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Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 2) 620

There is a much bigger body of evidence that show most cops are the exact opposite of that statement.

No. There isn't. Anyone signing on to be a cop today is signing on to fight the War on Drugs and to enforce inherently immoral laws. It is inevitable that when you have that state poking its nose into people's private business, that the state's recruits will consist of the morally crippled and the frighteningly naive. Give those recruits a few years to marinate in a culture of conformity and silence, and you have the most dangerous street gangs in America today.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 620

There is a huge body of evidence that shows a hell of a lot of police abuse their powers and violate peoples constitutional and legal rights all the time


Here's one link for you: in 2006 -- almost a decade before the Baltimore Uprising this spring -- a grand jury in Baltimore found 21,721 meritless arrests of African-Americans over a one year period.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 620

How about a 2 hour course for high-schoolers in the inner cities called: How to behave around the police?

How about a course for police called "How to respect human rights"?

Add mandatory jail time for resisting arrest.

"Resisting arrest" is already a crime. Usually it's a bullshit charge. Let's start with mandatory jail time -- and vigorous prosecution -- for cops making illegitimate arrests or using excessive force, or for prosecutors who bring bullshit charges against citizens or let cops skate off free.

Resisting or not shutting up while getting arrested should include a smack of the baton.

You are an authoritarian asshole and I hope that some day you learn enough to be embarrassed by the views you now hold.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 620

Police on a call can do many things that civilians can not do.

Not legitimately, no. As soon as you get away from the core value that "the police are the public and that the public are the police, the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence," you have an illegitimate use of police power. And one which violates the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection.

If I witness a serious crime, I have the right (and perhaps the moral duty) to use reasonable and necessary force to stop it, same as a cop. (This is not legal advice, consult your local laws, I am discussing here what a sane and just set of laws should look like.) I don't have the right to break into someone's house to look for evidence, or to arrest someone accused of a crime that happened somewhere else days ago -- but neither does a cop, that power comes from a specific warrant, not a badge.

Yes, I don't have the right to enforce traffic laws on the public roads, but the roads are government property and they get to hire whatever security they want for that. Traffic cops are to the roads as "mall cops" are to malls -- empowered by the management, nothing more.

Remember that this country is older than the idea of police as we know them today. We got by all right for quite a while without special rights for police.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 620

Most states, even those without explicit stand-your-ground laws, have legal language to the effect that a person is not required to attempt to flee.

That is exactly and only what a "stand your ground" law is: one that says there is no "duty to retreat". A substantial number of states still have a "duty to retreat" in some or all circumstances -- 19, by Eugene Volokh's count.

Comment Re:IP is not just an address on the Internet (Score 1) 80

It is nice to know that self proclaimed "Trekies" are taking the intellectual property that once belonged to Paramount Pictures.

There is no such thing as "intellectual property", and you can't "take" it.

The copyrights to TOS episodes belong to, IIRC, CBS. But these fan-made episodes are not those TOS episodes.

These fan-made episodes might be argued to be "derivative works", but even if they are noncommercial creation and sharing of such is fair use and so does not infringe those copyrights.

Comment Very lethal works better that less than lethal (Score 1) 620

Why should we be gentle with criminals in the first place? No one should have to put up with their shit. Not the police not society as a whole. In areas where we have lowered the thresh hold for the use of lethal force, the result has been less violence not more.

Once idiots expect to be killed for messing with the police an armed population the smarter ones learn to behave, the dumber ones self select for removal from the gene pool. In the long run this is what is called a win-win.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 534

You are looking at it wrong. Don't think about it as $70K in money, with inflation and competition, and keeping up with the Jone's, but simply a pile of resources equivalent to what $70K will buy. Once you hit that point, you have access to decent medical care, plenty of varied quality food, the ability to go on a nice vacation once in a while, private personal transportation, a fairly nice/comfortable home, and the ability to raise a family with 2-3 kids without wanting for too much.

That would all be without doing a thing to earn it. After a generation or three you'd have quite the pile of capital (property) for each and every family. Which would lead to a VERY comfortable lifestyle. Throw in a little personal industry. Upgrading your home, landscaping, a small business etc. People would be quite wealthy even by today's standards.

Comment Re:No (Score 4, Interesting) 534

Probably what they had was more like the happiness theories that at the time found people stopped gaining happiness around $70,000 a year of income just from the income. You wouldn't need a ridiculous amount of resources to bring the population up to that level and keep most of the sheep happy. After that it became self improvement. STNG had an episode about that.

After that things became scarce and quick. Wanted to be in Star Fleet and be a Captain of a starship, well you worked your ass off. Want your own ship and bypass SF, you were also going to have to work your ass off, and be smart enough to obtain or build your own, much less maintain and pilot one, but it wasn't something the average person could accomplish and obviously the world government wasn't just handing them out for free else we would have been seeing a lot more examples of "Red Neck Yacht Club" in space.

The other thing that they didn't get into but I'm sure was a thing was the right to have children. I'm positive they'd have some sort of licensing requirement before you could have more than say a single child, else the hoods of the world would have been overflowing with feral children.

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Journal Journal: Plutus' Revenge

It was the only life-bearing planet in the entire universe; the very first planet to have life. It was the only planet in existence to have the conditions necessary for biogenesis, including being a double planet, each orbiting each other. The double planet was one of the keys of biogenesis, because of the tides. The timing of orbits and gravities had to be perfect, as well as chemical and photonic conditions.

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Journal Journal: Voyage to Earth 1

"How you been, old man?"
"Wild Bill! I haven't seen you since... damn. You haven't aged a day!"
"I've been in space, you quit. You know space travel slows aging. So how've you been? I've been doing runs to Titan since the discovery."
"Bill, it's fantastic. My beer is the best selling beer on Mars, and they want us to import it to Earth. Can you believe it? And I have the cost down really low si

Comment Re:Word (Score 1) 3

Yes, I should have, but it turned out OK anyway. There's no way I know of to do it properly, Microsoft won't let you. But regardless, even if it could have been a clean install it still would have been butt-ugly and with no extra functionality.

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Journal Journal: Stealth

It was a beautiful spring day on the riverfront. Pleasant temperatures, white puffy clouds floating in a bright blue sky, and the bright sunshine gleaming off of the enormous arch made it seem the perfect day and spot for a picnic. There were a lot of people there, enjoying the weather, walking, having picnics.

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