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Comment Re:qmail and Microsoft (Score 1) 85 85

I think that disallowing forks is a bad idea. True multiple forks might be confusing for users but only one will win in the end. And chance of fork discourages original authors from doing really stupid and selfish stuff. I think chance of fork should always exist, no exceptions.

Comment Re:Feminist vs egalitarian (Score 1) 557 557

Calling advocation of equal rights "feminism" is absolutely unacceptable to me. Either you end up looking advocating woman supremacy instead which is equally bad since 50% of humanity is still shafted. Or you're using chauvinist terminology which assumes that equal rights benefit women because they're inherently inferior.

Mind you it IS more than possible for a woman to be chauvinist, because lack of rights is always complemented by lack of responsibilities and some of them would prefer it to stay so.

Comment Re:This is outrageous (Score 1) 267 267

Actually I have a deeper issue with the way current copyright works. If people pay merely for right to make a copy of particular work and peruse it then it serves basically as money printing machine since it doesn't require any effort for copyright holder to grant such a permission. The fact that making original work requires effort is irrelevant in this case because copyright license and creative efforts are unrelated and there's no economic mechanism to ensure that copyright holder will stop taking money for it once his investment in its creation has paid off. Thus there's no place for actual creative people in this "industry" now. It's only for rentier who want to establish another aristocratic class.

Comment Re:Secure Boot (Score 2) 628 628

If alternatives are indeed impractical then it's an argument in favor of nationalization of microsoft. It cannot be allowed to exercise such unlimited power over functionality of ALL computers without being subject to government checks and balances. Without competition Microsoft functions kinda like central mini-government of its own and if users can't influence it by taking away their money they should be allowed to influence it via other means.

Comment Re:It's not sacred (Score 2) 305 305

The problem with religion is that it's inherently logically inconsistent, so they can arrive to any conclusion they want. They could as well decide to make the telescope itself a sacred symbol instead or just consider this irrelevant. To all of this theological justification can be made. The fact that they chose to close it down at any cost suggests that underlying driving force of their behavior is anti-intellectualism.

Comment Re: C++ is never the right tool (Score 1) 296 296

Yeah, it might seem to be true, but automatic variables are simple to use and things like shared_ptr offer most of functionality of garbage collector when you actually need it. So I don't see much point in garbage collector. Other people too it seems given that there aren't any popular C++ gcs.

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