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Journal Journal: The Muse 1

If this is mangled, go here.
I received a strange note, made of cut up magazines pasted to paper and slipped under my door. It read “Your muse has been kidnapped. If you want her back, meet under the Facebook Street Bridge after dark. Bring your wallet, passport, and an umbrella.”
Crap, my muse was gone? I looked, and sure enough it was missing. It's r

Comment Re:Advertising is not a freedom of speech issue (Score 1) 195

This case is about the share button, when you buy something and the court is getting its knickers in a knot about nothing.

In German culture, it would be crude and crass for someone to put that into their social media feed or send an email. The number of people who do this kind of thing is astonishingly small. That they actually felt the need to forbid it is the odd part. Then again, it should not surprise me that they'd mandate social norms. You are not allowed to give you kid a nontraditional name.

Comment Well, (Score 1) 3

I've found it varies by site and machine, and often seems random. I have a little Acer laptop with a meg of memory and a big HP notebook with four megs. Most sites give me no problem, but often I can't listen to KSHE on the acer because their player's advertisers suck. I've had to pull the battery to get it unlocked.

Even the big notebook has all its memory used up sometimes and slows to a crawl. It looks to me that Firefox has a problem freeing up unused memory until you shut the browser down.

Comment public information (Score 1) 131

a bad actor was able to use Amazon's online chat support and a fake address to get the rep to tell him Springer's real address and phone number. That was enough to commit fraud with a couple of unrelated online services

Wait what?

Public information, stuff that shows up in phone directories ("white pages" as we used to call 'em) was enough to commit fraud with some online services?

Amazon may have a problem here -- there are many reasons that company should be burned down and the ground salted -- but thinking that your address or phone number are ever private information that can be used to authenticate you is a much deeper problem.

Comment Re:How smart? (Score 1) 464

Google for news articles about the Armatix IP1 smart gun. It's a "smart gun" that requires the user to wear a watch with an authorized RFID chip in order to fire.

Unless the watch somehow can't be worn by a child, this is not a "childproof gun".

Perhaps you're unaware of the facts about the iP1 protests? It's not the availability of misdesigned guns that got people (pardon the pun) up in arms about it, it's the fact that such availability triggers (again, pardon) yet another pointless bit of firearm criminalization in the name of the culture-war push to scapegoat guns for violent crime.

No one who owns a firearm for self-defense wants a firearm that has an additional failure mode. But those unable to see that violence is a problem rooted in people rather than things have already managed to pass a law mandating that that once such unreliable guns are available, they will be the only legally available ones in one state. (For ordinary citizens, at least. I'm sure cop privilege will apply as usual.)

A rule of thumb for evaluating this study, or any one about guns, BTW: anything coming from an institute of public health rather than an institute of criminology is not credible. Crime and violence are not diseases. We have scientific discipline that studies crime; but for prohibitionists, it keeps coming up with the "wrong" answer regarding gun control.


Comment Re:Heh (Score 1) 15

In 1952 the polls said that the election was "too close to call". A computer (with less power than a Hallmark card) pegged it as an Eisenhower landslide. The pollsters were very wrong then.

I don't get polled, because I don't answer unknown phone numbers. I wonder how many more like me there are?

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