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I didn't imply that there's no damage to society in this case. I just don't trust their discovery methods. He could be either assisting real criminals or some people who want to avoid false positives, all sources here are too tendentious to make this determination. If he was just helping people to avoid false positives then there's no harm to society definitely.

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This question is a moot one. If court, judge and jury can be made to believe in polygraph, they can be made to believe in anything. Why do you ask me this question when I even doubt that the deed in question have happened? You want to treat my answer as implicit admission that it did? Very clever sophistry, that! :P

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That entire indictment could be a fabrication, they could easily do that given that they tolerate the polygraph sham(it's just a ploy to elicit an admission, and often results in false positives). Fabricating a case is nothing compared to that. Any government agency that condones frauds like that doesn't deserve any sort of trust whatsoever.

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"illegal to lie to government official" - you generalize much. Lying itself isn't outlawed, only deception with the effect of damage to society. If there's no damage to society, there's no crime. It may be argued that fake tests like polygraphs don't serve the good of society and bypassing them doesn't harm it, thus it's not a crime.

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by loonycyborg (#48344755) Attached to: Joey Hess Resigns From Debian

You probablly don't care too much about the IDE/editor choice but if the project will have any longivity you absoloutely should be caring about (this may mean you dictate or it may mean you just sanity check depending on the situation) the choice of language, compiler, libararies and other things that will impact the long term maintenance, portability and overall viability of the software.

"you" in this case being the lead developer. Anyone else who is doing this, is performing development work, and should be considered either a developer or an incompetent who is micromanaging something which is not his direct responsibility. For example, Debian's re-vote about init systems is definitely example of micromanagement, maybe not by a non-technical pointy-haired boss, but end result is the same.

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by loonycyborg (#48341255) Attached to: Joey Hess Resigns From Debian
The problem is that users can't be allowed to decide which desktop environment or init system to use. They can only request particular features and then developers decide which DEs or whatever to use to implement them. That's the only way it can work. Otherwise you'll have no developers and maintainers, period. And who will implement stuff then?

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It's nothing different from other European countries. For example, Russia itself long time ago lost its old capital, Kiev, to invaders from Poland and Lithuania. Stuff like that will keep happening until concept of nationality and national state is fully obsolete.

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