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Comment Re:Business (Score 1) 194

On the other hand Pokemon Company didn't and couldn't lose any money or suffer any other kind of harm due to that event so this lawsuit is abuse of law. For sure this party couldn't erode brand image or lead to consumer confusion, which the company admitted by not filing a trademark suit and abusing copyright instead.

Comment Re:Pirates of the Caribbean? (Score 1) 956

Yes it was logical to brand the kid a possible terrorist. A lot cheaper and easier than actually maintain appropriate classes for technically minded students. If they didn't bust him for terrorism he could possibly make them look stupid and incompetent and there's no way they could allow that. It could affect their bottom line.

Comment Re:I worked for a print shop (Score 1) 141

If it doesn't need updates then there's no point for company to exist in the first place. What's wrong with people being paid only as long as they actually do useful work? I don't think you showed that rent seeking is in any way needed here let alone that there's no alternative for it.

Comment Re:Stealing is stealing (Score 1) 128

Copyright basically enables them to create near infinite streams of free money without any effort required to maintain them. Don't expect them to give this up without a fight. Even something as innocent as public domain or fair use is treated primarily as possible threat to their pocket.

Comment Re:Germany does have a unique history (Score 1) 728

Nothing unique about Germany's history.Holocaust-like things happened in many other places too, and Lebensraum doctrine was part of German culture long before Hitler and still will be long time after. They just pretend it isn't, so that possible victims won't bug them too much before they're ready to make their move, and childish ultra-nationalists give them away. That's why they outlaw their speech.

Comment Re:Article gives the wrong impression (Score 2) 257

The consequence of "publish and perish" model is that most of scientific papers just aren't very useful. Proper science is still being done, though it's drowned out by scientists who have nothing more useful to add at the moment but have to publish in order to get grants. And there's not much difference here between psychology and "hard" sciences.

Comment Re:These results don't make much sense (Score 1) 96

Anyway I have no idea what's up with this obsession with increasing the number of api calls. You don't need to do a lot of those if you design your rendering pipeline right. One glDrawElements would accomplish a lot of work, especially if you're using vertex and pixel shaders.

Comment Re:A rush to judgement (Score 1) 147

What a stupid strawman argument. It's irrelevant in this context what is legal and what isn't. It's the fact that people of different religion shun or kill each other depending on how close they think their religion is close to "winning". This makes religion definitely a negative social force. I don't advocate ban of religion though because it's not needed. Just prevent shunning and killing via dialogue and diplomacy and eventually humanity will become entirely irreligious. Nobody will join a religion unless some kook like Ron Hubbard tricks them. They won't stay in religion unless peer pressure and threat of loss of property would keep them in.

Comment Re:A rush to judgement (Score 1) 147

Doesn't quite read like the call for the worldwide caliphate you imply.

It's still in line with the stupid idea of religious pluralism. Mahatma Gandhi adopted this stance too, but it was his mistake. In the end he was assassinated by Hindu religious fanatic for looking for compromise with Islam faithful. Learn from mistakes of world's great thinkers! Gandhi should have opposed religions as much as he opposed British colonialism. There is inherently no compromise between religions because existence of other religions will be always a source of butthurt for a particular religion. And they'll always try to weaken and suppress other religions. Thus religious pluralism isn't a path to lasting peace.

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