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Comment: Re:The "Protesters" (Score 2) 1080

by SecurityGuy (#48458779) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

I don't know that the justice system failed. I wasn't a witness, and I haven't reviewed all the evidence the grand jury saw.

IF the justice system failed, heck, even if it didn't and people wrongly think it did, I'm totally fine with them protesting. You can have a million man march for too much mayo on your sandwich if you want, that's fine with me. I just draw the line at busting up property (or heads) of people who had nothing to do with this at all. Burning businesses and looting is NOT taking action against the justice system, failed or not. It's just creating more victims. If people really care about justice, they need to stop turning innocents into victims.

Comment: Re:This is the way we sue the school (Score 1) 320

by SecurityGuy (#48370379) Attached to: Duke: No Mercy For CS 201 Cheaters Who Don't Turn Selves In By Wednesday

Actually, one of the things I value about my degrees is that students who have them actually had to earn them. They're not just paper, they represent something real. In my graduate work, we heard on a number of occasions of students who were caught cheating. Some came to light after graduation. I many cases, they rescinded the degree. If you're a Duke student and think you won't get smacked down for this sort of thing, you're wrong. It's the very same reason I'm ticked off at UNC. They demonstrated they're willing to give degrees to anyone who is good at sports.

Duke has nothing to fear from a lawsuit unless they tag someone who didn't actually cheat. If you turned in something that's byte-for-byte identical to something off the interwebz, you deserve, at a minimum, to fail the class.

Comment: Re:Subpoena-able? (Score 2) 151

by SecurityGuy (#48304865) Attached to: Ford Develops a Way To Monitor Police Driving

I recently read where cops might start wearing camera's on their uniforms.

Some places already do this. It's a good idea.

There is never a reason for video from a unformed cameras to not be made public available.

Oh, sure there is. Privacy. If I call the police to my house because it's been broken into, that doesn't mean I want the contents of my house to be on youtube. Even moreso for the victims of violent crimes. The police shouldn't be broadcasting people's worst moments for people's entertainment.

It's still a good idea, we just need to figure out how to record these people we give tremendous power over us without it turning into a public spectacle. Easier said than done.

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