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Comment: Further Weird Placebo Effect (Score 0) 131

by Naznarreb (#34923772) Attached to: <em>Bad Science</em> Writer Talks About the Placebo Effect *NSFW*
I don't have a citation for this, but then neither did that guy so here goes. There was a study where they caused the subjects to feel pain then gave gave them a saline injection but called it morphine, so of course the pain subsided. They did this for several days, varying the location and intensity of the pain, each time followed by the "morphine" until one day they added to the saline a compound that blocks morphine's effect on the body, that is you take this and morphine and the morphine is nullified. Despite the patients not being told about the new addition to their injection, the placebo effect did not take place and the subjects continued to feel pain.

Comment: Re:ugh (Score 1) 594

by Naznarreb (#33961828) Attached to: 'Officer Bubbles' Sues YouTube Commenters Over Mockery
Seriously. Every attorney in the world needs to be familiar with the Streisand Effect and when their clients want to start suing people over being embarrassed on the internet they need to say, "OK, we can file this, but you should know it's going to get picked up by Fark/Digg/Slashdot/Reddit/4chan/etc and then you'll really know what being slandered on the web is like. The only thing you'll be able to hope is that someone even more ridiculous comes along and distracts them before they get a hold of your personal contact information."

Comment: Amazon will need to step it up, then (Score 1) 504

by Naznarreb (#32690544) Attached to: Amazon Opposes Plan To End Saturday Mail Delivery
Just because Amazon's customers have come to expect Saturday delivery doesn't mean the USPS is obligated to deliver on Saturday for Amazon in perpetuity. If the Sat delivery is cut and Amazon still wants to provide that service, then they will just have to suck it up and use UPS/FedEx/DHL/etc. Cost of doing business.

Comment: Re:And once again (Score 1) 311

by Naznarreb (#32311988) Attached to: Food Bloggers Giving Restaurant Owners Heartburn
Taste, texture, smell, presentation: all these things factor (to various degrees) into weather or not you like something, and the proper balance of all three is important. I'm pretty sure that I could whip up something that tasted great, but looked so awful or was served in a manner that makes it completely unappetizing to you.

Comment: Higher-Tech meters (Score 1) 126

by Naznarreb (#32203654) Attached to: The Parking Meter Turns 75 Today
In addition to meters that accept credit cards and cell phone payments, they have systems that can tell weather or not a particular space is occupied. If there's time left when you pull away, it resets to 0. If you're still there when time expires, it pages the meter reader with the location of your spot so they can come ticket you.

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