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Comment: Re:Meaningful Competition? (Score 1) 97

I don't see how a government takeover will enhance competition.

Can you point me to where in any of the linked articles this coalition is talking about takeovers? I've assumed that their goal was to offer a competing service to the telcos, not to takeover any existing telco service(s).

Comment: Re: Snowden (Score 1) 221

by SpankiMonki (#48235249) Attached to: When Snowden Speaks, Future Lawyers (and Judges) Listen

Right. So the US didn't care enough to Assange to even watch him and inform the Swedes when he left the country, nor to inform the UK police (or simply stop him) when he jumped bail and fled to the Ecuadorian embassy... but despite not even taking the time to watch him... [snip].

LOL, nobody needed to watch or keep track of Assange - that media whore announced his friggn' location everywhere he went. Anyways, I was just responding to the assertion that charges even matter when it comes to this sort of thing. If the US wants a non US citizen residing almost anywhere - especially western Europe - the US will have them. If you believe otherwise, well...OK then.

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by SpankiMonki (#48234975) Attached to: When Snowden Speaks, Future Lawyers (and Judges) Listen

There are no charges. The GP is correct.

mmm...since when has the US needed charges to pluck a non-US citizen off the streets of a foreign country? After all, there's "lacunae in the relevant legal frameworks" that allows our agents to "arrest" wanted individuals anywhere else in the world without nary a charge being filed.

Comment: Something's not quite right about this story (Score 1) 367

The only places the PETA president's quote can be found are Scripps media outlets, and they're all by the same author, and they all use the same friggin web template.

"Google has no business using camels to 'cutesy up' its data-collection imagery," said Ingrid E. Newkirk...

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