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Comment: Re:It's not sacred (Score 2) 303 303

The problem with religion is that it's inherently logically inconsistent, so they can arrive to any conclusion they want. They could as well decide to make the telescope itself a sacred symbol instead or just consider this irrelevant. To all of this theological justification can be made. The fact that they chose to close it down at any cost suggests that underlying driving force of their behavior is anti-intellectualism.

Comment: Re: C++ is never the right tool (Score 1) 296 296

Yeah, it might seem to be true, but automatic variables are simple to use and things like shared_ptr offer most of functionality of garbage collector when you actually need it. So I don't see much point in garbage collector. Other people too it seems given that there aren't any popular C++ gcs.

Comment: Re:Not that excited about Fallout (Score 1) 113 113

I think Obsidian developers are way over-hyped. They DO pay uncharacteristically high attention to plot but they really suck at game design, balance and level design. So I think they could make really awesome interactive novels instead of wasting their time with genres they currently work in.

Comment: Re:Why bother Steve Albini? (Score 2) 189 189

Saying copyright is not working is wrong.

Yes, it works for the purpose of creating another class of rentier aristocracy. And those rentier would understanding disappointed if it was gone. It never worked towards its stated objective "to promote the progress of science and useful arts". Rentier don't have time for that. They actually mostly spend their time on pursuing copyright lawsuits and enjoying their luxury lifestyle.

Comment: Re:This is how organized religion dies (Score 1) 623 623

But you still failed to establish that poly-marriage is inherently more problematic than homosexual marriage. I remain unconvinced. Polygyny at least is widespread in Muslim countries and Africa and is part of local law there. So it's not unimplementable. I say just take advantage of inventor's paradox and legalize gender-independent group marriage. Both polygamy and homosexual marriage will be subsets of it.

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