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Comment: Re:Maybe forr once they really have to keep it sec (Score 1) 240

by loonycyborg (#47170361) Attached to: UK Seeks To Hold Terrorism Trial In Secret
The only thing secret trials are useful for is removing political opponents by imprisoning or executing them on fake charge. It's easier to go public in other situations. Witness lives can be safeguarded by appropriate programs. And they are hiding defendants' names, not witnesses'.

Comment: Re:As it should be (Score 3, Insightful) 157

by loonycyborg (#47071627) Attached to: Who Helped Kill Patent Troll Reform In the Senate
If they assert that even such tame legislation can harm 'legitimate' patent holder then it's an argument in favor of abolition of patent system altogether, because it's hard to find meaningful difference between 'legitimate' and 'troll' which makes the patent system itself more harmful than useful since any obviously existing abuses run unchecked. Each such successful lobbying effort supports the position of patent/copyright abolitionists like me :P

Comment: Re:Wow (Score 2) 79

by loonycyborg (#46821799) Attached to: BioWare Announces <em>Dragon Age Inquisition</em> For October 7th
DRM is what actually makes the service better for people who choose to pirate. If you buy DRM'd official cd's you have to deal with DRM bugs and just waste time on making it work while a torrent with cracked version from tbp relieves you from those hassles. DRM only punishes people who choose to donate money to game-makers by buying games.

Comment: Re:But it is! (Score 1) 642

The whole idea of geocentric vs heliocentric is utter bullshit. It's just a matter of choice of frame of reference, there's no way you could find 'evidence' for one or another. True, equations are simpler if Sun is chosen as (0,0,0), but only if you disregard gravitational influence of planets on Sun itself and planets on each other. If not, you're facing the n-body problem and choice of frame of reference is one of the least of your worries..

Comment: Re:I don't think it was a malicious mistake. (Score 1) 212

by loonycyborg (#46542197) Attached to: <em>Portal 2</em> Incompatible With SELinux
No inherent problems, yes. But due to current established groupthink on how games should be made only a small subset of all possible genres and gameplay elements is actually tried. And the particular way projects are managed DOES limit game's length and complexity because it involves just tacking on more art assets made from scratch on recycled gameplay elements. Lowering graphics requirement would be a good way to save money, but it's not what the companies want. Instead, bloated artwork/sound pipelines allow them to have multi-million projects that provide more bonuses to management and less interesting things for me to explore in games themselves. I'm sooooo sorry that I'm not in any hurry to fund your CEO's personal yacht :P

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