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Comment: Re:Be careful of the term "terrorist attack" (Score 1) 727

by Mr. Slippery (#49344345) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

The fact that no attack occured gives the talking heads leeway to claim there was no "terrorist attack."

A terrorist is a person who attempts to bring about political change by "illegitimate" (i.e., non-state) violence.

Mass murder is only terrorism if it is an attack on a political entity, or is an attempt to scare a nation's population into something.

Unless someone says, "We're going to keep crash your planes until you do such-and-such", this isn't terrorism. There's no attempt to bring about political change involved, only murder, motive unknown.

Comment: Re:He's just in a hurry to get to the future (Score 1) 78

by mcgrew (#49338655) Attached to: The Kevlar Kandidate Wants A 7-Day Workweek, No Days Off

I don't vote party, except that I avoid both D and R whenever there's a candidate who doesn't want to put half the people I know in prison for smoking pot.

If anyone but Bruce Rauner had run against Quinn I would have voted for the Republican, becuase Quinn just wasn't a good governor. I think Rauner will be even worse, maybe even as bad as Ryan(R) or Blago(D), both were crooks. I don't know if Rauner is a crook but his policies are terrible. There were only two named on the ballot, so it was indeed a choice between two evils.

Look, Republicans are against the Social Security I paid into all my life and am now enjoying, against unions, without which I would have no pension, against the single payer health care system which has countries with it in place enjoying half the costs we face with far less infant mortality and longer life spans (Obamacare is really Romneycare in disguise); against the Medicare I again paid into and will get in a couple of years; against food stamps (that's simply un-Christian, yet they claim to be Christians?); against taxes (again, an un-Christian stance). Tell me, what Democrat views that the Republicans don't share are detrimental to me, a middle class retired guy?

But both parties are against pot legalization, for our insanely long copyrights, and quite a few more where there really isn't a valid choice.

Comment: Re:Is today Tuesday? (Score 1) 7

by mcgrew (#49338157) Attached to: We've been spelling it wrong for over a quarter century

Well, when a child says bye-bye, it sounds like a contraction (b'bye), but bye-bye is not a contraction. It's more like Cory Doctorow spells sidewalk: side-walk. Wnat contraction uses a hyphen instead of an apostrophe? Not bye-bye, it isn't a contraction of anything.

As to "SyFy", that's a trademark, not a word. It only applies to that bad cable channel. Hi-fi and sci-fi aren't contractions of high fidelity and science fiction, but new words made out of old ones.

I guess that could argue the validity of e-mail and e-books, though.

Comment: Re:Okay, we're clear on what you're promising (Score 1) 184

By the time the utility-scale solution comes on line your average home owner will no longer be interested in being a customer as there will be really no reason not to generate your own power, unless of course if things like force shields and personal home hadron colliders become popular.

As it is for less than $3000 I have enough solar power to cover everything but the largest power hogs. (AC, heat, refrigerator.) All my personal devices, tv, lighting, and water heating do just fine off of solar. There is no reason why most of the rest will not be converted in that 20-30 year window.

Comment: Re: Okay, we're clear on what you're promising (Score 1) 184

I give not a single flying fuck about how stupid the Chinese and Europeans are behaving when it comes to their subsidies. If they want to subsidize my giant American capitalist swimming pool filled of course with the tears from baby seals killed with clubs made of nearly extinct hardware from the devistated South African jungles that's their problem.

As far as the "whole passel" of laws I don't have to pull permits that are not required. The entire solar water system is run off of 12vDC, no permits required. The panel installation and the solar pool pump is 1 permit and electrical inspection, instead of the 3 or 4 I needed before. I am also getting to skip the wire run and trenching and the extra electrical box work. That all adds up quickly to the price.

Comment: Re:Why Local storage? (Score 1) 184

Couple reasons.

1. When the grid goes down, so does your little micro grid. If you have sensitive needs, say for example a server farm, climate control needs, or medical life support equipment you never want it to go down.
2. The utilities charge you to have connections to the grid even if you do nothing but generate electricity. They charge ALOT to businesses. (Pissess off the crony capitalists aka Republicans and Democrats.)
3. Also if you have utilities coming onto your property you start getting into property right of way nonsense that gives the gov't or the utilities a way to butt into your business. (Pisses off Statist Progressives)
4. If you are not connected to the grid your power generation can't be taxed because they have no way of monitoring it, and you won't be forced to pay subsidies to pay for electricity social programs. (Pissess off the Democrats)

So why just hold out for angering republicans? I say piss them all off.

Comment: Re:Okay, we're clear on what you're promising (Score 1) 184

Then why do I have solar panels running my outdoor lighting, pool heater (water), and pool filter (electrical), without said gov't subsidies? Oh that's right it was cheaper when you start factoring in all the things I didn't have to payout to the county gov't in the way of permits, electricians, trenching equipment, copper wiring and the conduit to run it from the house out into the yard, etc, etc.

For a utility yes solar generated electricity makes little sense, but for the home or business owner it makes a great deal of sense. The farther from the grid you go the more sense it makes. With equipment prices these days anything more than 30ft from the house solar is on parity with grid electricity if you are willing to do the work yourself.

Comment: Re:Okay, we're clear on what you're promising (Score 2) 184

Then maybe, just maybe I can stop typing exclusively in sarcasm.

I was getting worried (my sarcasm detector has been offline since 1987). I thought there for a minute you might be the one of 9 people in the US that has managed to miss every single article about Tesla/SpaceX and did not know who Musk was.

Comment: Re:My only question, where does the LiOn come from (Score 1) 184

how does anyone not account for that when they price out some grand new adaptation?

Kind of like say building disaster proof micro grids that are not under control by government sanctioned utility monopolies? I never understood the whole low IQ concept of "we have to save it for something more important, so we shouldn't use it logic because it might get expensive".

No we should use the shit out of it to drive the price up to the stratosphere so that the market comes up with either a cheaper way to produce it or more effective technology to replace it and meet the demand.

User Journal

Journal: We've been spelling it wrong for over a quarter century 7

Journal by mcgrew

I'm surprised that this hasn't been addressed by the academic communities. Someone with a degree in English or linguistics or something like that should have though of this decades ago.

This word (actually more than one word) has various spellings, and I've probably used all of them at one time or another. The word is email, or eMail, or e-mail, or some other variation. They're all wrong.

Comment: Re:Getting Older (Score 1) 4

by mcgrew (#49318947) Attached to: Are printed books' days numbered?

Yes, if I were in college I'd certainly only lug one book around -- my notebook computer. I'd keep all the schoolbooks on the computer.

As to elderly eyesight, when I was a kid, all the geezers wore glasses, but few young people. Now all the youngsters have glasses and few geezers do. Why? The young are ruining their eyesight with computers, tablets, and phones much like I ruined mine with books.

But when I was a kid, cataract surgery was still rare. The patent on the CrystaLens should expire around 2023, so most oldsters won't need any glasses, since it not only cures cataracts but nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It won't be long before I have to get the other eye done.

Comment: Rauner (Score 1) 78

by mcgrew (#49318937) Attached to: The Kevlar Kandidate Wants A 7-Day Workweek, No Days Off

We now have a "right to work" billionaire as governor of Illinois. He's calling for "right to work" zones, fortunately the legislature isn't going to let him.

If I weren't retired and lived in a "right to work" state, I would demand that the state's government supply me with employment. After all, if it's my RIGHT to work...

"Right to work" is a flat out bald faced lie, and any working person who supports it is a moron.

Thrashing is just virtual crashing.