mostly complimentary, but not overwhelmingly so; Ars Technica says it has "some of the best graphics yet seen on the PS3," and is a "solid take on the war-gaming genre." They also acknowledge that this is the latest game being held up as a standard for how good PS3 games can be, though the PS3 may not need such validation anymore. Edge Magazine is critical of the story, saying, "you could play the levels in random order to little ill-effect," but found the gameplay redeeming enough to warrant a 7/10. Concerns were raised early about the quality of the controls, but Guerrilla Games has affirmed that no changes will be made. Though the game won't be out for about a week yet, rumors of some fairly typical DLC plans are already cropping up. Giant Bomb recorded some video showcasing Killzone 2's multiplayer a while back.

Stabbed Student Shows Up For Job Interview 6

Posted by samzenpus
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A 16-year-old student went to a job interview instead of the hospital after he was stabbed. The Staff at the King West Vets veterinary clinic noticed blood on the students leg during the co-op placement interview and called police. "He did really well on the interview and we were very proud of him for sticking to the appointment," said veterinarian Kent Ackerman. He wouldn't say if the student will get the job. You know times are tough when showing up after being stabbed doesn't land you the job.

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