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What Will It Take To Run a 2-Hour Marathon? 254

Posted by timothy
from the 40-percent-of-a-can-of-5-hour-energy dept. writes Alex Hutchinson writes at Runner's World that runners have cut the distance to the sub-two marathon in half since 1998, but it will get progressively harder to trim the remaining seconds. Still, the physiologists tell us that it's not impossible, meaning it is possible. Hutchinson says it will take several things: a cold day in March or November; a straight, flat course that is mind-numbingly boring; pacemakers who will shepherd leaders around the course cutting the wind and setting the pace; and a runner with a frame of about 5'6", weight of about 120 pounds, and towering self-confidence.The road is so flat and straight, you can see them coming from a mile away. Six runners flow in arrowhead formation around the Canadian city of Saskatoon. The early November air is still and dry, the sky overcast, and the temperature hovers a bit above freezing, just as predicted. All in their early 20s, they've been training together for this moment for years; only in the last month did their coach select which three will go for the record. The remaining three form the front of the arrowhead, blocking the wind and enduring the mental effort of controlling the pace. Should one of them cross the finish line in two hours—or faster—all six will share equally in the $50 million jackpot promised by the heirs to the Hoka One One fortune. The pot of money is up for grabs, for any runner, anywhere in the world. The chase is on. So, will they make it? And what year is this? I'm saying the year is...2075—and they make it.

Comment: Re:What are they complaining about? (Score 1) 341

by longbot (#47734719) Attached to: Berlin Bans Car Service Uber
At one point, I priced collision coverage for my car (it's optional for me since I own the vehicle outright) and it would've been $2,000 for six months... on a vehicle with a value of $2,400.

It's interesting that you can get so much more coverage for so little cost. Your laws regarding cost must be very stringent. I certainly wouldn't mind paying what you're paying for the coverage you've got. I was paying $600 per six-month term ($1200 annually) for the paltry $10,000 property liability and $10,000 personal injury liability required by law. What always bugged me was paying so much for so little, and I know the insurance company jacked the rates up because they know that you have to be insured to drive lawfully, and have to pay whatever they tell you.

Comment: Re:What are they complaining about? (Score 1) 341

by longbot (#47720525) Attached to: Berlin Bans Car Service Uber

My private, standard, insurance for my private car, with no intent to be used commercially is insured up to 10 million Euro (damage to persons). That is a very normal rate, I doubt you can even get a lower one.

Holy. Shit. No wonder driving is so expensive in Europe! Do you mind me asking what that policy costs you per year? I have $10,000 property, and $10,000 personal injury coverage (the least allowed by state law) in an effort to curb my insurance costs, and it sets me back about $400/yr. I would be paying several thousand dollars per year for coverage in the $100k range, I can't even imagine what it would cost to get into the millions.

Comment: Mercedes Owner Here (Score 1) 360

by longbot (#46797919) Attached to: Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"
I own one of MB's older diesels 300TD), which have a certain reputation for durability. It really makes me sad how cheaply made their cars now are. I wouldn't touch a Benz made after the W124 era, they just seem like cheap junk that requires frequent and expensive service.

Tesla is doing damn near everything right in order to grow a brand. There is nothing more desirable in the price range today. My old oil burner will last me long enough to see a Tesla model I can afford (It'll take a while to fill in those next 300,000 miles) thanks to the kind of quality Mercedes USED to offer in a vehicle.

Comment: Re:Brilliant strategy: Pay more for less (Score 1) 298

by longbot (#46131549) Attached to: Price of Amazon Prime May Jump To $119 a Year
You seriously think they give a damn? I live in an apartment complex with package lockers, and I had a lazy mail carrier break the key off in one of the locks, making it unopenable. They chucked the key in my mailbox and left it there for three days. My options were to call USPS or take power tools to the locker. The latter would be a felony, as it was supposedly USPS property. I spent two hours on the phone before I got to the regional postmaster, and even then, they refused to do anything until I threatened legal action. I just wanted my goddamned package... And people wonder why I ship everything I can via FedEx.

Comment: Re:worth it to me, with the free shipping and vide (Score 1) 298

by longbot (#46131535) Attached to: Price of Amazon Prime May Jump To $119 a Year
Unless you are obscenely overqualified, and have either huge saving to pay rent/other expenses or don't have them at all (mom's basement?) being unemployed for several months while looking for a job that pays better than starvation wages (not an exaggeration at my last one, I had to choose between gas, food, and rent on a regular basis) isn't exactly an option. Since most people like not going hungry, building huge amounts of debt, or being homeless, we tend to keep the jobs we have.

Comment: Re:Still A Toy (Score 1) 627

by longbot (#44666769) Attached to: NHTSA Gives the Model S Best Safety Rating of Any Car In History
One of several reasons why I bought an older high-end car. It still has all the benefits of being made well, and still cost far less than some modern American or Japanese made plastic peice of crap. I'll buy electric one day. But until then, I have absolute confidence in my old Mercedes to keep clanking along. Regardless of how many years or miles between now and then.

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