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Journal lithron's Journal: She said yes 6

I popped the question tonight and she said yes. We're engaged :-) Looks like we'll be having a 12 month incubation period for the wedding.. so a spring 2008 wedding.

Now its time to sign up for the premarital class offered by our church, and time to start planning the wedding.. and time to start figuring out all the details like where we'll live. I'm sure some people look at this stuff as a pain, but I'm up for the challenge. I'm in point-in-click mode (you point me in the right direction, and I'll take care of the rest).

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She said yes

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  • Congratulations! How exciting! Perhaps we will see a new member of the Slashdot crew in 2008? :)
    • by lithron (88998)
      Thanks :-) I hadn't really considered having her join the dot. I'm not sure she'd post much and she isn't involved in politicing (as much of the dot is).. so.. I dunno. She would be quite interested if I could find some folks who journal about Nintendo DS/Wii games or about cute pets. So I guess we'll see
  • That is excellent news and it will be a challenging year. That being said, i'm sure your relationshoip will also be all the stronger;-)

    WE have a Wii and cute dogs, so maybe I should start writing more about them;-)

    • by lithron (88998)
      Thank you. I'm really looking forward to this challenge.

      Yes, you should post more about them :-)

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