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Comment: Re:This happens about... (Score 1) 131

by loonycyborg (#49484181) Attached to: How Mission Creep Killed a Gaming Studio
Unless they assume they already pay more than needed. The main problem here isn't money. The point is changing requirements make project significantly later no matter how much money is spent on it. This economy cargo cult idea that money automatically make things happen is one of underlying reasons of all messes like that. Religious belief in power of money often makes people forget about doing actual work.

Comment: Re:Tread carefully (Score 1) 698

by loonycyborg (#49480909) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status
OK. If government can't determine what is religion and what isn't then any corporation can declare itself a religious organization and take tax break. No justification is needed whatsoever because government can't determine this. So just make it a blanket tax exemption for everyone to avoid wasting time on paperwork that will result in them all declaring themselves religion.

Comment: Re:edgerouter.. (Score 1) 225

by loonycyborg (#49425125) Attached to: How Ubiquiti Networks Is Creatively Violating the GPL
No, it's not GPL that is PITA but closed specs and NDA requirements. They're PITA no matter whether you're using BSD or GPL. So who cares if GPL prevents you from doing things in lawyer approved OCD way those companies want? It just won't work. At most you'll end up with some BLOB nobody maintains and which gets obsolete within a year.

Comment: Re:EA killed bioware years ago (Score 2) 61

by loonycyborg (#49409079) Attached to: BioWare Announces Open-Source Orbit Project
Bioware mostly remembered for RPG games like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Those were before ME. And ME was the turning point when Bioware finally abandoned RPG core gameplay and switched to FPS/TPS core gameplay. That's the reason many people consider it dead. Because it's no longer doing what gave it worldwide fame, namely RPGs.

Comment: Re:No thanks (Score 1) 60

by loonycyborg (#49405455) Attached to: Valve Bootstrapped Source 2 Engine On an Open-Source Vulkan Driver
You don't make things clearer if you add more verbosity. It's the other way around. People will get lost in details without any job getting done. Copy/pasting boilerplate is boring and error prone(because you need to plug it into your code after all and may modify some bits). Better make api more powerful so there will be no need to have boilerplate in the first place.

Comment: Re:No thanks (Score 1) 60

by loonycyborg (#49404953) Attached to: Valve Bootstrapped Source 2 Engine On an Open-Source Vulkan Driver
Well, you're getting too excited about something that is evolutionary step backward and such hasty statements are a proof of this. I myself have some opengl experience and I can tell you getting to lower level is NOT what I would want. Yet I don't want to be locked into using an engine either with their often suspect design decisions. I consider opengl to be in sweet spot in this regard, though shaders are kinda pushing it.

Comment: Re:No thanks (Score 1) 60

by loonycyborg (#49403811) Attached to: Valve Bootstrapped Source 2 Engine On an Open-Source Vulkan Driver
It's really hard to prove that this 10-20% comes from api alone, if it exists at all. Sounds like random ass pull to me. (But a person who is paid per line of code will have no trouble proving this with a powerpoint presentation that'll absolutely convince anyone ignorant about graphics) Anyway right now we don't need more fps, but rather more stability. And having less code helps with that. Statistically bug count is proportional to line count and obviously shifting some code from drivers to be repeated by every application raises line count drastically.

Comment: Re:If i can't work on my car (Score 1) 292

by loonycyborg (#49400635) Attached to: EFF Fighting Automakers Over Whether You Own Your Car
Well, not having them designed for easier repair is objectively economically harmful. So it's an example of market failure. And forget about "looking good". It's all bogus, there's no contradiction between ergonomics and repairability. They're just making up excuses but real motives are "strategic", that is getting rid of competitors and making entry into market harder.

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