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Comment: Re:Cold Fusion isn't like Perpetual Motion (Score 1) 986

You're focusing on the wrong bit of their comment. If you were to discover how to do something thought to be impossible, how would you obtain a patent for it? That is the point of their comment. Constructing something impossible is totally possible. Dark matter and dark energy point to an overlooked something. That could be a rounding error somewhere or that could be a result of naturally occurring anti-gravity. It is literally a known unknown. Who knows where that hole is? Of course, it is hugely improbable that that unknown affects us in a way that could be exploited, but we....don't...know. And that is just a well known unknown. What about unknown unknowns? This is what makes science so amazing. Science's best answer is "probably," never "definitely."

Comment: Re:Impacts (Score 1) 708

by lessthan (#47770819) Attached to: Climate Damage 'Irreversible' According Leaked Climate Report
How long is your timeline? The weather service says that most of California is in "exceptional" drought conditions. Looking at the legend with a little gallows humor, it looks like they might have added "exceptional" to the scale because "extreme" was no longer a sufficient descriptor. I would hope their timeline is at least a couple of hundred years. So why would you say wet?

Comment: Re:A win for freedom (Score 1) 1330

by lessthan (#47395505) Attached to: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

Part of the conservative narrative here in the U.S. is that ultimately any contraception is akin to abortion. The so-called "Plan B" or "abortion pill" functions by inhibiting ovulation. That means that there isn't an egg to be fertilized. However, since it is taken after a woman has sex, the talking heads can creatively use their ignorance to portray Plan B has an abortifacient. The narrative was always about getting rid of contraceptives, but no sane person is going to be on board with that kind of ban. So they got creative. Baby killing hits people hard, so they try to associate baby killing with more types of contraceptives.

Comment: Re:In otherwards (Score 1) 664

by lessthan (#46150885) Attached to: Virtual Boss Keeps Workers On a Short Leash

All industry tends to monopoly. It is the lowest energy state of business. If you do not have to compete with another provider/producer, you are free to crank the profit/decency ratio all the way over to profit. So, left alone, all industry would gravitate from freedom to monopoly, ending in pseudo-feudalism and slavery.

Dismissing examples because they lack "freedom" is essentially a no true Scotsman argument. Everyone, everywhere is perfectly "free." It is just some are free to choose pain, death, or pain followed by death.

Comment: Re:In the solar system? (Score 1) 105

by lessthan (#44781171) Attached to: New Giant Volcano Below Sea Is Largest In the World

It's a flaw in our thinking. We prefer binary values, even though they are uncommon in nature. When does the day become night? Is it the start of sunset, the end of sunset, the end of civil twilight, or the end of nautical twilight? With the gravity on the gas giants bordering on ridiculous, a lot of effects we are familiar with here vanish there.

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