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Comment: Re:Arneson (Score 1) 181

by Johnny Mnemonic (#47572549) Attached to: How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D
There's something to be said about the complexity of AD&D, too. I'm still the only person that I know personally to have played Melee, from Steve Jackson before he founded Steve Jackson Games, and I really loved it. Played very smooth with an understandable magic system. Combat and damage made a lot of sense. It doesn't have the texture of AD&D, though, it's almost too hermetic. I even still have the books. ;(

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I'm not sure why you're conflating your understandable disgust over the current state of copyright litigation in the US with issues related to code integrity. There's not exactly a lot of common ground there.

Now if you had mentioned DHS' cozy relationship with the NSA - an organization that most of us expect is actively subverting both code and the standards we rely on - that would make more sense.

Comment: Re:Hipsterism at its finest (worst?) (Score 1) 288

Nice rant about hipsters, but do you have any actual arguments against what Greenpeace is saying?

Given he felt he had to invoke the same angry and vague rant five slightly different ways - and even numbered them for some bizarre reason - it's obvious he does not.

Comment: Re: Clever editors. (Score 2, Informative) 288

So you have no idea if it's true, and you haven't bothered to check - or you just made it up and figured you'd throw it out there anonymously because hey, this is Slashdot and there are always at least a few guys of most any political bent willing to run with absurd stories.

Don't be lazy - if you have evidence, at least post a link so people can discuss it.

Comment: Mine is different than my wife's (Score 1) 152

by 93 Escort Wagon (#47534037) Attached to: What percentage of your media consumption is streamed?

I'm up near 100% - assuming I can include my ripped movies and TV shows, which are "streamed" from my media server (an old Powerbook) to my television. If not, I'm still in the 60-80% bracket. My daughter's taste in movies and TV shows is similar to mine, and so she has pretty much the same viewing habits.

I'm not at 100% because we still watch (via Tivo) a few old TV shows - e.g. Hogan's Heroes and Seinfeld - that aren't always available via the streaming options I've got.

My wife, though, still watches a fair bit of network television - mainly those gosh-awful police procedurals and medical dramas. Some of those are watched on her iPad via the particular network's app, but most are Tivo'ed and watched that way.

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by 93 Escort Wagon (#47533949) Attached to: Google Looking To Define a Healthy Human

While I believe your statement to be true, I think given Google's history and business model it's unwise to assume the risks to the health data that'll be collected come only from government entities. And actually, the thought that the government might get at my health history through this doesn't particularly bother me since they likely already have acquired it legitimately for various reasons.

But Google could easily spin the "limited to medical and health purposes" to include health- and medical-related companies that pay them to serve you targeted ads, based on the data they "anonymously" have linked to you. It's how their overall ad system already functions. And if Google didn't see the potential for them to profit by this, they wouldn't be doing it in the first place.

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by 93 Escort Wagon (#47515301) Attached to: Firefox 33 Integrates Cisco's OpenH264

Always really preview before clicking submit.

Can we finally use the the <video> tag with H.264 files and just forget about the rest?

No, since Firefox is currently limiting the use of this plugin to WebRTC - which basically means it's not available for anything actual users want to do, such as watch html5 video.

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